When not too busy for work, I really do visit the marketplace to fish for some free apps. These apps make my Mozart even SMARTER. Now the task is really hard, I have to choose just 5 out of the many apps that I’ve downloaded in the marketplace. Oh well here are my picks.

- Attentive Phone – This is very useful to me when I am on a meeting, at the church or on public transit. As I have always been so busy roaming around with contacts calling here and there, I just can’t turn my phone on silent mode. I am glad how this app reacts ATTENTIVELY to fit my needs. It would quiet on ring pick up and when I’m on an important meeting, all I have to do is to flip the phone to stop it from ringing. Very domesticated indeed. Depending on where I am, I occasionally turn on/off the Pocket Mode wherein the ring volume will increase while inside my bag. If I’m inside our ride, turning this Pocket Mode ON is really important as I may be so busy attending with my kids at the backseat not minding if there’s an important call for me. If I’m on public transit, I’d rather turn this OFF just for security purposes. The bad guys around might notice I have this sleek phone and steal it away from me (*_*).

- ArcGIS 2010 – This one by ESRI is my best companion. I am a GIS specialist and indeed it was a surprise for me to have a free app like this for my Mozart. This is when I will have to brag about my Windows Phone with my classmates in our advance GIS class. I’d show them the ArcGIS app and the rest would be a complete show off. My classmates envy me because of this app. Unlike from its desktop counterpart, this app barely do analysis, it has the basic distance and area measurement and zoom in zoom out of places but what’s really catchy about this app is that it can connect to our GIS server in the office and in our school then deploy the data and maps that we need while we are on field. The UI is so simple; a person with no technical GIS experience can utilize its functions. The bragging feeling of having a quietly brilliant phone inside my pocket is insurmountable.

- Fake calling – More than the fun that this app brings, this indeed is a very useful app to me. Before a meeting starts, I’d sometimes configure it so that it would ring after one or two hours. This gives me a good means to escape the toxicity of the conversations and get a breath of fresh air outside the conference room. Relaxing and refreshing indeed. And that is our secret! Shhhhhh...

- Twitter – Much has been said and done about this app. This is where I stalk all sorts of people from celebrities, companies, scientists and colleagues here and abroad. Apart from my RSS feeds reader, I use Twitter too to get the latest new and breakthrough in the community. Inquirer, National Geographic and Times magazine never failed to keep my brain blitz up to date. Moreover this app surely helped me in marketing my blogs and at the same time sharing my newly gained info through retweets. Twitter is my daily newspaper and classified ads indeed.

- Handy scan – My documents are everywhere. Instead of copying an announcement in the bulletin board or the epic diagrams that my professors use to jot down on the board, what I usually do is to take a shot of it. I have to stitch the pics sometimes just to make the document bigger and more readable. I’m glad I came across this scanner who maximizes the use of my powerful 8megapixel camera by being a document scanner too. It can also scan signatures and embed images in it. Plus it can collide different scanned images to one page. More like a pdf, this app compiles the documents that I scan hence making it easier for me to view it in pages.

As I have said, these are just five of my favourites. Accelerometer, Adobe reader, Foursquare, GDocs, GPS, i-Clicker Lite, Level, Messenger, Ripped, Where’s my car, YouTube and Calorie Counter are also on top of my list.

By the way I have to commend WP7 for bringing up a very easy Uninstall procedure for my apps. On a long press of the app icon, I may opt to pin the app to the start menu, rate it or uninstall it. It’s as easy as that. Now I don’t have to worry on populating my menus with the long list of apps that I’ve tried. So far so good with my Windows Marketplace experience. I surely am coming back for MORE!


I am not really much of the gamer as I have been so busy all my life. I’d settle with simple old-style games just to kill time while waiting for my class or waiting for my husband to arrive at our meeting place. Here are my top 5.

- Snakes and ladders- This one is the landslide victory application for me. After downloading the app, me and my husband played it together with kids. Indeed it was an ultimate bonding moment for us. We are so enticed playing with this game on my Mozart that on Valentine’s day, after our date, we bought the real board game as a present for our kids. So just before we slept that night, we get to play the real Snakes and Ladders together. Thanks to this app who gave us an idea for a new bonding moment activity with my kids.

-Color flow – This is equivalent to the Pixelated game I used to play in my BB. Using an array of colors, the ultimate goal is to turn the screen in a single color after 21 moves. I love easy and relaxing games like this. My favourite past time game on my previous phone is now on my Mozart. I’m so glad I’ve found it.

- Bubble birds – This one excites me much. Last time when we have our car registration, I and my husband enjoyed playing with this game while on a long queue. It is a simple tap and play game but the sound that the birds make and and their colors are vivid. I really had a good time tapping and playing with the cute and colourful creatures displayed on my 3.7” bright screen.

- Paint Me – The ultimate pacifier for my kids. I’m glad I have found this one in the marketplace. This is where my kids really do their graffiti. The colors are bright and the capacitative screen of the Mozart helped a lot. One night my daughter sneaked out playing with my phone when everybody else was fast asleep. She just told me the morning after that she played with my phone and there they are, I saw her artworks in my pictures gallery as she was able to save her works. Really smart girl using an equally smart phone.

-Tetris7 – This one is a classic. I guess I really haven’t get over the Brick Game days. Whenever I get a new phone, I’d look for this app and the feeling is nostalgic. I love it simply because this game surpassed all generations my generations of gaming, from Brick game to Family Computer to Desktop to Laptop to Xbox...a nd now in my mobile phone. Really nice indeed.

But of course, my soon to be top favourite game in WP7 is coming. I’ve read about Rovio making AngryBirds coming soon for Windows. I’m so excited for its release. Mighty please make Angry Birds Free for WP7!(^_^)

Next month will be my final presentation for a class project in geovisualization. That is where we have to apply our 3D and animation skills in our disaster mitigation and risk response. I guess I’d have to unleash the child in me then so I’d be able to immerse myself fully in 3D games through the XBOX feature of Mozart hence giving me a broader idea on how augmented reality in 3D really takes place.

Finally I’d have to say this, in the Marketplace, I love the way how it changes background every day. It feels like something really fresh and new is on my way. Makes fishing fun and useful apps really more enticing to me. Now this is the quiet brilliance of having an HTC Mozart...simply satisfying.(^_^)
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