Got my Windows Phone Mango update this morning

My phone is now at version 7.10.7720.68 this morning. That's already the long bequeathed Mango which is pre-branded as version 7.5. Anyways it took me approximately 30 minutes for the update including the Zune software.

Here are the few and obvious improvements that I have noticed as compared to the previous version / build.

1. People hub
  - It can now be categorized into groups.  You can also create new groups into this tile.
  -  The search button is now more visible.
  - When you zoom in to a particular contact, the History tab shows your current correspondence.
  - At the ME CARD : there's this post a message, check in and set chat status in the immediate page

2. Emails
  - Emails are now arranged in threads.
  - There's also an option to link inboxes now.

3. Settings
  - There's a battery saver option now. It contains the remaining battery life and the estimated time remaining before power out.
  - At the Wi-fi settings, you can now specify a hidden connection in the advanced option! cool!
  - There are more options for wallpaper images at the lock+wallpaper menu.

4. Internet explorer
  - the URL box or search box is now located at the button.

5. Messaging
  - Facebook chat is now included in the messaging hub.
  - Online tab shows people who are online and also sets chat status.

6. Application menu
  - The application menu is now made more searcheable as it is indexed alphabetically. Search icon is now more visible.

7. Pictures
  - More options are available in the setting tab.
  - More categories are included e.g. camera roll, albums, date and people

8. Office app
  - more options for document creation. Templates are now available e.g. agenda, expenses, golf score card etc...
  - office 365, Phone, SkyDrive and SharePoint are now easily accessible in this Hub (love it :))
  - Notebooks can now be created and synced with OneNote

9. Calendar
  - more calendars are synced: birthday, facebook calendar, my calendar, google calendar

10. Bing Search
  - There's now a Vision icon which works like a QR scanner and Microsoft Tag scanner. (I hope this could work like Goggles soon :)). But atleast I have to uninstall my QR scanner app now! (^_^)

11. Zune
  - There's already this marketplace option in the list.
  - There's already this Play music icon which contains additional options such as Play smart djmix, share and save as playlist.

That's it for now. The multitasking feature I am still to test as any of my needs arise. For now, all I can say is that I am loving the upgrade feature offered at my HTC Mozart. As I am already planning to go for a new phone with a new OS i.e. Android (as I am always envied by my hubby's Optimus!:() I think I change my mind again and I have to stick to my Windows Phone for now. 

I must admit I am no power user so I love easy and handy upgrades for my phone just like this. I love plug-and-play you know. Don't really want to bother much with the tweaks or ROM edits or Flashing which might eventually BRICK my phone. Not into taking risks haha!

'Til next update. :) (hopefully (^_^))...

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