How to setup Landbank iAccess account for online balance inquiry and other services

Last semester I just got my ATM for my scholarship. This is where they get to deposit our stipends. It was really  hassle free now because we can now check out if we already have our allowances by not actually frequenting the cashier's office for inquiry. Plus we can also use this ATM as ID and also as a means of paying our bills or purchases at chosen stores.

I have also set-up my online banking account through Landbank iAccess so that I can easily check my available balance and also my recent transactions.

Setting up an account was easy. You just need your ATM card to be with you and supply the needed personal info.
1. To enroll click here. Browse through the agreement then click I AGREE if you do.
2. You will be directed to a form where you will enter your personal information. For the ATM PIN, you have to click the keyboard link to enter PIN. For my ERDT card, I found the JAI quite different from the stated reference (it's actually the small number at the back of our card).  So here's how it goes. (I think ERDT and DOST scholars' ATM looks the same so they might need to look for the same location of the JAI.)

3. From here everything is pretty mechanical. Just input the needed information and your working email address.
4. Check out your e-mail for a verification notice and you're DONE!
5. Login using your registered iAccess ID and password here.

If you want a balance inquiry check out the ACCOUNT SUMMARY feature.

Here are the services offered by Landbank iAccess I got from another link.

Here are some of the features of LANDBANK iAccess:

A.    Enroll at your own convenience through "Online" or "Branch" Enrollment
B.    Enroll Multiple Accounts
You can enroll multiple ATM Savings and Current Accounts.
C.    Bank at Your Own Convenience
D.    With LANDBANK iAccess, you can avail of the following banking services:
I.  Non-financial
o       Account Summary
View your current balance, available balance, hold and float amounts of your enrolled deposit accounts.
o       Transaction Details (Account History)
View your account’s detailed movement of transactions and balance for a period of 60 days.
o       Check Status Inquiry
View the status of each check issued from your checking account.
o       Returned Check Deposit Inquiry
View the details of your returned check deposits.
o       Report of Lost or Stolen ATM Card
Block all your ATM transactions when you report your ATM card as lost or stolen.
o       Change Password
Change your password through the internet every 90 days or at anytime you deem necessary.
II.     Financial
o       Fund Transfer
Transfer funds from one account to another including your 3rd party nominated account through the internet. A transaction reference number will be given as proof of your transaction.
o       Bills Payment
Pay your bills through the internet.  A transaction reference number will be given as proof of your transaction.
o       Checkbook Requisition
Order a checkbook through the internet.  Once your request is approved, your account will be debited for the cost of the checkbook/s. You may follow up the status of your request at your depository branch in three weeks.
E.     Enjoy Online Security
I.         Access requires the use of your iAccess ID and password which you nominated when you enrolled
II.       Authenticated by Verisign, one of the leading companies that thoroughly checks a website’s authenticity
III.     Protected using the hightes  encryption technology (128-bit SSL) to ensure privacy and confidentiality of account information and transactions
IV.     Provided with an automatic log off feature after a period of inactivity

There's also a housing loan calculator for those who might want to buy a house with bank financing.

Very nice features and indeed very helpful to us. Best Blogger Tips
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  1. thanks! I couldn't find the JAI :))

  2. JAI stands for Joint Account Indicator.
    for individual accounts use zero (0) as JAI
    for Joint accounts use one (1) or two (2)

    1. thank you for the help on the online enrollment specifically on the JAI.

  3. how to retrieve the account.. i forgot my account. i try to enroll again but i can not access because i was enrolled before.. pls help me

    1. Hello! That happened to me too =) I went to the nearest branch and inquired about my demands and dilemmas. They advised me to have my account deleted, ok lang as long as alam mo account number mo. then once they had deleted the account, you're free to make your new IAccess Account.

  4. thanks :) Nd na ako mg-aaksya ng pamasahe para lang mag inquire.

  5. If it says "invalid card number", you need to put "0" on JAI field instead of 1 which is indicated on your atm if you don't have joint account. Or check your usernames and passwords if it's 6-15 characters combination of letters and numbers.

  6. every time I submit, there will appear a dialogue box saying error while checking account number". what should I do? please help

  7. what about for the province? do i need to fill it up even if I'm from manila?

  8. pls help ilan days po ma approve ang pin code ko forgotten pin

  9. thanks.... ILOVESMILO.... i'm already regesterd :)

  10. how can I retrieve the account.. i forgot my account. i tried to enroll again but i can not access because i was enrolled before at the same time po may lumalabas na you are currently enrolled as own acct. pls help me

  11. i cannot enroll my dost-sei card online, with jai=3, because it says
    "invalid jai"

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. My ATM change to Debit Card dont have JAI # how?when i enroll i cannot submit because of Jai # i cannot provide.

  14. My ATM change to Debit Card,dont have JAI #,when I enroll i cannot submit because of JAI # cannot provide..Thanks

  15. good morning mam, pano po magpareset ng acct? hindi n kasi ako makalogin sa online banking ng landbank, pakiadvise nman po kung anong dapat gawin