Dear Honey, This is the Phone that I want you to have...

Dear Honey, 


I know, you have just had your LG Optimus One as a gift for yourself last December 2010.

I know you’ve been enjoying a lot and that you seem to be so contented with your Android powered LG Optimus One. I know how the flashlight, WiFi, GPS, push-emailing, threaded messaging, camera , video capturing plus the fact that this is your very first time to be exposed to an Android powered phone has really given you so much. 

I understand how this offered you a great deal of liberty in mobile computing. From flushing your OS to overclocking your RAM and customizing your UI, I know you have gained an inch closer to your dream of installing a Droid in the microwave. 

Surely your Optimus One has helped you a lot. BUT I WANT YOU TO EXPERIENCE SOMETHING MORE! I want you to have an Optimus 2x for an even out-of-the-box experience with your mobile. 

Imagine all the multitasking that you’ve had with your Optimus One? The moments you just wish you have more speed to run your apps all at the same time? With an Optimus 2x, say goodbye to waiting and say hello to twice the speed, twice the fun and  twice the excitement. Having the first ever dual-core phone in the world, a Guiness World Record holder so to speak– this phone is something that you can really brag about! 

So imagine you can open twice the number of tabs in your browser. That will be reading an article about the bible, about cars, about guitars, about animation, about 3d design and perhaps an episode of Naruto on another tab...all at the same time. Oh this Optimus 2x has Flash support too, so you can now view your flash sites at the comfort of your own phone.

And because gaming has always been a panacea to your somewhat exhausting schedule, this 1GHz Tegra 2 chip powered by NVIDIA, has the speed and high-end graphics that will surely drive you nuts! Watch this video from Engadget to see how compelling this gaming hardware is:

Plus remember that Angry Birds that we use to pacify the kids everytime they go wild? Remember how hard we try to fit ourselves inside the small screen just to watch David’s slingshot hitting those pigs? An Optimus 2x will bring in a whole new story. With the HDMI mirroring capability of LG Optimus 2x, we will then be able to view that every projectile shot right at our own television. So that’s Cassy, Me and You watching David, unlocking some easter eggs and throwing those Angry Birds while we sit back and relax as we go watching every move on the big screen!

But it wouldn’t just be the Angry Birds in our TV that we can feast about. This smart genius phone is capable of a 1080p@24 frames per second HD video streaming and recording! So if our little daughter Cassy has got another tambourine dance or “Malayo pa ang umaga” song number, we can record that moment and go plug your Optimus 2x and walla, we’ve got Cassy in high-def video right at the LCD projector screen. That would be pretty awesome!

And yeah, I know you’re thinking. How about the camera? So when we get to contain ourselves with your 3.2mp camera in Optimus One, this Optimus 2x is sure jaw-dropping with a woofing 8MP camera with LED Flash in it. So yes, if you’ve got a photoshoot or another image tarpaulin freelance job, you can have the photos handy with an Optimus 2x.  Life's Good right?

And as a bonus, since we are camera whores, Optimus 2x has a front-facing 1.3MP camera to handle all those wacky make-faces that we do. Now we don’t have to worry off-shooting our couple shots while we are waiting in line or just sitting beside each other on a party. With that 1.3MP camera, we will be spoiled with our camwhoring and vanity calls. 

So you won’t need a mirror to look into if you’ve got dirt in your face. Just turn this on and you’re ready to go! Super nice!

When it comes to display, I know you will be floored! This 4” IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen has 16M colors at a 480 x 800 pixel resolution. It has an accelerometer sensor to handle your switch from portrait to landcape mode while browsing the net or simply through your UI. It also features a proximity sensor  that auto turns-off the phone screen as soon as it gets near your ear during calling, in a way saving much battery energy during phone calls. Gyro sensor will be handling the rotation so you won’t have to worry much on phone's orientation. Multi-touch input method is something that is inevitable when we want everything zoomed-in for better preview! 

And the best thing is the Gorilla Glass Display in Optimus 2x! Remember our broken tablet when Cassy stepped into it? Now it's the Gorillla Glass display which proves to be an unscaratchable, unshatterable material that protects your Optimus 2x! Then you don’t have to worry for scratches if you’ve got the phone and the car keys all inside your pocket! That's the confidence you can have when you've got an LG.

The 8gb storage (which I know for sure you'll upgrade 'til 32gig!) has pretty ample space to store your HD movies, mp3 and even your 3D materials. And since it has a 3.5mm jack input, you can readily plug it in our home theater system or the chuch' amplifier for some song playback during Saturday music team practice. A phone/mp3 player/ flash disk is just a few of the many things! Admit it honey, you want a swiss-knife type phone like this LG Optimus 2x!

And the OS, I know it is given. You have loved Android from the very moment you’ve got your Optimus One. I know you so love the Froyo (Android OS2.2). And in no time you’ll have it in Gingerbread (Android OS 2.3). With the Android Market and all those thousand apps, I know you just can’t contain your excitement. The Bible, the flashlight, the Facebok , the Plants vs. Zombies, the Fingerprint scanner, the Zebra Paint and everything else. You can have it all plus more at Optimus 2x! 

You see honey, this is the GENIUS PHONE that I want you to have. Something that fits the lifestyle of an Artist, a Rockstar and a loving Dad. I know I got it all when I’ve had you... that’s why you deserve nothing but the world-record holder phone- Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor, ULP GeForce GPU, Tegra 2 chipset- the Optimus 2x!

Got overwhelmed? I got the specs tabulated here: 

And as a rule-of-thumb, a world-record holder phone just gotta have a pair! So honey, an LG Optimus Black, is the phone that I want to have for myself.  Just like us, these GENIUS PHONES (LG Optimus 2x and Black) highlights different features but surely would complement each other. Since an Optimus 2x is perfect for an Artist, a Rockstar and a Dad like you, I am pretty sure an engineer, a blogger, a masters student and working mom like me deserves an Optimus Black.


Remember the time that we have to sell , after 2 years of faithful service to us, our LG-F1 laptop (for us LG stands for"Laging Gamit")  for a lighter LG- X120 netbook?

Now I want an even lighter one. Something that I can bring during my presentations at school.  Something that weighs way much lighter (like 109g) as compared to a 2kg laptop! Something that won’t give me much glare when I get to look at your text messages on a very sunny day during my field works. Something that i can use to geotag my reference photos using its GPS. I have quite sophisticated needs that I know only a sophisticated yet truly GENIUS phone can provide. 

So when I get to have a meeting or a literature review with my research group, I don’t have to bring my netbook anymore. I can present my slides using the HDMI mirroring capability of Optimus Black. And since this is my very first time to have an Android phone, I learned from your Optimus One that you have the Documents-To-Go app that can allow me to edit my presentations and documents on-the-fly. So if I’ve got some revisions on the road, I can have it edited easily using this precious Android app.

And yes, I am a geodetic Engineer. I measure the boundaries of a property line and even the movements in our tectonic plate. So oftentimes than not. I stay on field. Rain or shine, the fieldwork must pursue.  So a handy device where I can browse my emails and correspondence or even do blogging via mobile is though this Optimus Black. The BEST PART of having this Optimus Black is its World's Brightest 700nits NOVA Display. This features the phone’s ability really show “truer” white as compared to the other kinds of display and has very good brightness for better readability under bright lights. So if I’m under the sun, doing my surveying or levelling fieldwork, I can still read and reply to your text messages or to my e-mails and do correspondence with my fellow researchers. 

And you see I want that WHITEST WHITE IN  A BLACK (Optimus Black surely can!). Just can't imagine how this can be just so good to be true? Watch this and believe for yourself!

Also as you know, I go outdoors much often because I work as a government researcher in the morning and attend grad school at night and even fieldwork on weekend. So an energy efficient phone would be just right for me. Optimus Black produces much brightness with its NOVA Display while lesser energy is consumed. It can reduce power by 50%! Holy Cow!

Much more so, since I go to grad school and next semester is my full blown research for my thesis on the Marikina Watershed, this Optimus Black would surely be of big help to me. 

Remember the offline maps for Android that you have just downloaded lately? It would surely be of big help to me in my fieldworks. I can install it in this Optimus Black and I can go trekking the mountains with the use of this maps even when the data connection is off. A bonus digital compass would also be of big help during these lost-in-nowhere adventures at field. Much more than a GPS handheld receiver can do, my Optimus Black, using its 5Mp camera, can take photos on field and have the photo locations geotagged so we get to plot it and view it on Google Maps or Google Earth when we arrive at the office.

For some popcorn weekend or spending some quality time with the kids, BOTH the LG OPTIMUS 2x and OPTIMUS Black has a DLNA capability where instead of watching the movie on the little PC monitor, we will get to enjoy it on the large flat-panel TV in our living room. Also the photos taken from its camera can be readily outputted on our TV.For our playlists in our PC, this DLNA certified device can find the songs that we want on our PC and send them to play it on our phone. Uploading and printing of photos will also be a breeze because of DLNA capability. Oh! It really feels great to have more than just smartphones but genius phones at hand!

And also since I am vainer than you, I got the highest resolution secondary camera yet in a phone . So aside from the 5mp camera, I can do camwhoring with a 2.0mp front facing camera with face and smile detection of the Optimus Black. But ofcourse honey, yes I do a man’s job but when vanity attacks, I am just your same old honey who loves to take pictures of myself and the places that I get into.Haha! 

The 720p resolution at 30fps video capability of the Optimus Black is high enough if I get to see something interesting on the road, do some video-blogging while I’m with the best driver on-board - You! (Hmmp!Bolera much!)

So without much a-do, I know an Engineer/Blogger/ Masters Student/ Working mom MUST HAVE a GENIUS PHONE for such genius needs! 

By the way, this Optimus Black is cheaper than your Optimus 2x in case you got convinced that these are the phones that I want US to have...

I have also summarized the specs just like the drawn sketch of my foot I e-mailed you last time...

I know we'll get so much more than these when we set forth our hands with these. After all Life's Good to give us these GENIUS PHONES!

With much love,

Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit lgoptimus.ph for more information!

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  1. great read. Love LG phones too. I think I'll try Optimus black this time.

  2. came across your post from twitter. this is pretty sweet. Got a bunch of info about on the present features of my phone. Proximity sensors works best and the gps on tagging photos. Many ThAnks girl.

  3. @grace and dada: nice to hear that from you.It's really great to have LG phones. Tried and tested it through the years. Am so excited of the Tegra2 in 2x.

    BTW this is a contest entry to win these 2 GORGEOUS GENIUS PHONE! Thanks for dropping by (^_^)!


  5. thanks coritha! keeping my fingers crossed (^_^)