Got my Windows Phone 7 Update 7.0.7392.0 today

Today, August 1, 2011, I have just updated my Windows Phone-HTC 7 Mozart. It took about an hour for the update. Got quite curious of such a long update time so I searched the net. I thought it was already the long-awaited Mango, but nah!Not yet. Read that the Mango update are already distributed to the manufacturers and it will be rolled out start of fourth quarter this year. Great!

So for now. It's just a minor update that will check fraudulent security certificates.

Update 7.0.7392.

"Fix for fraudulent third-party digital certificates. This update includes a critical fix to an industry-wide issue with nine untrusted digital certificates that were issued by one root certificate authority. These third-party digital certificates are used to access popular websites and email portals. Although this is not a Microsoft security vulnerability, these untrusted certificates may be used to spoof content, perform phishing attacks, or perform man-in-the-middle attacks against all web browser users. This update moves the affected certificates to the "Untrusted Publishers" certificate store on Windows Phone, which helps ensure that these fraudulent certificates are not inadvertently used." Source: www.microsoft.com

To check out the current update version that you've got for your HTC 7 phone, Click on the Settings>about>more info>OS version.

Mine says: 7.0.7392.0 so it has successfully updated.Update your WP7 now and let's all wait for the Mango SOON.

On having an excellent conversationalist husband-friend

Last night, on the middle of my draft for my thesis’ literature review, I decided to sit beside my husband for some short talk. I usually do that to somehow unwind myself of the toxicity of the technical terms that I get to encounter along my lengthy reading list.

He was, at that time, as usual, viewing a video of his prospective new car. I sat beside him and watched a video together with him. From then on, I felt the usual appreciation of having a good partner in life. Someone who could just ease my day, give me some good talk and then let me forget how hard and tiring the day that has just passed us by.

It was supposedly a short and light chat. But as always, we ended up spending more than three hours talking about almost everything or anything there is to talk about. From cars, to our house, to our faith, to relationships, to my thesis, to his work, to ALL SORTS OF TOPIC our minds have crossed upon. Our conversations are seemingly endless yet still so spontaneous. And for more than nine years and counting, we never seem to run out of stories to exchange each other with. The one of the many reasons I know I am so lucky of having a husband-friend like him.

And just when we know our eyes can no longer contain the sleepiness, that’s when we know we just have to stop. There are still stories yet untold. We could’ve talked overnight til morning ..but yeah, time and our schedules are our constraints…so ”Tara na honey, tulog na tayo, may pasok pa bukas..”(Let’s sleep honey we’ve got some work for tomorrow.) was as always, our parting words.

I shut down the computer. He shutdown his. We slept.

And we woke up this morning, with my progress report half-done but I am completely glad. I know I’ll have more of this- unfinished reports and change of study night plans. But I just simply won’t care. I’ll get to finish it anyways. I know I have already took the hang of it… nine years ago… and counting!

Thanks for being an excellent conversationalist, my heart beats faster each time we talk, as always, HONEY…I love you...


Captain America is MY GROUND ZERO SUPERHERO: Pressed but not Crushed, Stepped Down but Still Standing Up to Avenge MIGHTFULLY and MORALLY!


I have always marvelled by Marvel characters, read their comics, watched them on cartoons and 'til they are now been famed on big screen. The moment I spotted Captain America's shield on Tony Spark's workshop at Iron Man, I knew right then... I am gonna meet STEVE ROGERS in the big screen SOON! Something really that's truly WORTH THE WAIT!

I even posted it on my Facebook Wall Post last May 11, 2010 after watching Iron Man 2 the day before me and my husband's (my real-life Captain America!) 8th Anniversary...

Who can just wait? Watch this full trailer here and be just totally enticed...

Captain America much like us is trapped into a world which we truly can't comprehend- something that's way beyond our grasps. In a world of war and evil, something must FIGHT BACK and STAND UP WITHOUT LOOSING GROUND! That is no more than the character that brought Steve Rogers to be Captain America. And in a world where we are right now, with all the digital war and complications, we must embody someone much more like Cap...

He believes in the SANCTITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL...FREE TO MAKE UP HIS OWN MIND...even if that man is a bigot!

In X-Men vs. Avengers Issue 3, Magneto is very much correct for saying Cap is an HONORABLE MAN, PERHAPS THE MOST HONORABLE MAN IN THE PLANET.

Captain America is MY GROUND ZERO SUPER HERO: Pressed but not Crushed, Stepped Down but Still Standing Up to Avenge MIGHT-FULLY and still MORALLY!

So yeah, we will be seeing this gorgeous Captain in theaters SOON!

“For more promos and updates Like them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/captamericaph and visit http://www.theavengersassembled.com


Lessons learned from a week of Dengue

It has been a week since that worrisome confinement of my 5-year old daughter Cassandra. We weren’t completely aware of the severity or vulnerabilities of a dengue patient then and for us parents, we were in complete agony seeing the platelet results dropping for each APC test. Amidst the comfort of staying in an air-conditioned room with cable tv and and all the amenities of a private hospital, I must admit to really feel the misery all around.

It was really so hard to see someone in the hospital bed…as well as seeing all those worried parents or relatives visiting them to cheer them up. That week the days seemed to pass a bit longer and we’re just thankful we’re out of it after four LONG days.

Quite ironic as it may sound, two semester ago, in one of my graduate courses, our group researched on the Spread of Dengue Cases in Quezon City. We parameterized the formula for determination of dengue hotspots in our study area and mapped it using GIS. From then on, we branded our team “Dengue Busters!”… but yeah, that didn’t help much… my little Cassy has just been added to our database and the list just goes on and on as days pass by.

We surely learned a lot from that experience. From learning about dengue to the private hospital schemes and everything in between. I guess it is really worth the share.


1. Boosting ones resistance is the only “cure” for dengue.
- Cure is quoted here for really, up to this moment, there are no medications or vaccines yet discovered to CURE dengue. The best thing that the doctor advises is to eat lots of fruits and have a healthy regular meal and hydrate A LOT! The fruits to regain body resistance and the fluid (water, Gatorade etc.) will flush out all the toxins out of your system through peeing.
- For my Cassy, I have monitored her all throughout and made sure that each time she pees, she’ll drink an equivalent amount or even more. She’s like peeing every 15 minutes and it’s good! Fruits, fruits, fruits, I even cut the apple into chips so she’ll be eating it while watching cartoons.
- JUST A WORD OF CAUTION- don’t let them eat something “black” because it might be confused from blood when they poop. Doctors are also monitoring if there are cases of internal bleeding in the patient. So grapes should be peeled before they eat it.

2. After 48 hours of fever, make sure to consult your doctor- 
Dengue disguises itself as simple flu. Just when you thought the sickness is already over, no flu and sign of severity, unknowingly, your platelet count is still going down. That’s where severe cases like rashes or nosebleeding comes because it’s already on the later stage that they discover they’re deceived by dengue. So a RULE OF THUMB, after 48 hours of fever, with fever or not, have the doctor check you!
- Cassy doesn’t have fever all throughout her hospitalization but still her platelet counts are going down. We went to the hospital 24 hours after she got fever, the doctor checked her for UTI and it was negative, he instructed us to bring her back after 3 days in case the fever persist. The moment we got home, she’s ok, and the next few days, she’s got no fever. We decided not to bring her back as per doctor’s instruction. The blessing is that at 2AM on the 3rd day, she got feverish, 39.2 C, I administered paracetamol, and she’s ok again. But yeah we brought her back to the hospital and that morning, she was diagnosed for dengue with platelet count 109 (normally it is 150-400). I just wondered if I were asleep that whole night, never knew she’s got fever, never brought her to the hospital… we could’ve been so sorry. That day, we knew it is GOD WHOSE WORKING IN US!

3. Fruits, water, regular meals and all helps, but when everything else fails TRY PAPAYA LEAVES.
- Doctors won’t recommend it; they might be accused of being quack because it has not been proven scientifically. It was just advised by some friends plus a simple internet search ! Good feed backs so we tried. We’re hopeless after 3 lab tests of fluctuating platelet counts so we gave it a try. It was just like administering an herbal medicine so we’re not worried of any side effects. I am not saying that the recovery of Cassy is all about this but I guess it helped at some point. From 109 on the first day, it went down to 75 on the next day, then 59 on the third test. Platelet count administered every 24 hours. On the third day, we administered papaya leaf extract. We gave her just a teaspoon of extracted papaya leaves plus really a lot of water and Gatorade and fruits… and on the third day her platelet count raised to 71. We were overjoyed. It must have worked. So the next day, we gave her another tablespoon of extracted papaya leaves(plus hydration and healthy foods of course) and to our surprise it doubled to 144! We were released that morning because of that.

- I think it’s just worth the share of this portion because it might attribute to the very FAST increase of our daughter’s platelet count. For those who might be interested, the steps are simple. (a) get FRESH “from the tree” papaya leaves (b)crush it then squeeze the juice(don’t boil or anything, just wash it with clean water) (c) for our 5 year old daughter, we administered 1 tablespoon per day. (not much of overdose if greater than that amount, it’s more of preventing diarrhea if ever she’ll get so much in a day).

4. Dengue has different severity depending on the type of mosquito bite. – It can go as mild as just getting fever like Cassy, but it can be as terminal on the second day with all the rashes and the bleeding. So really seeking for immediate medical attention is still best. Blood transfusion is really not a common thing for dengue patients. Kids can have a platelet count of 10 and yet no blood transfusion is necessary. It really depends on the patient’s case. But for adults, a platelet count of 30 is already bad. Sometimes still, blood or more properly platelet transfusion is refused by patient’s body, so that’s where the dilemma worsens.

5. For private hospitals, doctors will charge you of professional fees according to your ability to pay!- Having 50% of the hospital bill from professional fee is just plain too much. While we used to be charged of professional fee equivalent to our room rate, by the same doctor, when Cassy got confined few years back, this time around we have been charged MORE THAN TWICE THE ROOM RATE. I mean spending 20k for four days of hospitalization and just 8 bottles of dextrose is just plain expensive. Haay. I must’ve taken a medical course instead! The case varies from having or not having PHILHEALTH and of that having a health card plus of course on the level of severity of your illness. If you don’t have PHILHEALTH it would be equivalent to the room rate, if you’ve got, it will be doubled, if you’ve got some health card, it would be more than thrice! Nice money making scheme really!

6. And my last item for this post is really not much of a lesson learned but an ADVICE that’s proven effective ever since. PRAY! It works!
- We are very thankful of all those who really took the time to pray for our Cassy to get well SOON! Our Pastor-Pastor Melo, associate pastor-Pastor Jun and her Sunday school teacher –Sis Marife, visited her in the hospital. They all went there separately so each one offered a prayer for her before they leave. We know it was just so powerful and really our GOD is the healer! We also know that Cassy has been prayed over at Papa’s church and at our church too. We also appreciate every token of love shown to us for those who took time to visit her in the hospital and who really help us in looking after Cassy. We just feel so much LOVED! Thank you!


Got 4/6 Coca Cola glasses from McDo (^__^)

Pink for Cassy, Blue for David, Purple for Mommy and Green for Daddy!

Got all these four right after Cassy was released from the hospital last week. It all started with the green one. I first thought it was made of plastic and quite elated to discover it's fragile.

We're not really into collections, it's just that David and Cassy will fight over this single piece of glass so we decided to buy each of us our own. Hahaha!

I think it's worth the P25.00 shell out after a heartful Mcdo value meal. Anyway the concept is really creative...plus the commercial is really entertaining! (^__^)

Sulit Cars are precious and rare-find just like what we've got exactly a year ago!

It has been a year of faithful service for our new-old car we have acquired just a year ago. While we used to painstakingly ride a cab or jeepney on our way to church every Sunday, with David and Cassy plus a guitar and guitar effects processor on the side, it has now been of complete breeze that we atleast have our own service every weekend now.

Daewoo Racer GTE 1996 model
I won't forget the agony we've once had the moment we bought the car. Perci barely knows how to drive. Our tire even bursted as we hit a gutter on a nearby subdivision during his early morning practice. But yeah, he's got one real gut to really push this through! In two weeks, Me, Cassy and David are aboard an expert driver on the steering wheel.

Now that it has been a year of faithful service, we say that it is already Sulit! Apart from the usual church-home routine, this Sulit Car has now served it's purpose on the way to office, school, weekend getaways, social gatherings and lately a true faithful service when we have to stay four days to-and-fro the hospital when my little Cassy just got confined of Dengue.

Just like what my dear mom-in-law was telling Perci and I quote "Ang nararating ng BMW, mararating din ng kotse mo!". And that was so true!

So yeah, cars that are truly precious and Sulit can rarely be spotted. So it's really a treasure having Sulit Cars!

Being a car enthusiast now, we are also dreaming of somehow buying a brand new one. But not with a year or two. So yeah, we are spotting really cool cars at Suit Cars. And recently I have joined their contest on spotting the Sulit Ride. 

Here's my entry posted on their wall:

So if you are a car enthusiast too. Please do follow their page and receive insightful updates about cars and all that's within.

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P54/L of unleaded gasoline now...it used to be P42 when we've had our first gasoline refill a year ago. The cost exponentially increases with time really! haay... (^_^)

UPDATE: I won(^_^).