There is no greater feeling than to look back at the days that has passed you by and realize that you have had one fulfilling and blessed life.

I have always been sentimental. I keep almost the smallest record of things that gives me some hints of defining a significant portion of my autobiography someday.


but it's not the typical, "Dear Diary", it's more of a long list of TO-DOs, something that would make me sane and keep me right on track after one busy day at work, at school, at home and even online. And today, I will spill some beans about it by way of answering some simple significant questions:


My diary-planner is a treasure chest. It is a mixture of my every thoughts and expressions throughout the year. It’s the physically written version of my Facebook account. It contains some of my important dates- birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, meetings and every sort of celebration. My every “What’s in your mind?” appears in it. And mind you, the data track on my STATUS UPDATES in my planner is even more accurate than what appears in my Facebook profile. Heck, I should’ve even placed a password for it really. Oh well…

Almost 75% of my planner contains the to-do’s. Things to blog, things to do, things to buy… project deadlines, presentation outline,  monthly income and budget and savings, homeworks, books, references, telephone numbers and addresses, rants and raves, PASSWORDS! Everything! Wonder what happens to the othe 25%? … It’s for my most special ones ARTWORKS!

Yeah, my planner is not all mine. During break time, holidays or perhaps when I’m sleeping at night, the tiny creatures in our bed seems to wake up and fill my planner with this SURPRISE. And later the next day, when I come browsing by my things TO-DO, I am suddenly flabbergasted. My kids have just filled in the empty spaces in my diary.

On the retrospect, instead of getting angry, what I feel is some sort of joy! While five years back, I am just the one writing and filling in my journal, now I have some partners in crime. Now I’m no longer alone with my rants and raves… no longer along with my “What’s in your mind” status updates in my diary.. I have two more co-authors to fill in their own Status updates and raves and rants inside my own diary. With that I am happy…because I know I am more than blessed!

If I can have something like that of Avatar’s overlayed 3D layers in virtual reality then that would be great. Imagine I can just lay down my planner wherever I want to, do my jotting down virtually, swipe through the layered overlays and get a perfect view of my to-do’s  in 3D. Very nice!

But going back in reality, I guess augmented reality won’t really happen with my planner some five years from now. Besides nothing really beats old school pen and paper in jotting down notes, to-do’s, doodlings, mind maps and the usual rants and raves. Hard copy still works best!

So for my hard copy ideal planner, it would be best if it can be compartmented. I can divide a single spread into five divisions, each grid corresponding to my every persona. You see I have five personas- a mom and wife, a student, a blogger, a church worker and an engineer. If for every compartment of my planner I can elaborate on each task and overlay every layer of my persona for every single day that I will be tasked to perform it- that’s great! Imagine being able to plan, giving bath to the kids while doing my project presentation while blogging all at the same time. My deadlines in school oftentimes overlap with deadlines at work or even my special holidays at home. A portion where I could rank my priorities and summarize my busy day would be simply AWESOME! 

And for ranking my priorities- my family on top of the list is the DEFAULT(fixed!).

For my Diary cover, I want this collage of my scrapbook to wrap and unwrap the STATUS UPDATES of my hard-bound planner/Facebook/journal/autobiography/diary.


I have a plethora of reasons for diary keeping. Here are five of the things that I know my diary/planner is of great help.

1. Record - This is the most given one. I just love that I can keep a record of almost everything. For some reasons of bookkeeping to a sentimental notion of reminiscing, it’s always is a pleasure that my journal keeps my every thoughts inside a single book. (Oops! My need for password arises just again!)

2. Re-organize - When my five personas sometimes or oftentimes turns out to be a mess. Having a planner by my side keeps me sane. It is good to have a place to reorganize the messy mind maps in my brain. Having one faithful planner to help me save some memory spaces in my brain is of sure GREAT HELP. Things are best remembered when written down- that’s my MANTRA ever since!

3. Reminisce - Who doesn’t want some sort of nostalgia? Actually, when I came writing down this article, taking some pictures of my old planners, I began looking back at the sweet old days. It is of utmost joy and fulfillness to find out how colorful and lovely and blessed are my years that have passed. To reminisce with my planners is just a habit I can’t  outgrow.

4. Reflect - I may have rants and raves. Turned out to be stubborn or maldita or pasaway at some points in my life but I surely have changed. (Naks!) It’s the good thing that I have my planner, I see my progress, I look for rooms for improvement, I reflect, then I grow!

5. Remember - I won’t forget. I never will. I will always keed my record, reorganization, reminiscing, reflections in my sweet old DIARY…for which I will forever be HAPPY (^_^)! 

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