Here are Seven things that I love about the Mozart
1.        The unibody design – The sleak features, the artsy curves, the aluminium chassis…the ergonomically design keys and their strategic placement…everything in its exterior perfectly matches my hands…

2.         The 8MP camera and Xenon Flash – The camera is very accessible. I can access it even when the phone is locked. I love how I can capture the most special moments in my life DAYTIME AND NIGHTIME

3.        HD video. That’s 720p equivalent to a 1280 X 720 screen resolution. – I am floored by this feature. Why not, it plays clearly and audibly in our home theatre and in an LCD projector.

4.        The Dolby and SRS Enhancement – This is a major one. I am having the ultimate mobile experience with this HD sound pampering from Mozart. The Bass Booster in SRS Enhancement is hair raising. The Dolby Surround gave me the theatre-like High fidelity sound experience especially with my Sci-Fi movies with 3D animation and woofing sound effects.

5.        The Windows Phone OS – They are match made in heaven. Windows Phone OS inside a sleek-stylish, no need for introduction HTC branding. I simply love it. And I am happy to be the first to experience it here in the Philippines.

6.        The dedicated buttons – The back,windows and search button. Very functional. I love how the Bing Search button changes its search mode depending on the feature that I am accessing at the moment, It works as Marketplace search, Phonebook search and Bing Search Engine. And the Windows Search it is my ultimate escape from apps. If I am somehow lost and I want an instant escape from the current window, I press this button and I am back in my start screen. In case I may want to come back, the back button serves its ultimate purpose. Really nice.

8.        The bright 3.7 inch display – I can watch my movies, view my photos (I love the pinch and zoom features too by the way), draft my reports and presentation and do internet surfing in a breeze with this tablet-like, bright with rich and vivid color 3.7 inch display.

Seven things I love about Windows Phone OS
1.        The people hub. it is facebook centric. I love it. It caches the latest and most relevant information of my contacts list. Now my contacts are not just plain names, they have faces and significant information too. So when I go bump with an old friend on the streets, I don’t go asking “ Can I have your number” instead I’ll ask them.. “what’s your facebook account name”  and everybody do have a facebook…even my grandparents do..

2.        The text –centic ,very corporate Interface and smooth and seamless transition. The windows phone interface is pretty consistent with the apps too. I love the transition really. It was very smart and snappy.

3.        The Marketplace – I am an app shopaholic. Whenever I get to have a fast wi-fi connection. I’d browse the marketplace and I won’t fail to purchase an app or two. Actually in a month testing, my phone’s full menu needs six full scrolls before finally reaching the lowermost app and that is from the Accelerometer down to the YouTube app. That is a total of 76 icons in the full menu. Consequently I am loving the Start Screen where I can pin my most frequently used tiles. Isn’t that awesome!

4.        The Zune software and Skydrive integration – I have instant phone sync with Zune whenever I plug my phone in my pc  plus a 25 gig of memory space on the cloud using Skydrive. In effect I have 33 gig space for my phone. How’s that? You should simply LOVE it!

5.        The Office Hub – I am geek. I must love this. I love how I draft my blogs, projects, reports, discussions and just about anything using either OneNote or the Microsoft Office app. I have even converted a document in my OneNote to be my official to-do list and pinned it in the start menu.Needless to say, this is a MUST_HAVE for a STUDENT, A BLOGGER and AN ENGINEER rolled into one.

6.        The tabbed browsing in internet explorer – speaks of multi-tasking. I can access six sites simultaneously. Pretty powerful.

7.        The easy proxy configuration on Wi-Fi – a far-cry from my husband’s android. My office and school’s wi-fi is protected by proxy…so there must be a way IN. I love how I get to benefit from this resources. All because my phone’s proxy configuration is as easy as one-two-three clicks! I am an instant windows phone convert because of this. I know that Windows is very good with this. Providing User Friendly man-machine-interface has been its FORTE throughout the years. This makes WINDOWS INDISPENSABLE!

Seven comments on the Seven Features of Mozart
1.        Phone and Messaging and E-mail Features – I get connected in my circle of friend and acquaintances EASILY AND MIGHTFULLY. The Mozart IS VERY MUCH OUTSTANDING with this. It’s an A+.

2.        Internet Browsing and Maps – Knowledge at my fingertips. Fast and reliable. That’s how Internet Explorer and Maps bring the right information right inside my mobile phone.

3.        Social Networking – With Facebook integration inside my PEOPLE HUB and an instant Facebook upload option for my photos. Indeed it is the ULTIMATE SOCIAL NETWORKING PHONE.

4.        Productivity – With Office, OneNote, Internet Exporer and great productivity apps in the Marketplace. I can be a superwoman on-the-go… I seem to have some sort of super powers being able to accomplish my tasks with the HTC 7 Mozart.

5.        Mutimedia – My HD Sound plus HD video plus HD imaging in Mozart makes me HP…HIGH PROFILE! A techno-revolution seemed to have happened inside this small device. And with the bleeding edge technologies reaching the market today… HIGH FIDELITY is the sure name of the game… and Mozart has this. This is a sure winner phone.

6.        Gaming – Lots of free games, plus the XBOX integration making me feel like I am a gaming connoisseur on-the-fly. My instant escape of the harshness of my toxic schedule. I have never handled a phone with XBOX before.. so I say I simply adore having it!

7.        Imaging – boasting with a woofing 8Mp and Xenon Flash. This is yet the best camera phone ever. No more no less…it was just plain GRAND!

Seven most important features that I think the Mozart should IMPROVE
1.        Cut, Copy and Paste Feature
2.        Bluetooth feature
3.        Flash Support in the Browser
4.        Youtube update option of my videos
5.        Video Calls
6.        Office Multi tasking
7.        USB card slot

Seven apps that are most useful to me
1.        ArcGIS
2.        HandyScan
3.        Tools for WP7
4.        Bible7
5.        Attentive Phone
6.        Flashlight
7.        Twitter App

My conclusion in seven magic words!
HTC Mozart and Windows Phone OS ROCKS!

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