I have survived the rains just to be back home, be with my family, attend this Battle and wear my SPECIAL SHIRT with such Sweet STORIES of SHOWMANSHIP, SERVITUDE and SURVIVAL.

I am a very casual person; I can go out for work with my hair wet and uncombed. If only I can wear T-shirts on conferences, meetings and social gatherings... I surely could’ve done so. But yeah, my T-shirts are reserved for the rugged field works as an Engineer and usual night classes in Grad School and perhaps for opting to bring my daughter to her kindergarten class instead of going to office one random week day morning.

I love T-shirts! I have a plethora of reasons for loving to own and wear my every single piece of shirt.

  1.  I love the fabric. It is so comfortable.
  2.  I love the cut. Makes me hide my baby fats while augmenting my flats!
  3.  I love the print statement. Makes me want to look back. Like the FRONT: “Matalino Noon” BACK: “Lalo na ngayon!”
  4.  I love the one who has been so thoughtful to give me a shirt. Like some souvenir shirt that says “SOMEONE WHO LOVES ME SO MUCH, WENT TO *** AND BOUGHT ME THIS SHIRT.” Note: ***Think of any tourist spot you can think of here and abroad!
  5.  Lastly, I love a single piece of shirt for a WONDERFUL STORY THIS SHIRT CAN EVER TELL!

Now this particular T-shirt is my FAVORITE SHIRT for its Sweet STORIES of SHOWMANSHIP, SERVITUDE and SURVIVAL.

I wore this shirt one rainy evening of September 2009 for our church’ first ever “Muzik Di Kalaban”- The Battle of the Christian Bands.

Sweet story of SHOWMANSHIP of my special SHIRT

It’s the first time of our church to host a major event and it’s an honour for me to be up on stage to host this BATTLE. It’s a Battle six-months-in-the-making... A Battle for His Kind of Music, a Battle for His Kind of Band... and a Battle All for God’s Glory.

While wearing this shirt up stage I feel so blessed. I am blessed to be part of my GLHC Church FAMILY. I am blessed to be part of the Battle . I am blessed to be a CHRISTIAN.

Please take time to watch this video to see what happened that night... The Battle for a Cause- His Kind of Music, His Kind of Band, All for His Glory! (I'm the one wearing a cap holding the microphone and script for I have been the EMCEE for the night.Yay!)

Sweet story of SERVITUDE of my special SHIRT

While the major cause for this event is to reach out the youth of our community through music, it has also been a channel for us to raise some funds for our yet to build worship place which we coined as “THE LANDMARK OF GREATNESS”.

Wearing this shirt gave me a step into an ERA OF GREATNESS.

"If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all." - Mark 9:45

It’s through putting ourselves last and serving others that we become great.

If there’s one thing I am more than proud of wearing this shirt, it’s because I get to wear it along with the people that I look up to. The people who has the heart for serving others, the people to whom I learned and I witnessed the meaning of SERVITUDE.

Sis Veni- A business analyst and a seven-month-pregnant mom who cares to attend late night weekend music team practice at church to extend help to others instead of taking some rest at home amidst her busy week and current pregnant situation.

Sis Jo- a full time mom who cares to cook for our snacks at church during music team practice and for every church event or outreach program. She is the ultimate rider with her motorcycle when it comes to paying bills, processing documents and even food deliveries for the church. If there’s a most serviceable award she’d surely be the recepient. 

Sis Jolleen - an accountancy student who cares to be trained for handling the church' finances in the future. She also shares her talents in music, teaches the Sunday School kids with their performance and is the youth leader of the church. She disregards taking the 20km travel from home to church or from school to church and dedicates her remaining free time just to serve God and others as well.

Sis Marife – a pre-school teacher, a Sunday school teacher for life and a mentor for young people. Her students have far been successful here and abroad. She’s the first “teacher “my kids have ever called. She even forgot to find herself a partner in life because of her dedication to teaching. Her service to the young generation is never tiring... indeed one of the unsung heroes of our generation.

Sis Bing and Bro Nesty – Bro Nesty is a driver who never gets tired and still manage to preach during Sunday Mass. Sis Bing is his ever faithful wife who’s been a mom to every young people. This couple has always extended help to our family and even to others as well. We were never even relatives but we surely did count on them since I and my husband were just young people before until now that we are already married. They never failed to bring extra rice for us during “Agape” service.

Perci – my husband won’t surely miss my list. He designed this T-shirt. He is the church’ 3D artist, motion  graphic designer and music director. Amidst his busy 6-day work week in the office, he can never dare to miss the Saturday music team practice as well as after-service events on Sundays and even holidays. He has amazingly managed to balance his remaining free time between the church activities and our kids. He is my one husband I will forever be proud of. I learned the value of serving others without neglecting your own family through him. He is my moral compass.

All these GREAT people I am so blessed to meet in my life. The people who cared to show service to others without expecting or asking anything in return. I am proud I wore the same shirt with them one rainy night of September 2009.

Sweet story of SURVIVAL of my special SHIRT

                                                                                                                                                    *Thanks Joy Cabral for this photo 

The night I wore this shirt for a BATTLE was one rainy night of September 2009 (see time stamp on the photo above). Yeah it was September 25, 2009, the night before the dreaded Ondoy. It was already raining when I am in Masbate for a 12-day field work and also while taking my 12 straight hours of land travel from Sorsogon to Manila just in time for this event. I could’ve missed the RO-RO from Masbate to Sorsogon or stopped anywhere along Bicol Region due to heavy rains... but yeah- there’s no stopping us to making this event happen. I have survived the rains just to be back home, be with my family, attend this Battle and wear my Special SHIRT with such Sweet STORIES of SHOWMANSHIP, SERVITUDE and SURVIVAL.

                                                                                                                                                                         *images from the web
Now for leaving the 9.3M people affected severely and 300,000 people homeless during that dreaded Ondoy, the spirit of volunteerism has once more been so alive. We see relief operations here and there. More and more people and organizations are reaching out to others in dire need of help. I know I can only do so much. My current thesis is on the proposed rehabilitation of the Marikina Watershed to prevent widespread flooding such as that of Ondoy and Pepeng... and recently Mina. A single volunteer advocacy, a single awareness campaign or a single research won’t solve the entire problem of flooding, homelessness, hunger or poverty in the country but it surely can do so much!

"I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve."
-Albert Schweitzer

I have survived the rains just to be back home, be with my family, attend this Battle and wear my SPECIAL SHIRT with such Sweet STORIES of SHOWMANSHIP, SERVITUDE and SURVIVAL.

“I love this shirt! Now I want someone else to love it too! I support the Electrolux Wash-athon Clothes Donation Advocacy.”


Philippine Oil Price hike since we bought a car and a comparative analysis between oil companies in the country

I've played with some cool data for visualization this morning. Since we bought our car last year, we have been so amazed how the price of fuel has really fared high. It's more than 25% increase as compared to last year. Never posted the statistics but here are two charts for your reference. (I found the usual tables quite boring so I played with some colorful charts! Yay!) It's actually an interactive visualization so go try putting mouse over to see some figures.

By the way, the figures are just for UNLEADED GASOLINE. (Will create a separate post for DIESEL later.)

My initial observations: Flying V has got some low price last year but nowadays, it's Unioil that's going cheapest while Shell Unleaded fuel is most expensive. The trend is not surprisingly increasing but the rate of increase is really something to worry of. It's very high time we opt for an energy source that's renewable and earth-friendly too!

Data Source: http://www.alternat1ve.com

Yay! I'm just 50 percent addicted to Facebook according to Master Oatmeal

This is funny! I have been a fan of oatmeal comics since time immemorial! Loved the punch lines and some reality bites.

But really, I am quite amazed of this result. I honestly really did answer this with all of my heart. LOL. Never knew I'd fall short of my expectations...I thought it would be some sort of 80-95% hahaha! Anyways, leaving me 50% addicted to Facebook gives me some sense of inner peace... Yay! I felt vindication at some point really (^_^).

How Addicted to Facebook Are You?

Created by Oatmeal


RANDOM THOUGHTS: On Apple losing Steve Jobs and beyond

Steve Jobs finally resigned as Apple CEO. It was sad that he resigned not because of corporate politics or whatever but because he's battling with the big "C". After going through much trouble when he was ousted to Apple and getting back after 12 years then revamping the Apple image to be the second most valuable company in the world, next to Exxon Mobil Corp, Apple really lost BIG TIME with Jobs loss.

A simple realization that life's just that. Steve is powerful and all, got lots of money and almost every success a man would ever dream of- but he's still sick. He's battling with a sickness that excuses no one- rich or poor. And that's what sad about life- everything is temporary. To get rich, be famous and influential seemed to be a long-term goal but yeah, it's just SO SHORT as compared to an eternity after life.

There is much oblivion everywhere, natural disasters, crime, epidemic. A serious small mosquito bite is as threatening as the possibility of your house being hit by a plane crash one silent peaceful night of sleep. Life is really unpredictable. The circle goes on and on...and it's either you're up or down.

That won't mean we stop achieving dreams or stop working harder for a living but just to take it slowly and easily. Life's but temporary and short-termed, we should prepare for what is LONGER and ETERNAL.

Pray hardly, work lightly,  live simply, be happy. God designed our lives to be simple yet meaningful, It's just a BITE OF APPLE  that really tempts us to make it A BIT COMPLICATED.

GPS signals to interfere with broadband signals

Can your phone's GPS signals interfere with your broadband signals? No. Not yet! Because both technology use frequency of waves travelling in space, there is a possibility that after sometime these signals could really cause significant interference with each other.

Yes we know of phones right now which has a built in GPS, that's AGPS. It's not that. Something more of a higher level. Like what we use in our tectonic movement monitoring. It's of the zero order accuracy that even slightest movement on the earth's crust can be detected. That is what has been of bigger controversy in the geospatial mapping world at US today.

There's a current unrest in US right now regarding a company called Lightsquared in using advanced, "very fast", broadband signals that are already interfering the high-precision GPS signals. In effect, there is a move to disable high accuracy GPS signals within the country so as to accomodate the use of Broadband signals. Quite ironic though, because really GPS originated from US. It is mainly for military purposes but later made available for the public. And now, it's them who's really banned from using it just to let the greater (about 99.5%) of the users stream their videos. It has cascading effects in our country for sure. Once the high accuracy GPS signals in US has been disabled, there's a tendency that they won't be offering support and development for such service in the future.

I am hoping they'd get the fix soon. For if not, I'll lose my job on tectonics modelling and just do blogging more often. LOL!


TechPinas - You really deserve the Tatt Social Media "Tech Junkie" Award

When I learned about Tatt Awards on Blogfest 2.0, I immediately browsed for a qualified bet. Not surprised, I found TechPinas' Mark Macanas in the list. He got a spot in the tech junkie category. I voted for him.

I have always loved reading his reviews especially of the latest gadgets plus the SRPs. For my technolusting, I have always counted on his perspectives as to how to get the value for my money. I may get a bit compulsive on buying a new gadget- tablet, cellphone, laptops and the like, I count for TechPinas to give me some direction and makes me choose for a best buy. He's my techno-compass as I may say.

Plus!Plus!Plus! The reason why I have always admired this Tech Junkie is because of him maintaining good rapport over the Web. I'm one of his "Friends" not "Fans" in Facebook. He answers inquiries in a very nice manner- politely, friendly and warmly. I love the fact that he, amidst him being really well known in the tech blogging industry, still remains humble and really rooted with his values and good character.

More power to Mark.   You really deserve the Tatt Social Media "Tech Junkie" Award!



My SAMSUNG RC418 laptop and the SAMSUNG SMART TV are both DLNA compatible

I just recently bought a new DLNA capable SAMSUNG RC 418 laptop. So what is DLNA?  

It's like instead of watching the movie on the little PC monitor, we will get to enjoy it on the Samsung Smart TV in our living room. Also the photos taken from its camera can be readily outputted on our TV. For the playlist in our PC or SAMSUNG RC-418 laptop, this DLNA certified device can find the songs that we want on our PC and send them to play it straight in any DLNA capable device such as the Samsung Smart TV. Uploading and printing of photos will also be a breeze because of DLNA capability. 

So apart from having excellent specs, these features made me agree that this one is a good buy if you're considering quality and value for money all at the same time. The Super Bright Display, Fast  Start, Power Plus, International Warranty, HD Webcam and DLNA Capability sticker in my SAMSUNG RC418 laptop LED screen made me do some research.

I just found out this great feature on DLNA compatibility of a laptop and the Samsung SMART TV on a clip from YouTube.

From that video I learned that the Samsung Smart TV features so much more.
(1) It has a samsung apps platform
(2) The remote really looks awesome- much like a smartphone. Haha!
(3) The apps include links to great internet channels. Get ESPN sports level information straight from that SAMSUNG SMART TV.
(4) And the Skype...yeah! Now we can use the TV as video conferencing device. That was uber nice!
(5) And the best feature that we can surely take advantage of is the streaming of our content over our home network through the DLNA certification made available in Samsung Smart TV.

That and all. I can't wait. I've got a phone and a laptop that are both DLNA capable... Can't wait to stream those media in a bigger screen of a SAMSUNG SMART TV!


Paris Hilton launches store at SM Megamall


 Last August 18, 2011, the hotel heiress herself went to Mega Atrium to officially launch her "Paris Hilton" store located at 3F SM Megamall. This made history for it was the very first time that Paris herself was the one who did the ribbon cutting of her handbags and accessories store.

 An item costs 5K up. I find the designs resembling that of a Juicy Couture or LV bag. It's the branding of the "P" and "H" trinket that comes along that makes people really grab a piece of her collection.


 After the ribbon cutting is the meet and greet at Mega Atrium.  Fans line up to have that rare chance to meet their idol and have their newly bought handbags signed by Paris herself.
Three Paris Hilton bags were raffled among all those who purchased a handbag. My friend Arlene just got lucky that time and won one of those bags. I met her at the event and we went along quite well. She said I'm her lucky charm. Haha! True! True!

I have also met a feng-sui expert, Ms. Nanette, who happens to own a store of lucky charms at Megamall. She said she just heard of the news that Paris is coming over that afternoon and so she bought a Paris Hilton bag to see her and have it signed. I'm not sure if she's got the chance to have her bag signed. But she asked me to give a lucky charm to Paris.


 Luckily I got myself a VIP pass and saw Paris upclose and personal. When it was my chance to meet and greet her, I gave the lucky charm from Ms. Nanette  she was just as thankful. I mean yeah, Paris is really nice and really beautiful up close. She seemed a life-size barbie doll to me. I love her hair.

Also spotted in the crowd are celebrities like Melissa Ricks, Empress, Angel Aquino, Tim Yap and Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez.

Met some cool other cool people in the VIP section and they were like so much awaiting the moment to meet this HOT(EL) heiress...the lady... the BRAND... PARIS HILTON!

  I say everyone right there at Mega Atrium, at that moment, became instant Paris fan. Oh well, some might just be spectators and all but really everyone who took the hassle to be in the crowd are just instant Paris convert. Just like that famous notion of we Filipinos being so hospitable, we welcome foreign celebrities warmly that makes them really keep coming back.

And being part of the crowd that moment, my camera caught those "fanatics" or "converts" -whichever is applicable.
Manong guard, I caught you!
My friend Chickelt  had her wrist signed by Paris
The crowd awaiting a STAR named PARIS
With MEL is Ysha who just made her way to stardom by being an ultimate Filipina Paris fanatic.
Paris on her way to her handbag store and people were like screaming all around
Tim Yap "literally" rubbing elbows with the HOTEL HEIRESS
And this guy , "THE MAN OF THE HOUR" , has just been the source of envy of every guy around the area. She just got near, talked, wrapped her arms around her waist and got a kiss from PARIS HILTON! Tee hee! That was after he offered her a portrait of Paris during the autograph signing session on stage.

So yeah, not everyone gets the chance to MEET a fashion-ICON that's truly WORLD CLASS. I'm happy for once upon my fickle funny fate MEL MEETS PARIS (^_^)!


RANDOM THOUGHTS: on being rich

My bible reading for today is Luke chapter 1.

I have been completely marveled on how John the Baptist was given that name. It is the will of God for him to bear the name John. I am quite elated for I married a man named John too- he is also a man of God!

There is really nothing compared to an act with a divine intervention. When someone on search for God's will, he might just want to look for signs- a divine intervention so to speak. But as I listen to Ptr. Ed Lapiz' "Day by Day" program, as we were aboard a cab yesterday, I learned how God's will can only be understood by a RIGHTEOUS MAN. Meaning, a prayer of a righteous man is always answered because he asks for something that God wants him to have. Not asking for anything more but that of which is sufficient for his needs. He is deeply rooted with his Word, meditating IT day and night and has never departed from it's teachings. With that we know he is getting the answers straight from above. The answer maybe YES, WAIT or simply NO! The response is completely God's will and  a righteous man KNOWS THAT.

And just as I am completely blessed on how God's will manifested by the simple act of naming a boy - JOHN. I am also moved by these verses from the same chapter that I've read:
"He has worked power with His arm, He has scattered the proud in the imagination of their heart. He has put down rulers from their seats and exalted the lowly, He has filled the hungry with good things, and He has sent away the rich empty." (Luke 1:51-54)
God is indeed powerful. The complete irony of the rich being empty is a perfect illustration of how a living God could work in someone's life. We may, at some points or as always, wanted to be rich. We are hungry for wealth, hungry for power and hungry for self recognition - being mere humans we have such weaknesses. And with such weaknesses, God is made even powerful.

People go places to search for money, they want to feed their family or they want to have a better life. But in the end they are forgetting their purpose of doing that. They indulge in the presence of wealth and leave themselves empty with nothing but a piece of silver coin. When they age, or would just need to retire and go back home, they are left with no one but themselves and a broken family. They look at the past and the richness they once had and they feel  the EMPTINESS.

People do all sort of things to earn a living. Keep themselves busy with this world and never had time with God and their family. Some end up successful, got rich, aimed for more for they still feel the emptiness.

It is lonely there on top. There is no other way but to go down.

Contentment is a VIRTUE. It is always of complete bliss when you've got some inner peace with the things that you have. Earning something that's sufficient for the family, enjoying life without spending much, sleeping without much worry for the next day and living in full accordance to God's will is more than enough. As I am always reminded of my husband's favorite verse saying "GODLINESS WITH CONTENTMENT IS GREAT GAIN"...and I say now AMEN.


Got some new toy in the house

Got some latest addition to my new toys! I have a new RC418-S02PH (core i5-2410M) SAMSUNG Laptop.

Last Saturday I already started my hunting for my new laptop which I can use for my thesis. We are particularly concerned on the graphics performance and display of our prospective new computing device.

And upon research,taking consideration of the specs, the price and the brand. We have finally arrived at a unanimous decision- it would be a SAMSUNG RC418 that we will be getting.

Excited as I may seem, I went early off from work to get this new toy. I am quite lucky that I got one right in time.

Part of the verdict is that I love the sleek metallic look and feel. The keyboard looks pretty neat and stylish and I love it.

I found the computing capacity of a second gen Intel core i5 processor with 4gig DDR3 RAM plus the dedicated 1gig NVIDIA graphics card really appealing. The hard disk space also has an ample 640 gig storage. The weight being 2.35kg at 14" LED display made me go for it.

More of my reviews later. Just gotta be on a honeymoon stage with my new baby.(^_^)


Peaceful coexistence can exist in the midst of diversity of Faith

This made me smile! A dear high school friend of mine has just posted a video greeting to our fellow Muslims at the onset of Ramadan. I mean yeah, everybody has just have to make it happen. Say something! Be heard! You own two cents of just about every NEWS. Kudos Marvs!

It's time for PEACE! Let's spread the word. Own an opinion, make yourself known, be an advocate of causes... and the world will love you for who you are and the things that you stand up for!

 Just as God provide diversity in our looks, our beliefs and faith are just as equally diverse...but peaceful coexistence can still be around amidst such diversity. Greeting from MEL to our fellow Muslims too!(^_^)


On sending a child to public or private school

My little Cassy went to school for the first time this year. I am so happy because she's very enthusiastic on going to school and learning new things.

I decided to send her to a public school. It was just a try. Me and my husband Perci went to the same school that's why.We have always believed in the level of education and exposure a student can have if she's enrolled in a public school and belongs to a higher section. The fact that our alma mater has always been winning on inter-school contests is an assurance for us that she's getting the training that we want her to have. Being exposed to a public school environment is an exposure to real world. And just like us, who graduated in public schools since elementary, we know she'll fare far off as long as we give her the guidance that every child needs.

The principle with us not sending her to a private school is simple- we can't afford more than 50K tuition for now and if it's not 50K+ tuition we know we'll just get what we simply pay for. I mean, there are much cheaper private schools around us. We could afford paying 30K tution and make both ends meet but really we know that the level of education she will be getting is no higher that what she will get if she's enrolled in a public school.

Experience told us so. There were times I question the quality of some of the private schools around us, some of them I have friends or relatives enrolled in it, how come they are not making it to the UPCAT? Every year, more high school students from my alma mater pass the UPCAT than theirs. Not much of the bragging or whatever, I just see reality as is.

I say public school students are never lacking competency as long as they are in the higher section. They were given due attention and training. The haggle on sending your child to a public school is that if you know they can't make it to the higher sections. That's when we know they are by far neglected and oftentimes than not -get bad company.

So the bottomline is this: If you've got one brilliant child, send her to schools with 50K+ tuition and she's far way to go. Now if you can't afford one, send her to public school and make sure she gets to compete inter-school up to the regional or national level and wins- that way you know she's at par with high-class schools.

The case is different if you've got a relatively stubborn kid. Don't send them to public school as much as possible or they will be learning LIFE more than what their age can handle. The risks of getting bad company are higher and it's up to you if you would take that RISK.

The ONE NUMBER in delivery is now HOT ON THE DOT

From Hate Late to HOT ON THE DOT, Pizza Hut has never really failed to conquer the stage on world-class and customer-oriented delivery service.

The number one (911-1111) delivery hotline has just evolved. While when it’s late, it’s FREE before, now IT’S HOT ON THE DOT OR YOUR PIZZA IS FREE.

See the black thermal sticker dot turn to HOT as you stick it on your favourite PIZZA HUT BOX right on delivery. I have seen the transformation right before my very eyes… dial 911-1111 now to see it for yourselves too!


My full-blown letter to Dad

 Now for giving me a limited 700 characters for a lengthy letter, drawing the excitement for my Dear Dad while reading my letter is just simply inadequate... a good teaser though(^_^)...


 Here's the full-length letter for my Dad on getting that SAMSUNG SMART TV...

Dear papa, this is the TV that I want you to have.

Remember the first time you saw our Samsung T190 PC monitor almost four years ago and told us how brilliant the display is? That time it was the best PC monitor there is and we were really proud we got one for our sophisticated PC monitor display needs. Right then, you wished that was how your TV dynamic contrast ratio was… and we just wish we could simply have more bonding moments over our “BIGGER Samsung” monitors for our popcorn movie weekend.

Now Pa, here’s an even more exciting news! Did you know that our FAVORITE TV BRAND-SAMSUNG has now got smarter? With the Samsung SMART TV you would surely be floored.


While we use to just simply watch television shows or movies in our TV, Samsung SMART TV has got an exciting line-up of new features created perfectly for daughter-dad bonding moments! I’ll teach you how to Facebook, Twitter and do blogging too. You’ll surely have lots of followers when you get to share all your tips on the Bible, Christianity and Spirituality over your feeds.

And your favourite YouTube clips on coming-soon movies and DIY tutorial would surely be of greater viewing pleasure on your 46" LED TV Series 6600.

Plus an optimized search engine within the Samsung Smart TV would turn all our hassles away in looking for your playlist of Hillsong Music or your nostalgic oldies-but-the-goodies My Way and Quando Quando! Just please do let my little daughter Cassy have her 2NE1 album be part of your playlist …pretty please…


Worry no more if you missed the Heat or Azkals fight while we were shopping at the mall. With the Samsung Smart TV, all your favourite games are just a click away! Samsung Smart TV has specialized TV viewing experience with a truly ingenious Samsung Gaming, Social Networking and News Apps! The power of the internet is now within reach. Aside from being my McGuiver Dad, you will then be my Papa Techie. Pretty sweet treat from Samsung -as always!


While you have just painstakingly managed to search the net with your Android. You now have got a wide range of capabilities with an optimized search in Samsung Smart TV. And for the name Smart TV…it comes with the best recommended search results for your every query. And since you’ve got DLNA capable device, you can stream all your songs and movies as well as view all your emails on an even LARGER – SMARTER Samsung SMART TV 46” Screen. Fabulous isn’t it?


So I know, you got a bit excited on your new TV… and it would be sleepless nights of movie marathon, Facebooking, YouTube streaming and Bible searches for you and Mommy! Electric bills would be next consideration this time. And mommy would surely cut off the excitement. But this time, worry not, for we’ve got an LED powered TV. Since it’s LED, it’s energy efficient, with incredibly bright and crisp display while letting us save almost 80% on our electricity cost for TV viewing, as compared to LCD. So yeah, Mommy and You can renew your marriage vows, watch romantic movies all night long, dance over your “Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko” swing… and still worry less with this environment-friendly and energy efficient product from Samsung- the SAMSUNG SMART TV!

I know you got the jolt papa! So after the jump, here we go, let’s have our next popcorn movie weekend with your grandkids, Cassy and David, my siblings Miki, Moka, Jason, Janine, Shaina, Bea and Joyce along with my husband Perci… at our humble mansion! Hahaha! Big and extended families led by an equally BIG PAPA really ought to have a Samsung SMART TV!
From For Perci, Cassy and David

Dear Dad and friends, Please take time to like my entry too through this link! (^_^)


Being called to blog is one thing. Being an agent for change through social networking is a an even higher calling.

I have been blogging for more than two years now. I blog for fun, something that would serve as a diversion from my usual technical life as a government researcher, engineer and lately graduate school student for geomatics engineering in UP.

I usually web log on light and leisurely topics- movies, places, contests, gadgets, fashion, mommyhood. I never really wanted to share my two cents on social/political issues online- just simply because I think my opinion won't really count much, I mean, I am already giving it to the "elite" commentators/bloggers who are really born with that talent to be articulate and express their "valued" opinion hence influencing others might fully through such blogs that they post. I would just leave myself to the weighing on whose opinion somewhat reflects mine.

Pinoy Blogfest 2.0 @ Trinoma Activity Center, (08.05.2011)

But last night, at Blogfest 2.0, I learned three new things about blogging.(1) Bloggers can be agent of change through their blogged opinions (2)A person's integrity online and offline should be consistent and (3)Blogging with advocacy in mind is an even higher calling.

I am glad to hear from Manolo Quezon, Gang Badoy, Noel Cabangon, and representatives from Coca Cola and KIVA.org.

They inspired me to write more and do more.

At this age in time where online presence is almost equivalent to physical presence, where weblings are no mere characters and fancy usernames but real life Facebook usernames and where grassroots involvement holds the key to success of a plethora of causes  - I will be an agent for change - a blogger, a history maker and a history BLOGGER.


A day with the Autobots and Decepticons at Shang Cineplex

By far, Transformers is the only sequel led movie that I have entirely watched in the big screen. I have been influenced much by my husband to watch it along with the special effects and extra-large display on cinemas. What to do? He's an artist. But since then, I must say, I know I have been already been a fan.Transformed indeed.

Transformers 3 is a nice movie with no end-of-credit spoiler. It has been quite a dismay on my part since I really watched and patiently waited for the next-movie-teaser. But yeah, better luck next time. Haha. But what really made the blocked screening extra special are the life-size Autobots and Decepticons within the Cineplex gates.

I called it a day and all we had was just plain FUN. Thanks to Nuffnang and PLDT for the movie treat.

BTW Shangri-La mall's parking area was a bit hard with steep slope up the helical drive way. It was nonetheless a nice drive for my honey. Shang Cineplex on the other hand boasts of great surround sound though the ambiance is a bit old-fashioned.

Here's the map to Shangri-La Makati where the Cineplex is located at the 6th floor.

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Will Blogfest 2.0 Today

Got my Blogger's BIO (By Invitation Only) for Blogfest 2.0 happening tomorrow 6-930PM at Trinoma Activity Center. Hoping to learn a lot from the experts there.

In the morning there will also be lots of activities which will be open to the public. All those four activities are equally exciting. Taralets!

Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since Blogs start to sell like pancakes in the Philippines

I have always loved writing. I practically lived with it. Who doesn't anyways?

And my blog, this is my niche, my own sacred space in this whole wide WWW. I write what I want, I share what I want... Blogging is Freedom! Blogging is so hot!
"A study by Universal McCann entitled "Power To The People - Wave3" declared the Philippines as "the social networking capital of the world," with 83 percent of Filipinos surveyed are members of a social network. They are also regarded as the top photo uploaders and web video viewers, while they are second when it comes to the number of blog readers and video uploaders."-Wikipedia
So when it comes to online social networking, Filipinos surely got those world records. And ever since blogging started to sell like pancakes all around Nuffnang has already been into the scene.

The family is growing bigger and I am glad I am part of it. Sharing my two cents as part of this big circle of online peeps is nothing but plain Hot. (I hope to meet and get to know more Nuffnangers personally in the coming Nuffnang events(^_^)).

Now when selling like pancakes has been part of the idiomatic expression... can I just say "Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since Blogs start to sell like pizzas in the Philippines"? I love pizzas more than pancakes anyways.

Did you know that Pizza Hut now offers Hot on the Dot Pizza deliveries: 30 minutes AND hot (as indicated by the thermally activated sticker you place on the pizza box upon receiving your pizza) or your pizza is FREE!

So yeah enjoy your favorite Pizza while reading all those web logs. Just dial 911-11-11 if you want your pizzas Hot on the Dot!

I never thought our love for cars will be so Sulit (^_^)

Just when we thought that our love for cars will forever serve as liabilities rather than assets (you know change oil, periodic maintenance, car wash, auto detailing and the like...) we were just been proven wrong! This time our efforts has just somehow been rewarded. Thanks Sulit Cars for the awesome giveaway (^_^)!

I have just gotten some Rustan GC + Limited Edition Sulit Merchandise + P10,000.00 for winning the Judge's Choice for the recently concluded Sulit Cars' Spot that Sulit Ride Contest.

Right after I got my prize Me and Honey went shopping for new shoes, new shirts, plus magic trick toys for the kids(they so love our presents!) and the rest will be treats for my church mates as well as a gift for my youngest sister's birthday tomorrow. Blessings ought to be shared really...

Now thanks for the fun and everything Sulit staff. We are just as excited in checking out for some cool and affordable rides at your site.

Being a Sulitzen is indeed WORTH IT...or as I may say SOOO SULIT!

For more promos and updates Like Sulit Cars on Facebook and visit Sulit.com.ph.