Philippine Oil Price hike since we bought a car and a comparative analysis between oil companies in the country

I've played with some cool data for visualization this morning. Since we bought our car last year, we have been so amazed how the price of fuel has really fared high. It's more than 25% increase as compared to last year. Never posted the statistics but here are two charts for your reference. (I found the usual tables quite boring so I played with some colorful charts! Yay!) It's actually an interactive visualization so go try putting mouse over to see some figures.

By the way, the figures are just for UNLEADED GASOLINE. (Will create a separate post for DIESEL later.)

My initial observations: Flying V has got some low price last year but nowadays, it's Unioil that's going cheapest while Shell Unleaded fuel is most expensive. The trend is not surprisingly increasing but the rate of increase is really something to worry of. It's very high time we opt for an energy source that's renewable and earth-friendly too!

Data Source: http://www.alternat1ve.com Best Blogger Tips
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  1. hahaha love this chart. ang cute! :D

  2. I must agree with that Helen. Natuwa ako nung nakita ko ang final output at pagiging interactive niya. Kahit depressing ang figures bumawi naman sa cuteness ang charts!Hahaha... By the way, thanks for dropping by... love your articles sa website mo and the design is SOOO CUTE!(^_^)