Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since Blogs start to sell like pancakes in the Philippines

I have always loved writing. I practically lived with it. Who doesn't anyways?

And my blog, this is my niche, my own sacred space in this whole wide WWW. I write what I want, I share what I want... Blogging is Freedom! Blogging is so hot!
"A study by Universal McCann entitled "Power To The People - Wave3" declared the Philippines as "the social networking capital of the world," with 83 percent of Filipinos surveyed are members of a social network. They are also regarded as the top photo uploaders and web video viewers, while they are second when it comes to the number of blog readers and video uploaders."-Wikipedia
So when it comes to online social networking, Filipinos surely got those world records. And ever since blogging started to sell like pancakes all around Nuffnang has already been into the scene.

The family is growing bigger and I am glad I am part of it. Sharing my two cents as part of this big circle of online peeps is nothing but plain Hot. (I hope to meet and get to know more Nuffnangers personally in the coming Nuffnang events(^_^)).

Now when selling like pancakes has been part of the idiomatic expression... can I just say "Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since Blogs start to sell like pizzas in the Philippines"? I love pizzas more than pancakes anyways.

Did you know that Pizza Hut now offers Hot on the Dot Pizza deliveries: 30 minutes AND hot (as indicated by the thermally activated sticker you place on the pizza box upon receiving your pizza) or your pizza is FREE!

So yeah enjoy your favorite Pizza while reading all those web logs. Just dial 911-11-11 if you want your pizzas Hot on the Dot! Best Blogger Tips
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