Got some new toy in the house

Got some latest addition to my new toys! I have a new RC418-S02PH (core i5-2410M) SAMSUNG Laptop.

Last Saturday I already started my hunting for my new laptop which I can use for my thesis. We are particularly concerned on the graphics performance and display of our prospective new computing device.

And upon research,taking consideration of the specs, the price and the brand. We have finally arrived at a unanimous decision- it would be a SAMSUNG RC418 that we will be getting.

Excited as I may seem, I went early off from work to get this new toy. I am quite lucky that I got one right in time.

Part of the verdict is that I love the sleek metallic look and feel. The keyboard looks pretty neat and stylish and I love it.

I found the computing capacity of a second gen Intel core i5 processor with 4gig DDR3 RAM plus the dedicated 1gig NVIDIA graphics card really appealing. The hard disk space also has an ample 640 gig storage. The weight being 2.35kg at 14" LED display made me go for it.

More of my reviews later. Just gotta be on a honeymoon stage with my new baby.(^_^)

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1 comment:

  1. got one too yesterday. love it so far.graphics so vivid and also the webcam.will still have to explore...