TechPinas - You really deserve the Tatt Social Media "Tech Junkie" Award

When I learned about Tatt Awards on Blogfest 2.0, I immediately browsed for a qualified bet. Not surprised, I found TechPinas' Mark Macanas in the list. He got a spot in the tech junkie category. I voted for him.

I have always loved reading his reviews especially of the latest gadgets plus the SRPs. For my technolusting, I have always counted on his perspectives as to how to get the value for my money. I may get a bit compulsive on buying a new gadget- tablet, cellphone, laptops and the like, I count for TechPinas to give me some direction and makes me choose for a best buy. He's my techno-compass as I may say.

Plus!Plus!Plus! The reason why I have always admired this Tech Junkie is because of him maintaining good rapport over the Web. I'm one of his "Friends" not "Fans" in Facebook. He answers inquiries in a very nice manner- politely, friendly and warmly. I love the fact that he, amidst him being really well known in the tech blogging industry, still remains humble and really rooted with his values and good character.

More power to Mark.   You really deserve the Tatt Social Media "Tech Junkie" Award!


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