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I own a NOKIA and I own a DESTINY!

True to it's commitment of CONNECTING PEOPLE… my NOKIAs have established a legacy of linking people bounded by distance and space… because of this, I love NOKIA!

Here are bits and pieces of the story of my life and how NOKIA connected the links of my PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE... and weave my so-called HISTORY!

Me, My husband then Boyfriend’s 8210 and the Beginning of our LOVE STORY!

We knew each other since elementary, we were classmates, phone pals, best buddies ever since and the friendship bond is so good we never dared to rock the boat until our high school graduation day!

We thought the beautiful friendship would end shortly after our graduation, we were parting ways, going to different universities…no more reason to call at night for assignments, no more reason to see each other on weekends for class practice or project meeting, no more reason to meet again… but yeah, everything turned upside down when the TEXTING REVOLUTION came into its proper time and place. I’m glad, the era of mobile phones flourished during our times... And I am thankful for NOKIA being able to CONNECT PEOPLE like us!

Almost ten years back, texting was so expensive. While each text message costs P1.00 and every prepaid card costs P300.00 at minimum… I never thought my Dad would be so generous to have my phone reloaded twice a week. So right then on, I knew it’s not yet THE END for our story, but a brand new morning to start over again , stepping a level higher of being MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS! 

I’m glad he’s got my number before we part our ways on our graduation day. I’m glad I bothered replying to an anonymous number with such an odd feeling that this strange texter will occupy a significant portion in my life… I’m glad his mom abroad bought him a brand new Nokia 8210 as a graduation gift. I’m glad we dared to ROCK THE BOAT THIS TIME… and yes, TO BE ABLE TO WALK ON WATER, WE HAVE TO STEP OUT OF THE BOAT!

It was a stepping out of our boat of Friendship and sailing through the seas of LOVE and DEVOTION and COMMITMENT together that the CONNECTION between us grew STRONGER and DEEPER.  My then best buddy, turned boyfriend, turned husband has shared a love story that could’ve never been possible without this technology that is indeed true to its mantra of CONNECTING PEOPLE!  Indeed NOKIA is NOT JUST A TECHNOLOGY… IT’S A SIGNIFICANT MEDIUM THAT WEAVES MY HISTORY!

Me, My NOKIA 7110 and My College Life

My first ever Nokia phone is a 7110. It’s a gift from my mom. It’s more of functionality than the looks that I have loved my 7110 way back in college.  Aside from being a faithful call and text receiver, it’s the calendar, alarms, profiles and games that makes me sane during the most opportuned moments of my college life.
Way back then, memory cards are not yet in. The sole memory provider is the SIM card and the phone’s built in memory. I remember having to erase most of my important contacts and messages in my old phone when the MEMORY is FULL, but with my 7110 way back then, I ‘ve got some ample space to store my extra bytes.  It has a larger memory as compared with other phones of its time.

I also remember having the fun of lurking with its scroll button and sliding (dual-colored) cover.  It’s the state-of-the art during that time. I also had so much fun playing with a very large screen for my SNAKES! Haha! It’s my ultimate past time while waiting for my honey to arrive after class.

My mom, my dad, my classmates, my then boyfriend has reached me anytime; anywhere with my 7110.I also remember being an active youth leader in our church back then. People would just have to reach me via my faithful mobile phone and they’ve got my instant reply.

I could’ve lived under the rock without my 7110 in college. Thanks for my mom who dropped me some love and gave this wonderful phone to me.

Too bad, it would just have to be disposed of after losing its faithful antenna and losing its signal after hitting the floor.  The six faithful years of service is more than enough. My social life in college, my mom and dad’s emergency calls, my rendezvous with my then boyfriend couldn’t have been possible without it. Indeed NOKIA is NOT JUST A TECHNOLOGY… IT’S A SIGNIFICANT MEDIUM THAT WEAVES MY HISTORY!

Me, My Husband and the history of Nokias in his life

While I have treasured a few Nokias i.e. 7110, 1110 and 6700, my husband really outnumbered mine.

For being together for 10 years now, I have been a witness on how my husband remained faithful to this brand amidst it being constantly snatched and heldup.

His first ever phone is an 8210. A gift from his mom after graduation.  Got snatched, lost a phone.
A 3210, his mom arrived from abroad and he asked for a replacement phone. He got this. Got lost again.
He bought a basic call and text phone, 1100, we love its flash light every time we have to go home late at night. Unfortunately, it’s lost again.

His also got a 2630. Simple, sleek, slim, and sexy.  He gave it to my father after as his first ever camera phone. I can’t forget how Papa got addicted with camwhoring then. Haha!

Fortunately my husband’s mom got back home from Dubai and  got him again a brand new Nokia. He got the world’s first ever DUAL-CORE smartphone… the Nokia N82! Yeah indeed it’s already dual-core back then. So powerful, so great… only to be snatched on board his travel back home from work. The sound from the earphones suddenly stopped that’s the only time he realized the AWESOME phone was picked from his deep pocket.

Nokia for being so UNIVERSAL, functional and ERGONOMIC is really loved by its faithful patrons everywhere around the globe.  But really, it’s also the favorite brand by pick pockets and some bad guys around for the embedded AWESOMENESS and UNIVERSALITY packaged in a NOKIA phone.

My husband may have had some short time together with his Nokias but those short succulent moments succinctly served great life lessons and wonderful wanderings that built our love HISTORY!

Me, our KIDS and our Nokia 1110.
When I decided to go back to college after stopping for two years due to pregnancy, during the day, we left our kids with their grandmom and decided to leave them a mobile phone. That is so I can reach them anytime and every so often I miss them and might just want to check them out.

I remember crying while at transit for the first few days of leaving my kids for school. I’m so home sick I would just want to call them every minute.

The simplicity of this phone has just fulfilled its sole purpose of CONNECTING PEOPLE. But really without it, how can a lonesome mom talk to her kids and send them her sweet notes of tender loving care?

This technology, however simple or complicated has practically originated with the simple principle of igniting relationships, build bridges and break barriers of space and time. And for such and excellent fulfillment of such principle, I say JOB WELL DONE. Indeed NOKIA is NOT JUST A TECHNOLOGY… IT’S A SIGNIFICANT MEDIUM THAT WEAVES MY HISTORY!

Me, My married life, my career, my blogging, my spiritual life and my NOKIA 6700.
This is my current Nokia smartphone. Sleek and simple but very FUNCTIONAL!

If there’s one thing I love about Nokia phones is that it’s so LOVELY and FUNCTIONAL and STURDY that I’m never considering an upgrade until it’s obsolete or totally malfunctioning. I always have this sense of attachment with my gadgets that once I get to discover the gem of USEFULLNESS inside it, get contented and find no reason for getting a new one.

More than the correspondence, the functionality is also a major factor for me getting so used to my old smartphone.

I love that I can do a plethora of tasks with my rather basic 6700.

It has a GPS, where I can geotag my photos and afford some location-based services.

Its 5Mp camera is my faithful partner in crime. Me and my family being such camera-whores, we just can’t get enough of having my every bit of move and celebration captured in my Nokia 6700. The video is just as awesome.

My playlist and radio would pamper my ears over a lengthy travel or just about the right alternative to kill time aside from my typical e-book reading.

The calendar, organizer, notes, alarms and apps are just pretty AWESOME and USEFUL! The fancy feeling of having been reminded of our next anniversary and birthday right at my phone is a sure day saver.
My Bible inside my phone is more than enough. I can be updated with my daily devotion and I’m good to go. What best thing to start a day than to be inspired and be blessed.

I am a MOM. I make both ends meet. I am as FRUGAL as any mom can be. I always make it a point that our purchases are just worth the quality and service that we will get. And as for my 6700, it’s the wisest buy, after we decided for an upgrade some four years back.  Blame it to the quality products of Nokia, the owners just need so less of the option for upgrading . And If I’m upgrading soon, I’d choose another Nokia. Why not? I, my family and our history practically grew with it.

I am an ENGINEER now and I’m happy to break in the news with my Nokia 6700. There’s no other greater feeling than to receive some great news of PASSING THE BOARD EXAM plus being part of the TOPNOTCHERS as yet another text message. A hard work being repaid with such GREAT NEWS is just so overwhelming. After hearing such news, I immediately called my Dad and told him that yeah, I AM ALREADY AN ENGINEER and I’m part of the top 10. Then I burst into tears!

More important calls for my career have reached me through my ever faithful Nokia 6700. I got my call from a recruiter at Google using it. My first job notice was contained in a text message.  My blogging opportunities, my grad school and scholarship approval was sent through my 6700. Along with the flourishing of my career opportunities is the efficient service of my faithful phone…with that I am so PROUD OF!

Yesterday, today and for the longest time ever, my Nokias never really failed to give the impression that I am important. I am a significant individual that makes the interweb of connections complicated and yet being simplified by these technologies. Indeed NOKIA is NOT JUST A TECHNOLOGY… IT’S A SIGNIFICANT MEDIUM THAT WEAVES MY HISTORY!

I own a NOKIA and I own a DESTINY!



There is no greater feeling than to look back at the days that has passed you by and realize that you have had one fulfilling and blessed life.

I have always been sentimental. I keep almost the smallest record of things that gives me some hints of defining a significant portion of my autobiography someday.


but it's not the typical, "Dear Diary", it's more of a long list of TO-DOs, something that would make me sane and keep me right on track after one busy day at work, at school, at home and even online. And today, I will spill some beans about it by way of answering some simple significant questions:


My diary-planner is a treasure chest. It is a mixture of my every thoughts and expressions throughout the year. It’s the physically written version of my Facebook account. It contains some of my important dates- birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, meetings and every sort of celebration. My every “What’s in your mind?” appears in it. And mind you, the data track on my STATUS UPDATES in my planner is even more accurate than what appears in my Facebook profile. Heck, I should’ve even placed a password for it really. Oh well…

Almost 75% of my planner contains the to-do’s. Things to blog, things to do, things to buy… project deadlines, presentation outline,  monthly income and budget and savings, homeworks, books, references, telephone numbers and addresses, rants and raves, PASSWORDS! Everything! Wonder what happens to the othe 25%? … It’s for my most special ones ARTWORKS!

Yeah, my planner is not all mine. During break time, holidays or perhaps when I’m sleeping at night, the tiny creatures in our bed seems to wake up and fill my planner with this SURPRISE. And later the next day, when I come browsing by my things TO-DO, I am suddenly flabbergasted. My kids have just filled in the empty spaces in my diary.

On the retrospect, instead of getting angry, what I feel is some sort of joy! While five years back, I am just the one writing and filling in my journal, now I have some partners in crime. Now I’m no longer alone with my rants and raves… no longer along with my “What’s in your mind” status updates in my diary.. I have two more co-authors to fill in their own Status updates and raves and rants inside my own diary. With that I am happy…because I know I am more than blessed!

If I can have something like that of Avatar’s overlayed 3D layers in virtual reality then that would be great. Imagine I can just lay down my planner wherever I want to, do my jotting down virtually, swipe through the layered overlays and get a perfect view of my to-do’s  in 3D. Very nice!

But going back in reality, I guess augmented reality won’t really happen with my planner some five years from now. Besides nothing really beats old school pen and paper in jotting down notes, to-do’s, doodlings, mind maps and the usual rants and raves. Hard copy still works best!

So for my hard copy ideal planner, it would be best if it can be compartmented. I can divide a single spread into five divisions, each grid corresponding to my every persona. You see I have five personas- a mom and wife, a student, a blogger, a church worker and an engineer. If for every compartment of my planner I can elaborate on each task and overlay every layer of my persona for every single day that I will be tasked to perform it- that’s great! Imagine being able to plan, giving bath to the kids while doing my project presentation while blogging all at the same time. My deadlines in school oftentimes overlap with deadlines at work or even my special holidays at home. A portion where I could rank my priorities and summarize my busy day would be simply AWESOME! 

And for ranking my priorities- my family on top of the list is the DEFAULT(fixed!).

For my Diary cover, I want this collage of my scrapbook to wrap and unwrap the STATUS UPDATES of my hard-bound planner/Facebook/journal/autobiography/diary.


I have a plethora of reasons for diary keeping. Here are five of the things that I know my diary/planner is of great help.

1. Record - This is the most given one. I just love that I can keep a record of almost everything. For some reasons of bookkeeping to a sentimental notion of reminiscing, it’s always is a pleasure that my journal keeps my every thoughts inside a single book. (Oops! My need for password arises just again!)

2. Re-organize - When my five personas sometimes or oftentimes turns out to be a mess. Having a planner by my side keeps me sane. It is good to have a place to reorganize the messy mind maps in my brain. Having one faithful planner to help me save some memory spaces in my brain is of sure GREAT HELP. Things are best remembered when written down- that’s my MANTRA ever since!

3. Reminisce - Who doesn’t want some sort of nostalgia? Actually, when I came writing down this article, taking some pictures of my old planners, I began looking back at the sweet old days. It is of utmost joy and fulfillness to find out how colorful and lovely and blessed are my years that have passed. To reminisce with my planners is just a habit I can’t  outgrow.

4. Reflect - I may have rants and raves. Turned out to be stubborn or maldita or pasaway at some points in my life but I surely have changed. (Naks!) It’s the good thing that I have my planner, I see my progress, I look for rooms for improvement, I reflect, then I grow!

5. Remember - I won’t forget. I never will. I will always keed my record, reorganization, reminiscing, reflections in my sweet old DIARY…for which I will forever be HAPPY (^_^)! 


Got my Windows Phone Mango update this morning

My phone is now at version 7.10.7720.68 this morning. That's already the long bequeathed Mango which is pre-branded as version 7.5. Anyways it took me approximately 30 minutes for the update including the Zune software.

Here are the few and obvious improvements that I have noticed as compared to the previous version / build.

1. People hub
  - It can now be categorized into groups.  You can also create new groups into this tile.
  -  The search button is now more visible.
  - When you zoom in to a particular contact, the History tab shows your current correspondence.
  - At the ME CARD : there's this post a message, check in and set chat status in the immediate page

2. Emails
  - Emails are now arranged in threads.
  - There's also an option to link inboxes now.

3. Settings
  - There's a battery saver option now. It contains the remaining battery life and the estimated time remaining before power out.
  - At the Wi-fi settings, you can now specify a hidden connection in the advanced option! cool!
  - There are more options for wallpaper images at the lock+wallpaper menu.

4. Internet explorer
  - the URL box or search box is now located at the button.

5. Messaging
  - Facebook chat is now included in the messaging hub.
  - Online tab shows people who are online and also sets chat status.

6. Application menu
  - The application menu is now made more searcheable as it is indexed alphabetically. Search icon is now more visible.

7. Pictures
  - More options are available in the setting tab.
  - More categories are included e.g. camera roll, albums, date and people

8. Office app
  - more options for document creation. Templates are now available e.g. agenda, expenses, golf score card etc...
  - office 365, Phone, SkyDrive and SharePoint are now easily accessible in this Hub (love it :))
  - Notebooks can now be created and synced with OneNote

9. Calendar
  - more calendars are synced: birthday, facebook calendar, my calendar, google calendar

10. Bing Search
  - There's now a Vision icon which works like a QR scanner and Microsoft Tag scanner. (I hope this could work like Goggles soon :)). But atleast I have to uninstall my QR scanner app now! (^_^)

11. Zune
  - There's already this marketplace option in the list.
  - There's already this Play music icon which contains additional options such as Play smart djmix, share and save as playlist.

That's it for now. The multitasking feature I am still to test as any of my needs arise. For now, all I can say is that I am loving the upgrade feature offered at my HTC Mozart. As I am already planning to go for a new phone with a new OS i.e. Android (as I am always envied by my hubby's Optimus!:() I think I change my mind again and I have to stick to my Windows Phone for now. 

I must admit I am no power user so I love easy and handy upgrades for my phone just like this. I love plug-and-play you know. Don't really want to bother much with the tweaks or ROM edits or Flashing which might eventually BRICK my phone. Not into taking risks haha!

'Til next update. :) (hopefully (^_^))...


Manila Hotel Fiesta Pavilion and the 7th ERDT Conference


Last September 16, 2011 was the 7th ERDT Conference held at the Fiesta Pavilion at the Manila Hotel, Manila, Philippines.

The ERDT or Engineering Research and Development for Technology is a consortium of eight member universities that offer master's and doctoral degrees in engineering courses. Through grants and scholarships, the ERDT was conceived to encourage more Filipino engineers to undertake research and studies which can improve technology and contribute to national development.

I am a proud UPD scholar then .(^_^)

This year's theme is "Sustainability through ERDT" Towards a Carbon-Neutral Economy". The researches presented revolved around the said theme from where new insights and interesting developments on the field of R&D have been discussed.

The ERDT has five research tracks (1) Energy (2) Environment & Infrastructure (3) ICT 
(4) Semiconductor & Electronics and (5) Agriculture. Parallel sessions were conducted for the five tracks but I decided to just stay on the ICT session for the entire afternoon.

The discussions are really engaging and it's also a good experience to be learning from the researches of our fellow scholars.

Apart from the usual parallel sessions, the unveiling of the first ever ERDT logo has concluded this special event. 

The food from the hotel is pretty ordinary and didn't really satiate my taste buds that much. Oh well.. that's not suppose to make much of an issue though...LOL!

This Fiesta Pavilion of the Manila Hotel is quite old already. The ceiling and chandelier I think ought to have some major redesigning I guess. The facilities are quite a dismay considering that it's a five-star hotel. It seems that I love Sofitel more. :)

 It has been my second time to be at Manila Hotel and it was quite disappointing. The coffee is not so good too. What more? I think I just did so much talking.. bye for now. Au Revoir! 


JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up so Fast contest

My kid’s growing up so fast he already knows how to charm the girls with his killer smile and winking eye. 

I am oftentimes in denial of the fact that my little darling David is a soon to be heartthrob. My mom-in-law would always say, “Naku Melanie, humanda ka na, maraming paiiyakin yang anak mo..” (you better get prepared Melanie your son will make many girls cry). Uh!Oh! I really hope not.

He has an innate charm to make girls drool over him but I have always wished he’ll never be a playboy. Tee hee! However, those winks are what I’m most afraid of -so prominent with some of his "pa-cute" photos.  I’m getting a bit nervous now. Haha!

The photo above was taken in a resort, Holy week this year. This family bonding event is one of my kid’s firsts. It is David’s first time to go swimming! Yay! We’ve got an inflatable pool at home, but the feel of real-life bigger swimming pool is just so different.

We've got some inflattable pool bonding at home too.
For their first ever SWIMMING POOL ADVENTURE, David and Cassy made everything ready the night before, and they woke up just too early out of super-excitement.

That day, he met a girl "friend" by the kiddie pool. We really never wanted to think that he likes the girl. Four year old and all. No way!  But yeah he stick with her all throughout. He would always ask the girl to stay beside him, even asking her not to swim anymore. The term “Binakuran” (guarded) in basketball is just so applicable and fit. I just never thought my baby boy would learn the art of “charming” a girl at an early age of four.

 But then again the “BAKOD” thing and the winking eye are just HINTS. We know there are more to come.

I really ought to be prepared.

I know he’s a big boy now. He’s starting to explore things on his own, he’s choosing the clothes he’d want to wear, he eats on his own and chooses his own set of friends. He’s getting a bit independent and wiser really.

And as much as I want to slow down time to still make him my little baby for a bit longer - I can’t. 

The story of the winking eye with the girls along is all part of the bigger picture.

While kids these days are getting extra smarter because of the technology and the power of social media, the tasks vested upon parents in guiding and looking over their child are getting a bit harder. We have to make sure, they are well taught of their values and that they get the right information that fits their age.

While they are on their exploration stage we have to be their guide. 


They are as fragile as glass on the verge of tipping at an edge of a table. Now more than ever  they need a MOM who would be their refuge and stronghold.  And for my David, I find it a great blessing that I have been around and with him all throughout… to watch his every firsts, to watch his every achievement… to watch him GROW!

 Being a toddler now, I have documented some milestones in David's life and kept it for him to look upon and reflect, remember and reminisce when he gets a bit older.

His first birthday 

 His first ever haircut (courtesy of Daddy)

His first time visit and our first picnic at our school -UP.

His first attempt to drive a motorbike.
These and all other firsts, we know everything are just building blocks of a grander structure of LIFE that's designed especially for him.

We may not have a hold on whatever he wants to be when he grows up but surely we have to make sure that he will extract his full potential to be BEST THAT HE CAN BE.

He might be an artist like his Dad.
He has just created a masterpiece in our stool.
An Engineer like Mommy.

He's a prospective musician too!

 A lawyer perhaps...
If he's gonna be a basketball player, I'd surely love that!
Or A boxer like Manny Pacquiao. Haha!

But wait, I really don't want him to get hurt in boxing. I'd go send him to a Martial Arts school this early then.. Haha!
Better yet he can just be a SUPERHERO! Yay!

Whatever path he chooses to take we are just here to back him up. Lead him and guide him towards his journey called LIFE.

Just as we are so careful on our decisions regarding his mental, social and moral life, we are equally critical over the physical considerations in raising our most special ones. We know how the physical part becomes an aspect of the interconnected portions that contributes to his success.

In terms of hygiene, we make sure their delicate skin gets the right pampering that it ought to get. We only use trusted brands that are already tried and tested throughout the years by no one else but our own moms. I practically grew with Johnson & Johnson. Who never did anyways?


We knew this routine... Johnson & Johnson to our kids is like Sugar to our Coffee or Puto with our Dinuguan. Johnson & Johnson just goes hand in hand with our baby's growth.

He is changing before my eyes but his skin is still like a baby’s. We still need the gentle care of Johnson’s Milk, with Vitamins A&E and 100% more milk proteins to nourish developing skin.

It's funny but honestly, naming David as Johnson entered into my mind when picking for a prospective name for him when I'm still pregnant. Why not? His father's name is John Percival. I could've considered naming it after him, a junior so to speak, but I was adamant. I thought of the name Johnson then. But then again I'm afraid he'll get teased by friends because of his name, resembling that of a famous baby product line - Johnson and Johnson. But then again, why not? hahaha! We just then decided to give him an exactly different name - David Alexander that is!

But then again, David is still a CERTIFIED "JOHNSON" because he's a son of John! LOL!

The glory of being a mom is just so overwhelming. There’s this bond that exists invisibly but is truly heartfelt between moms and kids. From conception to birth to the moment I laid eyes on our kids to the moment I touched and hug them for the first time,  the bond just keeps on getting stronger and stronger. And as the years pass by, as they begin to explore things on their own, I can only wish they’d stay as little babies and never grow old so they’ll be by our side forever. But yeah, the circle of life just keeps on and all we have to do is to do our best to make their childhood days just worth remembering.

Time and space has been compressed and my little fragile baby David is now four years old. He's a dashing debonair that surely makes Mommy Proud.

Now since David has just celebrated his 4th Birthday last September 20, this is some sort of extended celebration. I have a mini-giveaway. I hope you could join. :-)

Two easy steps to join:
1. Be a fan of  Johnson's Baby World of Firsts by Clicking the LIKE button below.

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Photo captions will be judged based on:
- Creativity of Title: 50%
  • Cuteness of title
  • Unique play of words.
- Relevance to article: 50%
Duration of contest/commenting: October 8 - 21, 2011
Announcement of winners: October 31, 2011.
Best Photo Caption wins a Johnson’s Baby Gift Pack. 
Good luck!

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My kid’s growing up so fast he already knows how to charm the girls with his killer smile and winking eye.

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Clothes and Hugs for Those Who Need It Most

The Electrolux Laundry Mobile Wash-athon legs at Angeles, Casha and Carry, Isabela, MBC,
Quest Event, San Fernando, Unilever and Vigan   
In keeping with its Thinking of You philosophy, Electrolux initiated a PANATA award-winning advocacy in response to the need for disaster preparedness. In 2009, the Electrolux Washing Marathon was first launched in Cebu City – in reaction to Typhoon Ondoy that ravaged parts of the nation. The program immediately provided assistance to those who had been devastated by the rain and floods. 

The campaign called for clothes donation – but unlike other donation drives, these were sorted, thoroughly washed and distributed to various organizations that help areas heedlessly felled by disasters. This ensured that the garments turned over were clean and immediately wearable to those who received them.

Now on its third year, the Electrolux Clothes and Hugs campaign has been made bigger and better through the Electrolux Laundry Mobile, a laundromat on the go which went to key locations in Metro Manila, Luzon and Cebu to gather more donations. With the ABS-CBN Foundation, ABS-CBN Tabang Patrol and DZRH’s Operation Tulong as beneficiaries this year, the campaign has geared to deliver more clothes than ever before.

All the donations collected in Cebu were turned over to ABS-CBN Tabang Patrol last September 16 during the Electrolux Clothes and Hugs Wash-a-thon at The Terraces of Ayala Center Cebu. This was done in partnership with Metro Gaisano and Ayala Center Cebu, with the participation of Y101, WRock and ABS-CBN.

The Wash-a-thon not only brought together those who helped make the campaign possible, but also engaged the public in a myriad of fun activities. Special prizes were given away to participants of the games, such as laundry basketball and the T-shirt folding contest. Guests also had their pictures taken for free at the Happy Clicks photo booth. Later in the evening, they took part in the festivities provided by live performances.

On the other hand, all the clothes donations collected and washed during the MBC leg of the Wash-a-thon was turned over to MBC’s Operation Tulong on September 30 during the Electrolux Clothes and Hugs Wash-a-thon Culminating Event at the IMAX Parking lot of the SM Mall of Asia. The winners of the My Shirt Story Blogging Competition were also announced and awarded during the event.

The garments that were laundered during both events by the Electrolux washing machines used Surf liquid detergent, the official detergent used throughout the Clothes and Hugs campaign.

With a target of 6,000 kilos of donations from Cebu and 5,000 kilos of clothes from Manila, Electrolux has sought to help even more people and promote disaster preparedness. By giving people clean, wearable clothes, the company has envisioned to give people in need a little bit of comfort that will go a long way.

Share more of our thinking at www.electrolux.com.ph. For more news and updates visit: www.electrolux.com/electrolux-insiders or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thelittlewhitebook.

Electrolux is a global leader in household appliances and appliances for professional use, selling more than 40 million products to customers in more than 150 markets every year. The company focuses on innovative products that are thoughtfully designed, based on extensive consumer insight, to meet the real needs of consumers and professionals. Electrolux products include refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, cookers and air-conditioners sold under esteemed brands such as Electrolux, AEG, Eureka and Frigidaire. In 2010 Electrolux had sales of SEK 106 billion and 52,000 employees.

For further information, please contact:

Terry Sales
Marketing Manager, Electrolux Philippines

Andrea Pionilla

Ferdinand Bondoy
Associate PR Director, Grey Group - Campaigns PR, Inc.
ferlebon@campaignsandgrey.net / 884-7300 local 381

Customer Care : (+63) 2 845 2273
Toll Free Number : 1-800-10-845-2273
Email: wecare@electrolux.com