A visit at PAGASA-Climatology & Agrometeorology Division

Last March 7, 2011, I went to PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration). It was my second time back in PAGASA Science Garden. The first time was when I looked for the Almanac for Geodetic Engineers for our Solar Observations in GE 166. My grandma, Penelope Famitangco , known at PAGASA as "Lola Baby" she's retiring 2 years from now I guess , works there but I never really gave her a visit before. When I went there, her nook was located in a small office apart from the big building.

I visited back PAGASA on March 7 to inquire on rainnfall, temperature and relative humidity data for QC as part of our study on the "Correlation of Meteorological Factors to Solar Radiation in Quezon, City, Philippines from 2001-2010" for our statistics class. I was a bit surprise that the data I needed was catered by the division where my grandma was assigned. Also her office was now located at the newly constructed and bigger building. She's got really great co-workers too. They were really very warm and accommodating.

My grandma
My lola was a bit camera-whore, she even asked me to take shots with her officemates. I was a bit shy at first, but yeah, they were all so nice so I really got along easily with them. Here are they - the people at PAGASA Climatology and Agrometeorology Division.

And because I'm nearing my thesis stage. I know I will be visiting them more often. It was really nice meeting all of them.

By the way, the data that they have costs quite much. But if you've got long patience, you can really copy their data manually for free. They are not allowing photocopy for the data though. You just gotta copy it either by pen and paper or directly to a spreadsheet with your laptop.

For our project, I was lucky because we needed just the mean monthly data for 10 years. I copied some and they gave some to me for free - courtesy of my Lola Baby.

Here's the map to PAGASA Science Garden, BIR Road, Quezon City, Philippines.

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