Paris Hilton launches store at SM Megamall


 Last August 18, 2011, the hotel heiress herself went to Mega Atrium to officially launch her "Paris Hilton" store located at 3F SM Megamall. This made history for it was the very first time that Paris herself was the one who did the ribbon cutting of her handbags and accessories store.

 An item costs 5K up. I find the designs resembling that of a Juicy Couture or LV bag. It's the branding of the "P" and "H" trinket that comes along that makes people really grab a piece of her collection.


 After the ribbon cutting is the meet and greet at Mega Atrium.  Fans line up to have that rare chance to meet their idol and have their newly bought handbags signed by Paris herself.
Three Paris Hilton bags were raffled among all those who purchased a handbag. My friend Arlene just got lucky that time and won one of those bags. I met her at the event and we went along quite well. She said I'm her lucky charm. Haha! True! True!

I have also met a feng-sui expert, Ms. Nanette, who happens to own a store of lucky charms at Megamall. She said she just heard of the news that Paris is coming over that afternoon and so she bought a Paris Hilton bag to see her and have it signed. I'm not sure if she's got the chance to have her bag signed. But she asked me to give a lucky charm to Paris.


 Luckily I got myself a VIP pass and saw Paris upclose and personal. When it was my chance to meet and greet her, I gave the lucky charm from Ms. Nanette  she was just as thankful. I mean yeah, Paris is really nice and really beautiful up close. She seemed a life-size barbie doll to me. I love her hair.

Also spotted in the crowd are celebrities like Melissa Ricks, Empress, Angel Aquino, Tim Yap and Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez.

Met some cool other cool people in the VIP section and they were like so much awaiting the moment to meet this HOT(EL) heiress...the lady... the BRAND... PARIS HILTON!

  I say everyone right there at Mega Atrium, at that moment, became instant Paris fan. Oh well, some might just be spectators and all but really everyone who took the hassle to be in the crowd are just instant Paris convert. Just like that famous notion of we Filipinos being so hospitable, we welcome foreign celebrities warmly that makes them really keep coming back.

And being part of the crowd that moment, my camera caught those "fanatics" or "converts" -whichever is applicable.
Manong guard, I caught you!
My friend Chickelt  had her wrist signed by Paris
The crowd awaiting a STAR named PARIS
With MEL is Ysha who just made her way to stardom by being an ultimate Filipina Paris fanatic.
Paris on her way to her handbag store and people were like screaming all around
Tim Yap "literally" rubbing elbows with the HOTEL HEIRESS
And this guy , "THE MAN OF THE HOUR" , has just been the source of envy of every guy around the area. She just got near, talked, wrapped her arms around her waist and got a kiss from PARIS HILTON! Tee hee! That was after he offered her a portrait of Paris during the autograph signing session on stage.

So yeah, not everyone gets the chance to MEET a fashion-ICON that's truly WORLD CLASS. I'm happy for once upon my fickle funny fate MEL MEETS PARIS (^_^)! Best Blogger Tips
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