Don't Forget to Watch the Spoilers at the end of the Movies...

Cared to watch your favorite movie series lately? For me, I've had a BLAST this month! Went to the cinema three times this MONTH OF JUNE! This is very unusual of me /us (me and my husband). We usually watch movies during popcorn weekends at home or maybe, if it's something worth the special effects, HD sounds and 3D animation, it's worth the preview in the big screen. I go to cinemas like twice or even once a year before!

But this month, I've had three in a month time. On Cassy's birthday, June 4, we watched Kung Fu Panda 2.  Last rainy holiday break, June 20 (Rizal's 150th birthday.), we watched X-Men First Class. Then the third movie for June was Green Lantern last Sunday, June 26. And maybe (hopefullly!) today TRANSFORMERS Dark of the Moon! (Excited! Excited!)

Anyways, it ha been a hobby, that of which I learned from my husband, to wait til the really last minute of the show to watch for SPOILERS. This contains some sort of teasers for the next movie where the upcoming plot will revolve.  Sometimes the teasers are just right at the end of the movie, a few seconds, the camera will pan and the next coming up plot will be revealed. But yeah, some are sure done out of great suspense, taking you too long until the end of the credits til you have the long bequeathed ENDING TEASER. Some scheme they are also trying so as to let the viewers see the long list of credits.  Yay!

So here are the teasers we've cared to wait for in the last three movies we've watched in BIG SCREEN.
1. Kung Fu Panda 2 - After everythings OK, Po accepts his father is a goose and he's probably the last Panda in China, camera pans and yay! Po's Father is alive! That is!

2. X-Men First Class - No spoiler at the end of the credits. The movie ends with a lame wheelchair. That of whic I don't understand what for. Not much of a good spoiler if ever that is one! hahahah... (But wait, X-MEN THE LAST STAND has a better spoiler... at the end of the uber loooooong credits, PROFESSOR-X IS ALIVE! Transferred his brain to somebody else upon being ashed to death by Jean Grey!)

 3. Green Lantern -  After the end of scene credits, Sinestro wears the yellow ring of fear. He turned yellow and the symbol of fear appears in his chest. Yet another antagonist in the upcoming part 2.

 And for me seeing an enticing teaser at the end of every movie is really worth it! Plus the fact that I get to see all those staff (quite a huge number indeed!) who worked real hard to deliver a good film. Yeah credits are heart warming, especially for my husband, who's a motion graphic designer / 3D artist by profession. He knows the hardwork and the intricacy of every part (lighting, story board, texture etc. ). So FOR THE EFFORT, they are worth part of the long list before the MOVIE ENDING TEASERS!

And tonight, let's see what's up to end-of-credits-scene at Transformers- Dark of the Moon. Thanks Nuffnang and PLDT for the tickets!

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