Being called to blog is one thing. Being an agent for change through social networking is a an even higher calling.

I have been blogging for more than two years now. I blog for fun, something that would serve as a diversion from my usual technical life as a government researcher, engineer and lately graduate school student for geomatics engineering in UP.

I usually web log on light and leisurely topics- movies, places, contests, gadgets, fashion, mommyhood. I never really wanted to share my two cents on social/political issues online- just simply because I think my opinion won't really count much, I mean, I am already giving it to the "elite" commentators/bloggers who are really born with that talent to be articulate and express their "valued" opinion hence influencing others might fully through such blogs that they post. I would just leave myself to the weighing on whose opinion somewhat reflects mine.

Pinoy Blogfest 2.0 @ Trinoma Activity Center, (08.05.2011)

But last night, at Blogfest 2.0, I learned three new things about blogging.(1) Bloggers can be agent of change through their blogged opinions (2)A person's integrity online and offline should be consistent and (3)Blogging with advocacy in mind is an even higher calling.

I am glad to hear from Manolo Quezon, Gang Badoy, Noel Cabangon, and representatives from Coca Cola and KIVA.org.

They inspired me to write more and do more.

At this age in time where online presence is almost equivalent to physical presence, where weblings are no mere characters and fancy usernames but real life Facebook usernames and where grassroots involvement holds the key to success of a plethora of causes  - I will be an agent for change - a blogger, a history maker and a history BLOGGER. Best Blogger Tips
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