Manila Hotel Fiesta Pavilion and the 7th ERDT Conference


Last September 16, 2011 was the 7th ERDT Conference held at the Fiesta Pavilion at the Manila Hotel, Manila, Philippines.

The ERDT or Engineering Research and Development for Technology is a consortium of eight member universities that offer master's and doctoral degrees in engineering courses. Through grants and scholarships, the ERDT was conceived to encourage more Filipino engineers to undertake research and studies which can improve technology and contribute to national development.

I am a proud UPD scholar then .(^_^)

This year's theme is "Sustainability through ERDT" Towards a Carbon-Neutral Economy". The researches presented revolved around the said theme from where new insights and interesting developments on the field of R&D have been discussed.

The ERDT has five research tracks (1) Energy (2) Environment & Infrastructure (3) ICT 
(4) Semiconductor & Electronics and (5) Agriculture. Parallel sessions were conducted for the five tracks but I decided to just stay on the ICT session for the entire afternoon.

The discussions are really engaging and it's also a good experience to be learning from the researches of our fellow scholars.

Apart from the usual parallel sessions, the unveiling of the first ever ERDT logo has concluded this special event. 

The food from the hotel is pretty ordinary and didn't really satiate my taste buds that much. Oh well.. that's not suppose to make much of an issue though...LOL!

This Fiesta Pavilion of the Manila Hotel is quite old already. The ceiling and chandelier I think ought to have some major redesigning I guess. The facilities are quite a dismay considering that it's a five-star hotel. It seems that I love Sofitel more. :)

 It has been my second time to be at Manila Hotel and it was quite disappointing. The coffee is not so good too. What more? I think I just did so much talking.. bye for now. Au Revoir! 
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1 comment:

  1. The conference is interesting, hope you can share some of the topics discussed there. btw thanks for visiting and commenting on my KES post :)