I say I'm not much of a video connoisseur. I am not a professional videographer so I have no way of really criticizing the technical specifications of the innate video camera of Mozart. I would just put my discussion on the perspective of a simple mobile phone consumer who is lucky enough to have a 720p resolution inside my phone.

Well first off, if I'm going to record a video from the camera button on the side of the phone, I have to switch to video mode first because the default is the camera mode. I find it quite hard changing to video mode. Hard times strike me when I am actually accidentally pressing the Bing search button instead. The icon is a bit small that my fingers just wouldn't readily press the change camera mode.
This situation becomes cumbersome when I have to instantly capture my kid's memorable moments but then missed it because I can't readily access the video mode of my phone. I hope there is an easier way to switch to camcorder mode.

Now when I get to start the recording, if it is not a rushed video capture, I'd have to experiment on the camcorder settings and I am just happy there were different effects that I can choose from. Just like that of the camera mode, I love playing with the solarize and sepia mode. To my delight I can also change resolution from VGA to a higher resolution 720P or a lower resolution QVGA. I like how the default resolution is VGA because I don't have to worry about bigger file size of my video when uploading it online. It was nonetheless a pride that I get to have a 720p on my phone. The video plays with vivid colors and high resolution in my widescreen desktop. I think this would be of great help when we do some documentations in the church or maybe some other important event that needs to be recorded and video editted for some presentation. Videos with higher resolution, just like the case of the Mozart is really much easier to deal with than those with poorer resolution.

I don't really get much of the difference of pressing the bulb icon on and off in the settings. Intuitively I thought it was some sort of lighting on the video but then again I don't see any light coming out of the Xenon Flash so I am using the default settings to that. I love how I can zoom in and out before recording the video. It was of great help when I have to record some important presentation in an event that I am sitting quite far from the stage and still I get to capture a nice video by just zooming in.

Now during recording- the timer, I know it has its purpose but then again I haven't get it just until now. Oftentimes I get distracted by it during recording. I hope there's an option to change the size of the timer. It could've been practically useful if I am a reporter capturing some timed interview of a politician or a celebrity, but being an ordinary user, I would want it a bit smaller hopefully.

I couldn't say more of the video quality. I just say it was awesomely sufficient for my needs. I remember having this need to record one of my professor"s lecture because I am too tired to take down notes. I love how the Mozart was able to capture the lecture precisely how I wanted it. Simply because the Mozart boasts of high HD sound, its built in microphone records the voice of my professor audibly eventhouh he's not using any microphone on class. At the same time, I can clearly see the mouse movements and clicks around the Smartboard during the discussion of a certain software procedure projected on board. It was nice that I have one. I just hope there is a stand for the phone while doing the recording as I actually get tired of holding the phone steady during the entire recording. Nonetheless I am satisfied of the output so it would still be a THUMBS UP for me on the video recording capability of the Mozart.

When I am done with the video recording and all. What's next is the storage. It was actually the sad part for me. I can only store my video by syncing in Zune. As I have only installed the software in my two workstations, I find it quite inaccessible when I have to save or upload an important recording online when I am on field. I hope there is an instant upload feature to Youtube or Facebook or maybe access the device as a USB device to save the videos readily to a computer. I know Skydrive as of the moment doesn't support such multimedia formats so I understand why there's no option in the camcorder. Also if I could also rename the videos on the fly. That would be surely helpful in my video archiving needs. I hope Skydrive would be able to cater with my needs on uploading my multimedia files...so in effect that's 25 Gig of my multimedia on the cloud.

Finally, on a score of 1-10, 10 being the highest, I'd give my Mozart's camcording capabilities as 10 in terms of video quality a mobile phone can give, 10 in terms of scalability, and 7 for interoperability with other devices, and 9 in terms of accessibilty and ease of use.

Oh well being a mobile phone that is practically just for texting and calling, I think paying extra bucks for the Wifi, Office and OneNote, 8Mp Camera with Xenon Flash, 720p Video, Games with XBOX, Internet Explorer, Dolby and SRS Enhancement for sounds, GPS and maps, and thousand of really useful apps in the marketplace plus bragging rights of having a Windows Platform in my phone, I think we are just getting what we paid for...and EVEN MORE! Anyway the laptop can't be used for texting and calling per se..so even bigger devices has their own limitations too. I think I am loving the Mozart just the way it is. With the Mozart...I am QUIETLY CONFIDENT and I LOVE IT!(^_^)
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