Sulit Cars are precious and rare-find just like what we've got exactly a year ago!

It has been a year of faithful service for our new-old car we have acquired just a year ago. While we used to painstakingly ride a cab or jeepney on our way to church every Sunday, with David and Cassy plus a guitar and guitar effects processor on the side, it has now been of complete breeze that we atleast have our own service every weekend now.

Daewoo Racer GTE 1996 model
I won't forget the agony we've once had the moment we bought the car. Perci barely knows how to drive. Our tire even bursted as we hit a gutter on a nearby subdivision during his early morning practice. But yeah, he's got one real gut to really push this through! In two weeks, Me, Cassy and David are aboard an expert driver on the steering wheel.

Now that it has been a year of faithful service, we say that it is already Sulit! Apart from the usual church-home routine, this Sulit Car has now served it's purpose on the way to office, school, weekend getaways, social gatherings and lately a true faithful service when we have to stay four days to-and-fro the hospital when my little Cassy just got confined of Dengue.

Just like what my dear mom-in-law was telling Perci and I quote "Ang nararating ng BMW, mararating din ng kotse mo!". And that was so true!

So yeah, cars that are truly precious and Sulit can rarely be spotted. So it's really a treasure having Sulit Cars!

Being a car enthusiast now, we are also dreaming of somehow buying a brand new one. But not with a year or two. So yeah, we are spotting really cool cars at Suit Cars. And recently I have joined their contest on spotting the Sulit Ride. 

Here's my entry posted on their wall:

So if you are a car enthusiast too. Please do follow their page and receive insightful updates about cars and all that's within.

Now thanks for staying after this long read! And if it won't be too much to ask, please help me win that 10k worth of fuels from Sulit Cars by following two easy steps:

Like Sulit Cars by clicking and liking here.
Then like ENTRY NUMBER 6: (My entry!) by clicking and liking here.

You might also be the lucky one to win awesome prizes from Sulit Cars this Monday just by liking an entry. (Thank you for choosing ENTRY NUMBER 6 (^_^))! View complete instructions here. Thank you so much!

Many thanks! Keeping my fingers crossed on getting some free fuel for our faithful precious ride and you winning that gift certificate and more freebies from Sulit Cars.

P54/L of unleaded gasoline now...it used to be P42 when we've had our first gasoline refill a year ago. The cost exponentially increases with time really! haay... (^_^)

UPDATE: I won(^_^). Best Blogger Tips
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