Captain America is MY GROUND ZERO SUPERHERO: Pressed but not Crushed, Stepped Down but Still Standing Up to Avenge MIGHTFULLY and MORALLY!


I have always marvelled by Marvel characters, read their comics, watched them on cartoons and 'til they are now been famed on big screen. The moment I spotted Captain America's shield on Tony Spark's workshop at Iron Man, I knew right then... I am gonna meet STEVE ROGERS in the big screen SOON! Something really that's truly WORTH THE WAIT!

I even posted it on my Facebook Wall Post last May 11, 2010 after watching Iron Man 2 the day before me and my husband's (my real-life Captain America!) 8th Anniversary...

Who can just wait? Watch this full trailer here and be just totally enticed...

Captain America much like us is trapped into a world which we truly can't comprehend- something that's way beyond our grasps. In a world of war and evil, something must FIGHT BACK and STAND UP WITHOUT LOOSING GROUND! That is no more than the character that brought Steve Rogers to be Captain America. And in a world where we are right now, with all the digital war and complications, we must embody someone much more like Cap...

He believes in the SANCTITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL...FREE TO MAKE UP HIS OWN MIND...even if that man is a bigot!

In X-Men vs. Avengers Issue 3, Magneto is very much correct for saying Cap is an HONORABLE MAN, PERHAPS THE MOST HONORABLE MAN IN THE PLANET.

Captain America is MY GROUND ZERO SUPER HERO: Pressed but not Crushed, Stepped Down but Still Standing Up to Avenge MIGHT-FULLY and still MORALLY!

So yeah, we will be seeing this gorgeous Captain in theaters SOON!

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