My SAMSUNG RC418 laptop and the SAMSUNG SMART TV are both DLNA compatible

I just recently bought a new DLNA capable SAMSUNG RC 418 laptop. So what is DLNA?  

It's like instead of watching the movie on the little PC monitor, we will get to enjoy it on the Samsung Smart TV in our living room. Also the photos taken from its camera can be readily outputted on our TV. For the playlist in our PC or SAMSUNG RC-418 laptop, this DLNA certified device can find the songs that we want on our PC and send them to play it straight in any DLNA capable device such as the Samsung Smart TV. Uploading and printing of photos will also be a breeze because of DLNA capability. 

So apart from having excellent specs, these features made me agree that this one is a good buy if you're considering quality and value for money all at the same time. The Super Bright Display, Fast  Start, Power Plus, International Warranty, HD Webcam and DLNA Capability sticker in my SAMSUNG RC418 laptop LED screen made me do some research.

I just found out this great feature on DLNA compatibility of a laptop and the Samsung SMART TV on a clip from YouTube.

From that video I learned that the Samsung Smart TV features so much more.
(1) It has a samsung apps platform
(2) The remote really looks awesome- much like a smartphone. Haha!
(3) The apps include links to great internet channels. Get ESPN sports level information straight from that SAMSUNG SMART TV.
(4) And the Skype...yeah! Now we can use the TV as video conferencing device. That was uber nice!
(5) And the best feature that we can surely take advantage of is the streaming of our content over our home network through the DLNA certification made available in Samsung Smart TV.

That and all. I can't wait. I've got a phone and a laptop that are both DLNA capable... Can't wait to stream those media in a bigger screen of a SAMSUNG SMART TV!
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