On sending a child to public or private school

My little Cassy went to school for the first time this year. I am so happy because she's very enthusiastic on going to school and learning new things.

I decided to send her to a public school. It was just a try. Me and my husband Perci went to the same school that's why.We have always believed in the level of education and exposure a student can have if she's enrolled in a public school and belongs to a higher section. The fact that our alma mater has always been winning on inter-school contests is an assurance for us that she's getting the training that we want her to have. Being exposed to a public school environment is an exposure to real world. And just like us, who graduated in public schools since elementary, we know she'll fare far off as long as we give her the guidance that every child needs.

The principle with us not sending her to a private school is simple- we can't afford more than 50K tuition for now and if it's not 50K+ tuition we know we'll just get what we simply pay for. I mean, there are much cheaper private schools around us. We could afford paying 30K tution and make both ends meet but really we know that the level of education she will be getting is no higher that what she will get if she's enrolled in a public school.

Experience told us so. There were times I question the quality of some of the private schools around us, some of them I have friends or relatives enrolled in it, how come they are not making it to the UPCAT? Every year, more high school students from my alma mater pass the UPCAT than theirs. Not much of the bragging or whatever, I just see reality as is.

I say public school students are never lacking competency as long as they are in the higher section. They were given due attention and training. The haggle on sending your child to a public school is that if you know they can't make it to the higher sections. That's when we know they are by far neglected and oftentimes than not -get bad company.

So the bottomline is this: If you've got one brilliant child, send her to schools with 50K+ tuition and she's far way to go. Now if you can't afford one, send her to public school and make sure she gets to compete inter-school up to the regional or national level and wins- that way you know she's at par with high-class schools.

The case is different if you've got a relatively stubborn kid. Don't send them to public school as much as possible or they will be learning LIFE more than what their age can handle. The risks of getting bad company are higher and it's up to you if you would take that RISK. Best Blogger Tips
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  1. I definitely agree! It's sad that not all students who go to public schools get equal attention but at least we can say that attentive and bright kids - even those who belong to families that cannot afford to shell out thousands of cash for tuition fees - can still get quality education that's (almost) FREE. Tingnan mo naman ang fruits ng public schools! You and Me :) LOL! Miss you Mel!

  2. haha!Us and many more Len. We have been witnesses of how our schoolmates really reached that far. I am a proud product of public schools... and if my kids won't mind the atrocity of shoulder to shoulder queue during noontime change shift as well as the ever frustrating scenario during break time at the canteen... I'll practically go for it.(^_^). thanks for dropping by...