On having an excellent conversationalist husband-friend

Last night, on the middle of my draft for my thesis’ literature review, I decided to sit beside my husband for some short talk. I usually do that to somehow unwind myself of the toxicity of the technical terms that I get to encounter along my lengthy reading list.

He was, at that time, as usual, viewing a video of his prospective new car. I sat beside him and watched a video together with him. From then on, I felt the usual appreciation of having a good partner in life. Someone who could just ease my day, give me some good talk and then let me forget how hard and tiring the day that has just passed us by.

It was supposedly a short and light chat. But as always, we ended up spending more than three hours talking about almost everything or anything there is to talk about. From cars, to our house, to our faith, to relationships, to my thesis, to his work, to ALL SORTS OF TOPIC our minds have crossed upon. Our conversations are seemingly endless yet still so spontaneous. And for more than nine years and counting, we never seem to run out of stories to exchange each other with. The one of the many reasons I know I am so lucky of having a husband-friend like him.

And just when we know our eyes can no longer contain the sleepiness, that’s when we know we just have to stop. There are still stories yet untold. We could’ve talked overnight til morning ..but yeah, time and our schedules are our constraints…so ”Tara na honey, tulog na tayo, may pasok pa bukas..”(Let’s sleep honey we’ve got some work for tomorrow.) was as always, our parting words.

I shut down the computer. He shutdown his. We slept.

And we woke up this morning, with my progress report half-done but I am completely glad. I know I’ll have more of this- unfinished reports and change of study night plans. But I just simply won’t care. I’ll get to finish it anyways. I know I have already took the hang of it… nine years ago… and counting!

Thanks for being an excellent conversationalist, my heart beats faster each time we talk, as always, HONEY…I love you... Best Blogger Tips
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  1. wow, you're lucky to find a husband whom you can also talk to mel. some women are not as lucky - as us. (hehe, pinagmalaki din ang asawa, wink!)

    anyway, thanks for joining in the giveaways. sorry for the late visit, just had some urgent matters to attend to. would like to let you know that week 10 and week 11 participants will get the chance to win two $5 via paypal from me to make up for my absence. good luck and regards.

  2. thanks for dropping by Techie She. Having a good conversationalist husband is a blessing indeed.