I own a NOKIA and I own a DESTINY!

True to it's commitment of CONNECTING PEOPLE… my NOKIAs have established a legacy of linking people bounded by distance and space… because of this, I love NOKIA!

Here are bits and pieces of the story of my life and how NOKIA connected the links of my PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE... and weave my so-called HISTORY!

Me, My husband then Boyfriend’s 8210 and the Beginning of our LOVE STORY!

We knew each other since elementary, we were classmates, phone pals, best buddies ever since and the friendship bond is so good we never dared to rock the boat until our high school graduation day!

We thought the beautiful friendship would end shortly after our graduation, we were parting ways, going to different universities…no more reason to call at night for assignments, no more reason to see each other on weekends for class practice or project meeting, no more reason to meet again… but yeah, everything turned upside down when the TEXTING REVOLUTION came into its proper time and place. I’m glad, the era of mobile phones flourished during our times... And I am thankful for NOKIA being able to CONNECT PEOPLE like us!

Almost ten years back, texting was so expensive. While each text message costs P1.00 and every prepaid card costs P300.00 at minimum… I never thought my Dad would be so generous to have my phone reloaded twice a week. So right then on, I knew it’s not yet THE END for our story, but a brand new morning to start over again , stepping a level higher of being MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS! 

I’m glad he’s got my number before we part our ways on our graduation day. I’m glad I bothered replying to an anonymous number with such an odd feeling that this strange texter will occupy a significant portion in my life… I’m glad his mom abroad bought him a brand new Nokia 8210 as a graduation gift. I’m glad we dared to ROCK THE BOAT THIS TIME… and yes, TO BE ABLE TO WALK ON WATER, WE HAVE TO STEP OUT OF THE BOAT!

It was a stepping out of our boat of Friendship and sailing through the seas of LOVE and DEVOTION and COMMITMENT together that the CONNECTION between us grew STRONGER and DEEPER.  My then best buddy, turned boyfriend, turned husband has shared a love story that could’ve never been possible without this technology that is indeed true to its mantra of CONNECTING PEOPLE!  Indeed NOKIA is NOT JUST A TECHNOLOGY… IT’S A SIGNIFICANT MEDIUM THAT WEAVES MY HISTORY!

Me, My NOKIA 7110 and My College Life

My first ever Nokia phone is a 7110. It’s a gift from my mom. It’s more of functionality than the looks that I have loved my 7110 way back in college.  Aside from being a faithful call and text receiver, it’s the calendar, alarms, profiles and games that makes me sane during the most opportuned moments of my college life.
Way back then, memory cards are not yet in. The sole memory provider is the SIM card and the phone’s built in memory. I remember having to erase most of my important contacts and messages in my old phone when the MEMORY is FULL, but with my 7110 way back then, I ‘ve got some ample space to store my extra bytes.  It has a larger memory as compared with other phones of its time.

I also remember having the fun of lurking with its scroll button and sliding (dual-colored) cover.  It’s the state-of-the art during that time. I also had so much fun playing with a very large screen for my SNAKES! Haha! It’s my ultimate past time while waiting for my honey to arrive after class.

My mom, my dad, my classmates, my then boyfriend has reached me anytime; anywhere with my 7110.I also remember being an active youth leader in our church back then. People would just have to reach me via my faithful mobile phone and they’ve got my instant reply.

I could’ve lived under the rock without my 7110 in college. Thanks for my mom who dropped me some love and gave this wonderful phone to me.

Too bad, it would just have to be disposed of after losing its faithful antenna and losing its signal after hitting the floor.  The six faithful years of service is more than enough. My social life in college, my mom and dad’s emergency calls, my rendezvous with my then boyfriend couldn’t have been possible without it. Indeed NOKIA is NOT JUST A TECHNOLOGY… IT’S A SIGNIFICANT MEDIUM THAT WEAVES MY HISTORY!

Me, My Husband and the history of Nokias in his life

While I have treasured a few Nokias i.e. 7110, 1110 and 6700, my husband really outnumbered mine.

For being together for 10 years now, I have been a witness on how my husband remained faithful to this brand amidst it being constantly snatched and heldup.

His first ever phone is an 8210. A gift from his mom after graduation.  Got snatched, lost a phone.
A 3210, his mom arrived from abroad and he asked for a replacement phone. He got this. Got lost again.
He bought a basic call and text phone, 1100, we love its flash light every time we have to go home late at night. Unfortunately, it’s lost again.

His also got a 2630. Simple, sleek, slim, and sexy.  He gave it to my father after as his first ever camera phone. I can’t forget how Papa got addicted with camwhoring then. Haha!

Fortunately my husband’s mom got back home from Dubai and  got him again a brand new Nokia. He got the world’s first ever DUAL-CORE smartphone… the Nokia N82! Yeah indeed it’s already dual-core back then. So powerful, so great… only to be snatched on board his travel back home from work. The sound from the earphones suddenly stopped that’s the only time he realized the AWESOME phone was picked from his deep pocket.

Nokia for being so UNIVERSAL, functional and ERGONOMIC is really loved by its faithful patrons everywhere around the globe.  But really, it’s also the favorite brand by pick pockets and some bad guys around for the embedded AWESOMENESS and UNIVERSALITY packaged in a NOKIA phone.

My husband may have had some short time together with his Nokias but those short succulent moments succinctly served great life lessons and wonderful wanderings that built our love HISTORY!

Me, our KIDS and our Nokia 1110.
When I decided to go back to college after stopping for two years due to pregnancy, during the day, we left our kids with their grandmom and decided to leave them a mobile phone. That is so I can reach them anytime and every so often I miss them and might just want to check them out.

I remember crying while at transit for the first few days of leaving my kids for school. I’m so home sick I would just want to call them every minute.

The simplicity of this phone has just fulfilled its sole purpose of CONNECTING PEOPLE. But really without it, how can a lonesome mom talk to her kids and send them her sweet notes of tender loving care?

This technology, however simple or complicated has practically originated with the simple principle of igniting relationships, build bridges and break barriers of space and time. And for such and excellent fulfillment of such principle, I say JOB WELL DONE. Indeed NOKIA is NOT JUST A TECHNOLOGY… IT’S A SIGNIFICANT MEDIUM THAT WEAVES MY HISTORY!

Me, My married life, my career, my blogging, my spiritual life and my NOKIA 6700.
This is my current Nokia smartphone. Sleek and simple but very FUNCTIONAL!

If there’s one thing I love about Nokia phones is that it’s so LOVELY and FUNCTIONAL and STURDY that I’m never considering an upgrade until it’s obsolete or totally malfunctioning. I always have this sense of attachment with my gadgets that once I get to discover the gem of USEFULLNESS inside it, get contented and find no reason for getting a new one.

More than the correspondence, the functionality is also a major factor for me getting so used to my old smartphone.

I love that I can do a plethora of tasks with my rather basic 6700.

It has a GPS, where I can geotag my photos and afford some location-based services.

Its 5Mp camera is my faithful partner in crime. Me and my family being such camera-whores, we just can’t get enough of having my every bit of move and celebration captured in my Nokia 6700. The video is just as awesome.

My playlist and radio would pamper my ears over a lengthy travel or just about the right alternative to kill time aside from my typical e-book reading.

The calendar, organizer, notes, alarms and apps are just pretty AWESOME and USEFUL! The fancy feeling of having been reminded of our next anniversary and birthday right at my phone is a sure day saver.
My Bible inside my phone is more than enough. I can be updated with my daily devotion and I’m good to go. What best thing to start a day than to be inspired and be blessed.

I am a MOM. I make both ends meet. I am as FRUGAL as any mom can be. I always make it a point that our purchases are just worth the quality and service that we will get. And as for my 6700, it’s the wisest buy, after we decided for an upgrade some four years back.  Blame it to the quality products of Nokia, the owners just need so less of the option for upgrading . And If I’m upgrading soon, I’d choose another Nokia. Why not? I, my family and our history practically grew with it.

I am an ENGINEER now and I’m happy to break in the news with my Nokia 6700. There’s no other greater feeling than to receive some great news of PASSING THE BOARD EXAM plus being part of the TOPNOTCHERS as yet another text message. A hard work being repaid with such GREAT NEWS is just so overwhelming. After hearing such news, I immediately called my Dad and told him that yeah, I AM ALREADY AN ENGINEER and I’m part of the top 10. Then I burst into tears!

More important calls for my career have reached me through my ever faithful Nokia 6700. I got my call from a recruiter at Google using it. My first job notice was contained in a text message.  My blogging opportunities, my grad school and scholarship approval was sent through my 6700. Along with the flourishing of my career opportunities is the efficient service of my faithful phone…with that I am so PROUD OF!

Yesterday, today and for the longest time ever, my Nokias never really failed to give the impression that I am important. I am a significant individual that makes the interweb of connections complicated and yet being simplified by these technologies. Indeed NOKIA is NOT JUST A TECHNOLOGY… IT’S A SIGNIFICANT MEDIUM THAT WEAVES MY HISTORY!

I own a NOKIA and I own a DESTINY!

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  1. Nokia has been a trusted brand that's why I prefer using it over and over again amidst it being constantly stolen and lost from me. (I'm happy to look back and remember how our love story flourished through texting). Imagine? It took us 5 getting to know years to realize we're meant to be...

    Goodluck with this honey :)

  2. thank you honey dear for your support. The texting revolution surely made one strong impact in our life (^_^)I couldn't even imaging it the other way... it may have been a simple destiny that made us together.. loveyou!

  3. You have a very colorful post. Is this your Nokia entry? Good luck .I like it.natandaan ko pa yang 300 pesos na load at 1 peso /text .kahit mahal ay nag click pa rin hanggang naging affordable na today .there were lots of stories made out of nokia .nakakatuwa ,we get connected by this phone.

  4. I can never imagine spending 600 pesos per week for cellphone load nowadays. But really, it's a novelty some 10 years back so we really got hooked on the bait.

    I'm glad the rates are cheaper now.

    And I remember my classmates and all have two phones, kasi wala pang dual-sim noon. I'm glad there's Nokia C2 now!hehe...

  5. oh this is a nice story!!! na nostalgia ako! ako first phone ko is 3210 :)) pinag ipunan ko p dhil sa bf ko n asawa ko ngayun hihihi :))

  6. wow! that's nostalgic nga Mommy Jes.

    Same with mine, I really worked hard just to get a new phone then... I can still remember my 7110, it's a gift from my mom for being a class valedictorian in high school... double purpose narin para ma-text ko yung bf ko, na just like you, became my husband afterwards...:)

  7. Your phones have surely been of big help in reaching out to other people. You are one marvelous creation .

  8. i also have a collection of Nokia phones from the oldest to the newest hihi. I am assured of the cellphone quality if its a nokia brand :)

  9. that's so true Ms. Joy. Our NOKIA's have indeed withstood the stress-testing and really "good perfomance" is a sure understatement. It's of prime quality that unconsciously makes us patrons and fans of the brand.

  10. aw, Nokia's really the well known brand here in our country.

    ur story was great. thanks for sharing and, thanks, i have found ur link at FBU.

    i am a fan:)

  11. thanks for that sis IMRIZ :)

    A Nokia has almost been a staple brand for a family... that's based on my observation and self-experience ever since the era of mobile phone revolution flourished... that's why they are constantly innovating to give back the best user-experience in terms of mobile computing... (^_^)

    Thanks again...

  12. Hello Mel! This is a fantastic story of your lovelife. It's such a good thing that I've bumped on this story. Makes me go "kilig! kilig!" again. Woot woot!

    Technology is there to connect people and make the distance disappear. It helps us find long lost friends who in your case turns out to be the man you'll love for the rest of your life. It's a good thing that you've both stepped out of your friendship boat and have given love a chance. I am so happy for both of you.

    Take care! Hugs from me to you!

    Maxi of:

  13. Lots of Nokia phones! Ako lang yata ang hindi nag-start sa Nokia. But I'm using Nokia phone now. :D

  14. wow, we have something in common along with Jes...3210 - a bf then hubby now....cool! I always love Nokia too before sony ericsson came and before the Iphone hihi...

  15. Thanks for that Maxi :) It's on stepping out of the boat of friendship that we found true love rooted on commitment and honest friendship.

    Thanks for liking our lovestory...
    Each of us have our own love stories, made possible by mobile technologies...

  16. It's good that you've tried Nokia this time Gene...So it's just so true that a Nokia is a staple in every household nowadays...:)

    And for Mirage, so kilig (^_^)... Bestfriend turned bofriend turned husband love stories are our love stories that we are so proud to share ...hihi :)

  17. My first ever phone was a Nokia 5110, I got it the very first month it came out and I still have it today, although no longer functional. :P Then I upgraded to 3210, then to an 8210 and then an 8250 and then a 6600 and then I switched to iPhone and I never looked back. I still have my Nokia 6600, the egg phone :P, I use it for my Sun number, can you believe it survived falling into a 2nd floor balcony, falling into the toilet and being dipped in hot coffee? Nokia is so durable.. :D

    Love your story.. :D

  18. Hi Ane, you have such a great collection of Nokias, I'm so glad to hear that. Oh diba talagang panalo ang mga phones na yan sa durability, functionality and evrything else follows... thanks for dropping by:)

  19. Indeed, Nokia connects people! My first Nokia Mobile Phone was 3330 heehee!

  20. Wow, that's a higher version for 3310. I remember admiring my classmate in high school when she first got a 3310 (that time, 3210 was mainstream:)) so when she got one...she's SIKAT! ahhaha!

    I love the snakes version because of the different modes and levels of dificulty as an improved version of the brick-game type snakes in 3210...hahaay!

  21. parang eto na ang panalo.hihi goodluckpo \m/

  22. The first mobile phone that i had is Nokia 3210 way back 2003. But the SIM card is still active at the moment and i'm using the same number. The SIM is more that 6 years old now! I'm not planning of replacing it.

  23. Thanks ian for the kind words. Still keeping my fingers crossed on this. There are so many great entries :)

    And to Joel of free article directory, thanks for dropping by for the first time(^_^) and wow! you have one sturdy sim card, most of my sims retire earlier... you're one lucky guy to own a faithful sim card along with a faithful Nokia phone :)

  24. That was a cool entry. ^.^ And long. But I can see that Nokia is really a part of your life ever since. And will continue to be so in the future. ^>^