“PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS my Internet experience from HABIT to LIFESTYLE.”

Speaking of transformation, I remember my Facebook wall post for my husband this Valentines Day 2011:

"You may have transformed to be my real-life machete these days....but 3 valentines ago and until now, you're still the same... YOU'RE STILL THE LOVING FATHER TO OUR LOVELY KIDS... and I'm loving you more because of that... I loveyou honey John Percival Abuel. Looking forward to our date night tonight...see yah!  - Feb 14, 2011"

So when we say transform...there is CHANGE!  Changing for the better is what we always look forward when we see SOMEONE or SOMETHING transform!

Now here's the deal, PLDT is now transforming our INTERNET EXPERIENCE from being a simple HABIT to a becoming a full-pledged LIFESTYLE!

Oh well, who wouldn't want to sleep with all your downloads running and wake up the next morning and it's all done! Thanks to the FREE AND UNLIMITED SPEED BOOST UP TO 5Mbps! Transformation super worth it! With this faster "Want-to-Sawa" connection, I am looking forward to:

1. More tabs in my browser, with no lagging-at-all!
2. Downloading more videos and Landsat Satellite images for my Marikina Watershed research.
3. My little Cassy streams a video in Youtube while my little David gets to play an online game on the other screen.
4. I will be able to view all the 3d trees, buildings and animation in Google Earth for my Geovisualization class.
5. My honey just won't need to save all the video tutorials for his music theory, car repair, pimp my ride episodes as well as his 3d and animation tutorials. He's got to have it streamed online because of the TRANSFORMED speed and more reliable connection! Will same much hard drive space too!
6. I can then TRANSFORM from being a fortnight blogger to a full blown part-of-my-LIFESTYLE blogger.
   I have just recently joined Nuffnang! I know I'll get real fun by being a Nuffnanger.

I know I made the right decision when I made the choice to take my blogging to the next level. With Nuffnang and the Internet-to-Sawa from PLDT myDSL, I know my boundaries has just been broken!

By the way, it's not only the 5Mbps upgrade that we will be looking forward to in this TRANSFORMATION.

How's having an ANDROID-POWERED device such as the PLDT Watchpad right at the comfort of your own home? You know what an android can do! Everything's all in! Clock, scheduler, planner, gamepad, internet, plus it's OPEN-SOURCE. And open source means liberation! If you want something done, code it and it happens right at your very eyes. I am an advocate of FREE AND OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARES. More room for transformation indeed.

Plus!Plus!Plus! Call PLDT to PLDT NDD free for ONE YEAR! Great deal! All free! This is a splurge!

So why wait? ‘Visit www.myworldmydsl.com for more information or call 171 to confirm your subscripstion today!’ Best Blogger Tips
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