JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up so Fast contest

My kid’s growing up so fast he already knows how to charm the girls with his killer smile and winking eye. 

I am oftentimes in denial of the fact that my little darling David is a soon to be heartthrob. My mom-in-law would always say, “Naku Melanie, humanda ka na, maraming paiiyakin yang anak mo..” (you better get prepared Melanie your son will make many girls cry). Uh!Oh! I really hope not.

He has an innate charm to make girls drool over him but I have always wished he’ll never be a playboy. Tee hee! However, those winks are what I’m most afraid of -so prominent with some of his "pa-cute" photos.  I’m getting a bit nervous now. Haha!

The photo above was taken in a resort, Holy week this year. This family bonding event is one of my kid’s firsts. It is David’s first time to go swimming! Yay! We’ve got an inflatable pool at home, but the feel of real-life bigger swimming pool is just so different.

We've got some inflattable pool bonding at home too.
For their first ever SWIMMING POOL ADVENTURE, David and Cassy made everything ready the night before, and they woke up just too early out of super-excitement.

That day, he met a girl "friend" by the kiddie pool. We really never wanted to think that he likes the girl. Four year old and all. No way!  But yeah he stick with her all throughout. He would always ask the girl to stay beside him, even asking her not to swim anymore. The term “Binakuran” (guarded) in basketball is just so applicable and fit. I just never thought my baby boy would learn the art of “charming” a girl at an early age of four.

 But then again the “BAKOD” thing and the winking eye are just HINTS. We know there are more to come.

I really ought to be prepared.

I know he’s a big boy now. He’s starting to explore things on his own, he’s choosing the clothes he’d want to wear, he eats on his own and chooses his own set of friends. He’s getting a bit independent and wiser really.

And as much as I want to slow down time to still make him my little baby for a bit longer - I can’t. 

The story of the winking eye with the girls along is all part of the bigger picture.

While kids these days are getting extra smarter because of the technology and the power of social media, the tasks vested upon parents in guiding and looking over their child are getting a bit harder. We have to make sure, they are well taught of their values and that they get the right information that fits their age.

While they are on their exploration stage we have to be their guide. 


They are as fragile as glass on the verge of tipping at an edge of a table. Now more than ever  they need a MOM who would be their refuge and stronghold.  And for my David, I find it a great blessing that I have been around and with him all throughout… to watch his every firsts, to watch his every achievement… to watch him GROW!

 Being a toddler now, I have documented some milestones in David's life and kept it for him to look upon and reflect, remember and reminisce when he gets a bit older.

His first birthday 

 His first ever haircut (courtesy of Daddy)

His first time visit and our first picnic at our school -UP.

His first attempt to drive a motorbike.
These and all other firsts, we know everything are just building blocks of a grander structure of LIFE that's designed especially for him.

We may not have a hold on whatever he wants to be when he grows up but surely we have to make sure that he will extract his full potential to be BEST THAT HE CAN BE.

He might be an artist like his Dad.
He has just created a masterpiece in our stool.
An Engineer like Mommy.

He's a prospective musician too!

 A lawyer perhaps...
If he's gonna be a basketball player, I'd surely love that!
Or A boxer like Manny Pacquiao. Haha!

But wait, I really don't want him to get hurt in boxing. I'd go send him to a Martial Arts school this early then.. Haha!
Better yet he can just be a SUPERHERO! Yay!

Whatever path he chooses to take we are just here to back him up. Lead him and guide him towards his journey called LIFE.

Just as we are so careful on our decisions regarding his mental, social and moral life, we are equally critical over the physical considerations in raising our most special ones. We know how the physical part becomes an aspect of the interconnected portions that contributes to his success.

In terms of hygiene, we make sure their delicate skin gets the right pampering that it ought to get. We only use trusted brands that are already tried and tested throughout the years by no one else but our own moms. I practically grew with Johnson & Johnson. Who never did anyways?


We knew this routine... Johnson & Johnson to our kids is like Sugar to our Coffee or Puto with our Dinuguan. Johnson & Johnson just goes hand in hand with our baby's growth.

He is changing before my eyes but his skin is still like a baby’s. We still need the gentle care of Johnson’s Milk, with Vitamins A&E and 100% more milk proteins to nourish developing skin.

It's funny but honestly, naming David as Johnson entered into my mind when picking for a prospective name for him when I'm still pregnant. Why not? His father's name is John Percival. I could've considered naming it after him, a junior so to speak, but I was adamant. I thought of the name Johnson then. But then again I'm afraid he'll get teased by friends because of his name, resembling that of a famous baby product line - Johnson and Johnson. But then again, why not? hahaha! We just then decided to give him an exactly different name - David Alexander that is!

But then again, David is still a CERTIFIED "JOHNSON" because he's a son of John! LOL!

The glory of being a mom is just so overwhelming. There’s this bond that exists invisibly but is truly heartfelt between moms and kids. From conception to birth to the moment I laid eyes on our kids to the moment I touched and hug them for the first time,  the bond just keeps on getting stronger and stronger. And as the years pass by, as they begin to explore things on their own, I can only wish they’d stay as little babies and never grow old so they’ll be by our side forever. But yeah, the circle of life just keeps on and all we have to do is to do our best to make their childhood days just worth remembering.

Time and space has been compressed and my little fragile baby David is now four years old. He's a dashing debonair that surely makes Mommy Proud.

Now since David has just celebrated his 4th Birthday last September 20, this is some sort of extended celebration. I have a mini-giveaway. I hope you could join. :-)

Two easy steps to join:
1. Be a fan of  Johnson's Baby World of Firsts by Clicking the LIKE button below.

2. Give the best caption for the photo below.

Photo captions will be judged based on:
- Creativity of Title: 50%
  • Cuteness of title
  • Unique play of words.
- Relevance to article: 50%
Duration of contest/commenting: October 8 - 21, 2011
Announcement of winners: October 31, 2011.
Best Photo Caption wins a Johnson’s Baby Gift Pack. 
Good luck!

Here's the photo to comment on :

My kid’s growing up so fast he already knows how to charm the girls with his killer smile and winking eye.

Post your captions using this Facebook comment pluggin below :

You can also use the blogger commenting widget at the bottom of this post, just leave a valid e-mail add, so I can contact you in case you win. =)

Happy commenting!
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  1. oohhh... so cute ni david :) pero nagdadalawang isip na tuloy ako ipakilala siya sa girls ko. ahahaha :)

    * will join the contest tom :)

  2. Tama ka ellen, David would surely love your girls. hihi. i'm more excited on having cassy meet your princesses. They'll surely make a good barkada.

    Tara join ka na sa photo caption!

  3. Chris Thanks for dropping by! really cute moments indeed!

  4. Caption: "Watch Me Grow Up! Walang Kukurap!"


  5. thanks ronald and congrats with your newly- married life! I'm so touched with your shirt story... congrats with your new washing machine too..hehehe!"

  6. Caught in action: Kid next door on the making
    Name: Mary Grace C. Marquez
    Email: marygracemrqz@yahoo.com

    Goodluck and thanks for commenting too :)


    Mommy on the Go!

  7. "just a wink of my eye,girls go crazy!"

    Michelle Lalic

  8. "My Little Prince Who Loves to Wink" :D

    *Cute kid! :)

    Mona Verdida

  9. "Move over Justin Bieber, I am the next big thing in the making!"

    Mira Rempillo


  10. "I'm now ready to be a gigolo...just watch me!"

    Vivian Aguilar

  11. Cutie Winky Wink David

  12. "Yeah baby, yeah!!!!" (in a British accent)

  13. "If looks can kill" (Isang kindat ka lang!)

    you have such a cute little boy.. thanks also for visiting me and my beaboo's site! :)


  14. Gotcha with my tWINKy eyes!

    David is so adorable! Goodluck...

    from, Yuki & Jiru

  15. "You won't believe how those pretty girls will react once I take my dip on the pool, wanna know my secret? watch and learn! wink ;)


  16. "With my looks and charm, I'm sure pretty girls will approach me for a photo op today"

    your son is really cute.

    btw, here' my entry, hope you can leave a sweet note there, too Thanks!

  17. Wow! thank you for your kind support guys! really appreciated it. Can't wait to choose for the best caption... I surely would have a hard time choosing one.

    Keep 'em coming guys. Mwah!

  18. A Multi Talented kid!


  19. Ain't I Cute or What?

    cute. charming. photogenic.

    iris dela cuesta

  20. Here's my caption!

    "C'mon girls, I know you can't resist me!"


    Please visit my entry at:

  21. thanks for that sis mae. Our boys are just so irrisitable!:)

  22. super cute talaga si David and huggable and adorable too...

    "Winchy-Winchy Wakukun!"

    Thank you guys for supporting all the way.. I'm so happy:)

  23. Caption: Hearthrob To Be
    Name: Yen Angustia
    Email Add: arki_reen@yahoo.com

  24. Thanks for dropping a comment yen! Good luck (^_^)

  25. "kids are such a nice way to start people.” so cute:)

  26. or it could be..."A sweet new blossom of humanity".

    the kid is so charming

  27. thanks sis Cherry:) Keep the captions coming guys...love it!(^_^)

  28. "A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for."

  29. "A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase".


  30. wow! sis cherry..thanks for the support. really appreciate it..(^_^)

  31. "Baby touches our lives with wonder and love".


  32. "A baby is born with the need to be love and never outgrows it"


  33. "You can’t imagine your life with kids, until you have them, then you can’t imagine your life without them."


  34. thanks for that francis. what you have said is just SOOO true (^_^)

  35. Caption = Chic Boy!

    Name = Marilou Lim
    email = berryblitz79(at)gmail(dot)com

    ang galing naman magpose ng baby mo!!! ang cute cute!

  36. thanks for that berryblitz :) I'm really so proud of my baby boy...he's so amazing (^_^)

    Thanks for dropping by sis..

  37. my caption:

    Make you happy with a kiss!


  38. yey! thanks Maria! you've got cutey Miko too :)

    counting your comment in (^_^)

  39. caption : The sun is Hot and so do I, with just one wink, I’ll make u melt. 

    analyn alonsagay

  40. my mom-in-law has just given two captions for the photo:

    (1) "The next Dennis Trillo"

    (2) "The girl in the pool... SHE'S MINE!"

    very insightful captions for this single scene that TELLS A THOUSAND

    super duper love it :)

  41. thanks for joining pala sis Analyn :)

  42. "David: The one with the magical wink"

    Annissa Diaz

  43. magical indeed. thanks sis Annissa! comment counted :)

  44. Hello Mommy! Thanks so much for joining! Tomorrow's the last day to comment. Please remind your readers to comment on your entry if they haven't commented yet. Only comments entered from Oct. 8 to Oct. 21 will be considered valid for the reader giveaway.

  45. Been inspired to sing this song, bagay na bagay na caption sa picture!

    " DEAD NA DEAD talaga ako,
    sa mga PAKINDAT-KINDAT mo!
    Kapag ikaw ay NGUMINGITi,
    ako'y medyo nakikiliti...

    ... kailan kaya kita maiuuwi... !!!"

    cute boy :O

    Jelly Chu

  46. "Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Bolerong Bata!"

    Shaina Cortez

  47. giggling gigolo!go!go!go!

    Charity marbella

  48. Wow thanks Jelly, Shaine and Charity... thanks so much for joining guys! (^_^)

    Will judge entries and post the winner on Oct 31. Watch out(^+^)

  49. thanks for dropping by too admin Johnson BabyPH :(^_^)

    OK GUYS! lasT hours before posting your captions:)
    I just want to thank you all for your support. Thanks for dropping by my post and also for taking time to suggest the best comment for my baby David's photo...

    God bless you all :)