RANDOM THOUGHTS: On Apple losing Steve Jobs and beyond

Steve Jobs finally resigned as Apple CEO. It was sad that he resigned not because of corporate politics or whatever but because he's battling with the big "C". After going through much trouble when he was ousted to Apple and getting back after 12 years then revamping the Apple image to be the second most valuable company in the world, next to Exxon Mobil Corp, Apple really lost BIG TIME with Jobs loss.

A simple realization that life's just that. Steve is powerful and all, got lots of money and almost every success a man would ever dream of- but he's still sick. He's battling with a sickness that excuses no one- rich or poor. And that's what sad about life- everything is temporary. To get rich, be famous and influential seemed to be a long-term goal but yeah, it's just SO SHORT as compared to an eternity after life.

There is much oblivion everywhere, natural disasters, crime, epidemic. A serious small mosquito bite is as threatening as the possibility of your house being hit by a plane crash one silent peaceful night of sleep. Life is really unpredictable. The circle goes on and on...and it's either you're up or down.

That won't mean we stop achieving dreams or stop working harder for a living but just to take it slowly and easily. Life's but temporary and short-termed, we should prepare for what is LONGER and ETERNAL.

Pray hardly, work lightly,  live simply, be happy. God designed our lives to be simple yet meaningful, It's just a BITE OF APPLE  that really tempts us to make it A BIT COMPLICATED.

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