GPS signals to interfere with broadband signals

Can your phone's GPS signals interfere with your broadband signals? No. Not yet! Because both technology use frequency of waves travelling in space, there is a possibility that after sometime these signals could really cause significant interference with each other.

Yes we know of phones right now which has a built in GPS, that's AGPS. It's not that. Something more of a higher level. Like what we use in our tectonic movement monitoring. It's of the zero order accuracy that even slightest movement on the earth's crust can be detected. That is what has been of bigger controversy in the geospatial mapping world at US today.

There's a current unrest in US right now regarding a company called Lightsquared in using advanced, "very fast", broadband signals that are already interfering the high-precision GPS signals. In effect, there is a move to disable high accuracy GPS signals within the country so as to accomodate the use of Broadband signals. Quite ironic though, because really GPS originated from US. It is mainly for military purposes but later made available for the public. And now, it's them who's really banned from using it just to let the greater (about 99.5%) of the users stream their videos. It has cascading effects in our country for sure. Once the high accuracy GPS signals in US has been disabled, there's a tendency that they won't be offering support and development for such service in the future.

I am hoping they'd get the fix soon. For if not, I'll lose my job on tectonics modelling and just do blogging more often. LOL!

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