I used to have a built-in 5MP camera on my phone before. I use that to take pictures for my blogs, take shots of the announcements on the bulletin board that I am too lazy to take down of, capture my adventures with my family as we go on a weekend getaways or just basically any cam-whoring antics that I have whenever I have some free time. Everything in a 5MP camera. It was however a dismay to me that my previous phone's camera has no flash, I can't take photos at night or when basically there is no ambient light in the surroundings. How I also wish then that my zooming in would be of a bit higher resolution. Now that I have this 8MP camera with Xenon Flash on Mozart, all my disappointments suddenly disappeared. Actually this camera, next to Office and HD music and video, is one of the features that I really adore about the Mozart. Here are what I love most about imaging in Mozart.

The camera's resolution is 8MP. Who wouldn't call this pride to have this first ever mobile phone to boast of 8MP resolution with Xenon Flash? I was extremely elated of this fact. I can already upload my photos taken from Mozart directly to my Facebook account. No more histogram equalization or any cosmetic editing in Photoshop needed. And if ever I have to really do some editing or cropping, the high resolution photos are still best to deal with.

The optical zoom levels are pretty nice. I remember when I have to take some photos of the stage when I was located somewhat far at the back in a conference, the zoom levels in my camera still captured the memento on-stage. That's how powerful I have become when I had this phone.

The auto-focus works equally great. As I have always been guilty of not having this steady hands, it gives me much security that I am capturing one precious shot clearly and vividly, all with the help of this auto-focus mechanism in the 8MP camera of the Mozart.

The Xenon Flash is awesomely useful. If only I had this phone last year when I documented Dulce's concert for a blog, I would’ve captured her tonsils as she get to hit her high notes in her performance. LOL! At the absence of ambient light, this Xenon flash in Mozart performs just the way I like it. Now I don't have to worry of capturing precious moments indoors or during nighttime. Thanks to Mozart's Xenon Flash.

I also adore how easily I can access the camera in Mozart. Even it is on standby mode, I can still use the camera without actually unlocking it. Works pretty great when I have this urgent need to take a shot and this very serviceable phone is ready to click on the go.

The different imaging options innate in the camera is irresistibly brilliant. I love experimenting on the different scenes. Depending on the current lighting setting, one may opt to use sports, beach, backlight or candlelight. Among the different effects mode, I find the solarize effect very exciting and playful. I have used it for creating comics-like scenes with speech balloons in a wild background. Very worth the explore.

The native image editing app of HTC, Photo Enhancer, is a must have image editing app. I love how it equalizes the historgram in auto-enhance. The bonus features such as Cinnamon, High Contrast, Sepia, Overexposed,Glimmer, Twilight, Lively, Warm, Cold, Basic Frame, Vintage, and Antique provide the perfect mood and attitude that I want contained in the shots that I capture. The options are pretty basic yet really impressive and really worth my commendation.

When the pictures are taken and all, what comes next is the storage and/or publishing. I love how HTC handled this task. Being the most eligible social networking phone, I may opt to publish my shots directly in Facebook, my E-mail accounts or in Skydrive. What a breeze. While storage online is very easy, the desktop upload is equally commending. It seamlessly syncs with my other photos using Zune.

Another great thing about this Mozart is how it organizes my photos in the Pictures Hub. I'm quite surprised to see my Facebook Photo Albums arranged inside it. I have always wanted to save those photos long before in a single organized folder. Now that I've had this Mozart, it's a dream come true.

Just like that of the marketplace, I see a brand new background image in the Pictures Hub and Pictures Live Tile in my start menu. It looks so refreshing and sometimes nostalgic to see photos taken some few years back. It makes me feel delighted to browse inside the Pictures Hub. It brings experiences and memories back to life.

What more can I say? Imaging in HTC 7 Mozart is a far-cry from the other mobile phones that I've had before. I know with it, I wouldn't settle for anything more. I love it just the way it is. Anyways it is a mobile phone, meant simply for calling and texting... now I can do Facebooking, Tweeting, Video Recording, Internet Surfing, Radio Listening, Movie Watching, Office Documenting, E-mailing, Playing, Shopping, Reading...Imaging...Everything! It seems that I have some sort of super powers when I have this Mozart with me. Again the quiet confidence resonates on me...and I love it!(^_^)
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