It was my first time to really handle a dedicated music player and multimedia archiving and syncing app like Zune in a mobile phone so I’d have to say that this Zune is just plain GRAND. It was a wow for me that I was able to come up with a good media syncing device for my videos, photos, music and podcast. It syncs fastly and again, the user interface doesn’t make me dumb. It feels great that I never really have to read a manual to be able to play in Zune desktop interface.

It was just lately that I get to install the Zune in my pc. I say it was highly dependent on Internet connectivity at first install but after that, let me say it, the Zune experience was a HYPE!

When I was a bit frustrated before why my phone can’t be read as a USB device, it gave me much hope and real thrill upon discovering this Zune. In congruence with my SkyDrive, I now use this Zune to archive my photos. It creates a dedicated folder for my photos taken using the Mozart in the path set for Pictures.

My music and videos archives, like my photos, are now neatly arranged in the Music+Videos Hub. Inside the hub too are the Zune Marketplace and the Radio. As I have always been a patron of Christian Music, I am glad to find Christian/ Gospel songs in the marketplace. My kids songs and classical music are also there. And the Radio, it was me and my husband’s common ground. We tune-in the same FM station at a particular time of the day, and then come nightime, we’d talk about the experience and the funny stories we’ve listened over that radio station. The radio doesn’t use the sound enhancement features (SRS and Dolby). I would be more than glad if I can use the radio too without having to plug it in my ears as I have been sometimes turning out of focus with my work if I listen to it simultaneously with my work. But yeah, I’m glad the music player works on the other hand. How I wish there would be some sort of visualization too just like that of Windows Media Player when I play just plain audio. It would be a sure perk inside the Mozart. Nonetheless I love how vivid my music and video encounters have been with the Mozart. As for me having this Zune- I love it, I’m loving it, and I know I’d love it more and more each day.


I am glad that Windows Phone came up with integrating HD sound in Mozart.
I love the Dolby Mode when I am listening to solemn Christian music, something that involves more of the voice and the piano. I prefer it too when watching documentaries and Mangas in my phone.

When listening to lively music or the rock genre, it would be best with Bass enhancement, in tagalong terms –BUMABAYO! Hahaha! The SRS Enhancement feature works best for this. Using only two speakers it works very much like a 5.1 channel audio system.

With the high-fidelity audio capabilities of the Mozart, it is like having an in-house home theatre system all inside this one powerful mobile phone.


It took me 23 minutes to transfer Transformers- Revenge of the Fallen using Zune. But of course I’d use Transformers in checking the video and audio capabilities of this Mozart. The sound effects and the transition in animation using this really cool film could serve as a good datum in testing the audio and video capabilities of my Mozart. When I got the movie playing in Zune, I then officially a became a convert of Dolby Sound in WP7. I love how I felt like really being inside a theatre with the woofing sounds that the Mozart produces without earphones and even magnified to the highest level when I plugged the earphones in. The video resolution is still so crisp just like it was on big screen and the sound...it is beyond description, even too wonderful for words. It was great and oh I guess it’s GRAND!


While this device- The Mozart is so powerful in terms of multimedia and office document capabilities, it also consumes Battery Life quite fast too. Here are my benchmarked time records after the jump!

While on continuous video playing, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G on it took 6 hours to drain the battery. That’s technically two Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen or 12 Backyardigan Episodes to pacify my kids during Sunday Service or 12 Episodes for me and my husband’s Full Metal Alchemist Marathon. Isn’t that nice?

If I’m playing only pure Audio with 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS on, it would take me 7 hours. So that’s approximately 200 Christian songs in my playlist. Nice one again.
On light use, just basic texting and phone browsing, the battery lasts for 2 days. If you turn on the 3G and Wi-fi connection, the Mozart lasts for 12 hours. If you use video+Wi-fi+GPS location, the phone will drain in 5.5 hours. It lasted the whole time I was in a conference for 12 hours, I used it for connecting with the Wi-Fi, for listening over my music and also the FM radio while in transit to the hotel, for taking pictures with my conference-mates and also for note taking in Office and OneNote and come late afternoon, I used it for talking with my husband over the phone just telling stories on how my day had been. The Mozart performed really great that day and I’m so proud I have it to show off with my fellow professionals. Come night-time, it finally retired so I didn’t get to transfer the photos in my desktop just then. I charged it overnight and the Mozart is alive again. Yeah.

What more can I ask for in the Mozart? More battery I guess...hahha...other than that, I’M GOOD WITH IT and no, not just good with it...can I say I’M GRAND WITH IT!(^_^)  
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