Got my Windows Phone 7 Update 7.0.7392.0 today

Today, August 1, 2011, I have just updated my Windows Phone-HTC 7 Mozart. It took about an hour for the update. Got quite curious of such a long update time so I searched the net. I thought it was already the long-awaited Mango, but nah!Not yet. Read that the Mango update are already distributed to the manufacturers and it will be rolled out start of fourth quarter this year. Great!

So for now. It's just a minor update that will check fraudulent security certificates.

Update 7.0.7392.

"Fix for fraudulent third-party digital certificates. This update includes a critical fix to an industry-wide issue with nine untrusted digital certificates that were issued by one root certificate authority. These third-party digital certificates are used to access popular websites and email portals. Although this is not a Microsoft security vulnerability, these untrusted certificates may be used to spoof content, perform phishing attacks, or perform man-in-the-middle attacks against all web browser users. This update moves the affected certificates to the "Untrusted Publishers" certificate store on Windows Phone, which helps ensure that these fraudulent certificates are not inadvertently used." Source: www.microsoft.com

To check out the current update version that you've got for your HTC 7 phone, Click on the Settings>about>more info>OS version.

Mine says: 7.0.7392.0 so it has successfully updated.Update your WP7 now and let's all wait for the Mango SOON. Best Blogger Tips
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