A visit at PAGASA-Climatology & Agrometeorology Division

Last March 7, 2011, I went to PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration). It was my second time back in PAGASA Science Garden. The first time was when I looked for the Almanac for Geodetic Engineers for our Solar Observations in GE 166. My grandma, Penelope Famitangco , known at PAGASA as "Lola Baby" she's retiring 2 years from now I guess , works there but I never really gave her a visit before. When I went there, her nook was located in a small office apart from the big building.

I visited back PAGASA on March 7 to inquire on rainnfall, temperature and relative humidity data for QC as part of our study on the "Correlation of Meteorological Factors to Solar Radiation in Quezon, City, Philippines from 2001-2010" for our statistics class. I was a bit surprise that the data I needed was catered by the division where my grandma was assigned. Also her office was now located at the newly constructed and bigger building. She's got really great co-workers too. They were really very warm and accommodating.

My grandma
My lola was a bit camera-whore, she even asked me to take shots with her officemates. I was a bit shy at first, but yeah, they were all so nice so I really got along easily with them. Here are they - the people at PAGASA Climatology and Agrometeorology Division.

And because I'm nearing my thesis stage. I know I will be visiting them more often. It was really nice meeting all of them.

By the way, the data that they have costs quite much. But if you've got long patience, you can really copy their data manually for free. They are not allowing photocopy for the data though. You just gotta copy it either by pen and paper or directly to a spreadsheet with your laptop.

For our project, I was lucky because we needed just the mean monthly data for 10 years. I copied some and they gave some to me for free - courtesy of my Lola Baby.

Here's the map to PAGASA Science Garden, BIR Road, Quezon City, Philippines.

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The Windows Phone 7 workshop, featuring the HTC 7 Mozart, was held last March 7, 2011 at Ballroom 3 Level 3 of Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Makati City, Philippines. Hardware Zone Philippines hosted the said event.

Experts from Singapore showcased the out-of-the-box features of the new Windows Phone OS inside the HTC 7 Mozart.

 Apart from bearing the Windows Phone 7 OS, the HTC 7 Mozart boasts of having an 8mp camera with Xenon Flash, a 720p HD video recording capability and high fidelity sound empowered by SRS WOW and Dolby enhancement. It also has a built-in Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Bing Search and Maps.Gaming at its finest, powered by XBOX live is also one of the key features of the Mozart.

The said event also concluded the HTC 7 Mozart User Trials promo where my friends Keith, Eric and Chris took home their tests unit for free.

HWM editor Lionell Go Macahilig(right) poses with the HTC 7 Mozart Testers
 I got there with me a new HTC 7 Mozart shirt (which unfortunately is too small for me :P) , an HTC wrist rest , a Windows Phone jacket and my new HTC 7 Mozart test unit. yipeee!

The shirt very nicely fits my daughter Cassy
My HTC wrist rest
And Hardware Zone is just too generous to send me another shirt (a bigger one) even after the User Trials is over. So then, I've got a new HTC 7 Mozart shirt which fits me just rightly. Thanks Hardware Zone (^_^).

Here's the map to Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Makati City.

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With the theme "Addressing the Grand Challenges through Engineering Innovations", the ERDT Conference was held at Diamond Hotel, Manila Philippines last February 18, 2011.

Talks from foreign keynote speakers and poster presentations of some ERDT funded researches are the main features of the event.

(From right) Eric, RK, Me, Marge, Ayin, Trixie and Angie
There has also been a talentadong ERDT where UP Los Banos emerged as the winner.


Apart from the usual talks and presentations from erudite invited speakers I get to enjoy the sight seeing and the sumptuous meal served before me and my co-ERDT scholars.



SNACKS 1: Croissant
I got full already after the croissant for snacks that I really didn't get to eat more in the buffet-type lunch. Lunch was served on the 27th floor of the hotel. The food are just pretty ordinary in taste. Nothing special I guess. 

LUNCH: Buffet type meal at the 27th floor



I must say I just love the chocolate cake and the croissant. But yeah, it was a pretty classy hotel and I the swimming pool is so inviting. Maybe I can bring my kids and my husband back there for some overnight stay. Just for fun.

Here's the map to the location of Diamond Hotel, Manila, Philippines.

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Busy days come when me and my husband doesn't have time to prepare our meals and we would just eat out for dinner. True to its saying that "health is wealth", healthy meals nowadays are really too pricey. When we get to order some vegetable salad in a resto, it was too expensive as compared to their regular meals, plus it was just a small serving that wouldn't even satisfy the two us.

So during weekends or when I go home earlier than usual, I drop by the market and buy some really fresh veggies and cook or prepare healthy goodies for my family. It was oftentimes just me and my husband who enjoys eating this healthy meal because our kids don't really like much veggies. We hide them in the usual viands and make the serving really palatable for them to eat.

For me and my husband, we find the vegetable salad and mongolian grill the easiest to prepare healthy servings of our daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

Here's our dinner last night.
This is so easy to prepare, lettuce + tomatoes + cucumber +carrots with Thousand Island Dressing on the side and Tuna Flakes (takes care of the protein part of our meal) makes this an on-the-go-healthy-dinner for us.

I found the Caesar Salad Dressing a bit salty so I chose Thousand Island Dressing for this one.

Next up will be my favorite mongolian grill which also turned out to be my husband's fave too.


In my other blog I have mentioned of weird FX driver phonetics in Metro Manila.

These codes must at some points been derived from this long list of police codes I've found in the net. So many of them, I wonder if our policemen were able to memorize them all.

Here are those codes:

10-0: Use Caution
10-1: You are being received Poorly
10-2: You are being received Clearly
10-3: Stop Transmitting
10-4: Understood/Affermative/Acknowledgement/O.K./etc
10-5: Relay Message
10-6: Busy with Call
10-7: Out of service, (completely)
10-7A: Out of service, (At home)
10-7b: Out of service (personal)
10-7c: Out of service (court)
10-7od: Out of service (off duty)
10-8: In service/Available for assignment
10-8ot: In service (over time)
10-9: Repeat last message/transmission
10-10: Off duty
10-10A: Off duty at home
10-11: Identify frequency
10-12: Visitors or officials present (Be descrete)
10-13: Advise weather and road conditions
10-14: Citizen holding subject
10-15: Prisoner in custody
10-15m: Prisoner in custody (mental case)
10-16: Pick up prisoner
10-17: Request for gas/fuel
10-18: Equipment exchange
10-19: Return to office/station
10-20: Your location?
10-21: Call by telephone:_____
10-21A: Phone home, my ETA is_____
10-21B: Call your home
10-21R: Phone radio dispach
10-22: Cancel last message/assignment, Take no further action
10-22C: Leave area if all secure
10-23: Stand by until channel clears
10-24: Emergency at station/all units return
10-25: Do you have contact with___________?
10-26: All clear
10-27: Drivers licence check
10-28: Check registration on vehicle
10-29: Check wants/warrants, vehicle
10-29A: Check wants/warrants subject
10-29C: Check complete subject
10-29F: The subject is wanted for a felony
10-29H: Caution - severe hazard potential
10-29M: The subject is wanted for a misdemeanor
10-29R: Check wants and record of subject
10-29V: The vehicle wanted in connection with/crime
10-30: Does not conform to rules or regulations
10-31: Is lie detector available?
10-32: Drowning
10-33: Alarm (type: Audible, silent) 
10-34: Assist at office
10-35: Time check
10-36: Confidential information
10-37: Give me name of Operator on duty
10-38: Your destination 
10-39: Can_________ come to the radio?
10-40: Advise if officer_______ available for phone call
10-41: Call the station on alternate frequency
10-42: Check on the welfair of_________ at_________
10-43: Have_________ call a doctor
10-44: Station_________ is calling your residence
10-45: What is the condition of the patient?
10-45A: Condition of patient is good
10-45B: Condition of patient is serious
10-45C: Condition of patient is critical
10-45D: Patient is deceased
10-46: Sick person/Ambulance enroute
10-47: Officer______ is available at_________
10-48: Ambulance transfer call
10-49: Proceed to/Enroute to___________
10-50: Under influence of narcotics/Take a report
10-51: Subject is drunk
10-52: Resuscitator is needed
10-53: Person down
10-54: Possible dead body
10-55: Coroners case
10-55d: Send coroner
10-56: Suicide
10-56A: Suicide attempt
10-57: Firearm(s) discharged
10-58: Garbage complaint
10-59: Security check/malicious mischief
10-60: Lockdown
10-61: Miscellaneous public service
10-62: Meeting a citizen
10-62A: Take a report from a citizen
10-62B: Civil standby
10-63: Net in use, stand by, will advise when clear, prepare to copy
10-64: Found property
10-65: Missing person
10-66: Suspicious person
10-67: Person calling for help
10-68: Call for police made by phone
10-69: Have you dispatched_______?
10-70: Prowler
10-71: Proceed with traffic
10-72: Stand by for Civil Defense Test
10-73: Stand by for Civil Defense Traffic
10-74: Civil Defense Clear
10-75: Severe weather statement
10-76: Give daily traffic
10-77: Give mileage of your unit
10-78: Send ambulance
10-79: Send wrecker
10-80: Tower lights out/Explosion/Lightening
10-80a: Assist radio dispatcher
10-81: Officer______ will be at your station
10-82: Reserve room for officer
10-83: Have_______ call station by phone
10-84: Advise____ officer will return this date
10-85: Officer_____ on special detail or Meet with agent
10-86: Advise phone number your location
10-87: Meet the officer at __
10-88: Advise phone number of officer
10-89: Request radio servicemen be sent
10-90: Request teletype servicemen
10-91: Animal
10-91a: Stray animal
10-91b: Noisy animal
10-91c: Injured animal
10-91d: Dead animal
10-91h: Stray Horse
10-91j: Pickup/collect __
10-91L: Leash law violation
10-91V: Visious animal
10-92: Your quality is poor
10-93: Your quality is good
10-94: Call station by teletype
10-95: Pedestrian/Requesting an I.D./Techunit.
10-96: Out of vehicle-ped. Send backup
10-97: Arrived at scene
10-98: Last detail completed/Available for assignment
10-99: Unable to receive your message
10-100: Civil disturbance - Mutual aid standby
10-101: Civil disturbance - Mutual aid required
10-102: Cruelty to animals
10-103: Disturbance
10-103f: Disturbance by fight
10-103m: Disturbance by mental person
10-106: Obscenity
10-107: Suspicious person
10-108: Officer down or Officer needs assistance
10-112: Impersonating an officer

11-6: Illegal discharge of firearms
11-7: Prowler
11-8: Person down
11-10: Take a report
11-12: Dead animal
11-13: Injured animal
11-14: Animal bite 
11-15: Ball game in street 
11-17: Wires down 
11-24: Abandoned Vehicle 
11-25: Traffic hazard 
11-25X: Female motorist need assistance 
11-26: Abandoned bicycle 
11-27: Subject has felony record, but is not wanted
11-28: Rush vehicle registration information
11-29: Subject has no record
11-30: Incomplete telephone call
11-31: Person calling for help 
11-40: Advise station if ambulance is needed 
11-41: Request Ambulance
11-42: Ambulance not required
11-43: Doctor required
11-44: Coroner required
11-45: Attempted suicide 
11-46: Death report
11-47: Injured Person
11-48: Furnish Transportation
11-51: Escort
11-52: Funeral detail
11-54: Suspicious vehicle
11-55: Officer is being followed by automobile
11-56: Officer is being followed by auto containing dangerous persons
11-57: An unidentified auto appeared at the scene of the assignment
11-58: Radio traffic is being monitored. Phone all non-routine messages
11-59: Give intensive attention to high hazard/business area
11-60: Attack in a high hazard area
11-65: Traffic Signal light out
11-66: Traffic Signal Out-of-order
11-70: Fire Alarm 
11-71: Fire Report 
11-78: Aircraft accident
11-79: Traffic Accident - Ambulance dispatched
11-80: Traffic Accident - Serious Injury
11-81: Traffic Accident - Minor Injury
11-82: Traffic Accident - No Injury
11-83: Traffic Accident - No Details
11-84: Direct Traffic
11-85: Dispatched Tow Truck
11-86: Special Detail
11-87: Assist Other Unit
11-94: Pedestrian stop
11-95: Out of vehicle, car stop (location/license)
11-96: Out of vehicle, car stop, send backup(location/license)
11-98: Meet Officer __
11-99: Officer needs Help/Emergency

Code1: Do so at your convenience
Code 2: Urgent/Proceed Immediately with lights/without Siren
Code 3: Emergency/Proceed Immediately with lights and Siren
Code 4: No further assistance required
Code 5: Stakeout - Uniformed Officers stay away
Code 6: Responding from long distance
Code 7: Out of Service to eat
Code 8: Request cover/backup
Code 9: Set-us road block
Code 10: Bomb Threat
Code 12: Notify news media
Code 13: Major Disaster Activation
Code 14: Resume normal Operation
Code 20: Officer needs assistance
Code 22: Restricted Radio Traffic
Code 30: Officer needs assistance - Emergency
Code 33: Emergency Traffic on Air - All units stand by
Code 43: TAC forces committed 
Code 100: In position to intercept Suspect 

14: Ambulance in route
15: Citizens holding suspect
17f: Fugitive attachment
17m: Municipal court attachment
17t: Traffic attachment
18: Traffic incident
19: Drunk
20: Auto accident 
20a: Airplane crash 
20f: Fatal accident
20i: Injury accident
21: Complaint
23: Traffic congestion
24: Medical emergency
25: Call dispatcher
26: Police officer
27: Attempted crime 
28: Inciting a felony
29: Death
30: Homicide
30c: Homicide by cutting
30s: Homicide by shooting
34: Aggravated battery 
34c: Cutting 
34s: Shooting 
35: Simple battery 
37: Aggravated assault 
38: Simple assault 
39: Negligent injury 
42: Aggravated rape 
43: Simple rape 
44: Aggravated kidnapping 
45: Simple kidnapping 
51: Aggravated arson 
51b: Bomb threat
52: Simple arson
52e: Explosives
52f: Fire
54: Combustible materials
56: Criminal damage
58: Contaminated water
59: Criminal Mischief
60: Aggravated burglary
62: Alarms
62b: Simple burglary
62c: Auto burglary
62r: Residential burglary
62s: Safe burglary
63: Criminal Trespass
63s: Sit-in
64: Armed robbery
64g: Armed robbery/gun
64k: Armed robbery/knife
65: Simple robbery
65p: Purse snatching
66: Extortion threats
68: Unauthorized use of movable
69: Possession of stolen goods
71: Issuing worthless checks
72: Forgery
80: Carnal knowledge of juvenile
81: Indecent behavior with juvenile
82: Prostitution
84: Pandering
87: Abortion 89 Crime against nature
90: Gambling
90c: Gambling by cards
90d: Gambling by dice
91: Unlawful sale to minor
93: Cruelty to juvenile
94: Illegal use of weapon
95: Illegal carrying of gun
95k: Illegal carrying of knife
98: D.W.I.
99: Reckless operation

100: Hit and run
148: Resisting Arrest 
187: Homicide 

207: Kidnapping 
211: Armed Robery 
240: Assalt - Misdemeanor
242: Battery
243: Assault on Police Officer
245: Assault with a Deadly Weapon
261: Rape
273: Assault on Person
288: Lewd Conduct / Felony sex offense

311: Loud and Obscene
314: Indecent exposure
330: Gambling
390: Drunk
390c: Drunk in Vehicle
390d: Drunk Unconcious

404: Riot
407: Unlawful Assembly
415: Disturbing the Peace
415b: Investigate the Trouble
415c: Disturbance - Children involved
415d: Disturbance - Drunk involved
415e: Loud Music or Party
415f: Disturbance - Family
415g: Disturbance - Gang
417: Brandishing / Man with Gun
447: Arson 459 Burglary
459a: Burglar Alarm ringing
459s: Burglar Alarm - Silent
464: Burglary with Explosives
477a: Arson 480 Hit and Run - Felony
481: Hit and Run - Misdemeanor
484: Petty theft
484f: Fraudulent use of Credit Card(s)
484ps: Purse Snatch
487: Grand theft
487.2: Theft from Person or Purse snatch
488: Petty theft
496: Recieving stolen property

502: Drunk driving - Misdemeanor
503: Auto theft 
505: Reckless driving
507: Public Nuisance
537: Defrauding Innkeeper
586: Illegal parking
586e: Vehicle blocking Driveway
594: Malicious mischief

602: Trespassing 
602.5: Entry without consent
603: Unlawful entry
647: Vagrant
647a: Vagrant loitering in Public Place
647b: Prostitution
647c: Begging
647d: Loitering in Restroom
647e: Loitering Place to Place
647f: Drunk
647ff: Drunk - enroute to Detox
647g: Prowler
647h: Illegal Lodging

901: Ambulance Call
901a: Ambulance Call - Attempted Suicide
901b: Ambulance Call - Drowning
901c: Ambulance Call - Cutting
901d: Ambulance Call - Drunk
901g: Ambulance Call - Gas
901h: Ambulance Call - Dead Body 
901k: Ambulance has been dispatched 
901n: Ambulance requested 
901s: Ambulance Call - Shooting
901t: Ambulance Call - Traffic Accident
901y: Request Ambulance if needed
902: Accident
902h: Enroute to Hospital 
902m: Medical Aid needed 
902t: Traffic Accident 
903: Aircraft Crash 
904: Fire
904A: Automobile Fire
904B: Building Fire
904G: Grass Fire
909: Traffic problem; police needed
910: Can handle detail
925: Suspicious vehicle
932: Turn on __ mobile relay at __
933: Turn off mobile relay
949: Burning inspection at __
950: Control burn in progress/about to begin/ended
951: Need fire investigator
952: Report on conditions
953: Investigate smoke
953A: Investigate gas
954: Off the air at the scene of the fire
955: Fire under control
956: Assignment incomplete, but available
957: Delayed response of __ minutes
980: Restrict calls to emergency only
981: Resume normal traffic

1000: Plane crash
3000: Road block
4532: Escape
5150: Mentally disturbed person

10851: Stolen vehicle
10852: Tampering with vehicle
11300: Narcotics
12020: Carrying Concealed Weapon
14601: Driving w/suspended DL
20001: Felony hit and run
20002a: Misdemeanor hit and run
22350: Speeding (used to be 505)
22500: Illegal parking/impound
23152: Misdemeanor Drunk driving
23153: Reckless driving (use to be 510)
23109: Speed Contest

AC: Animal control
ADW: Assalt with a Deadly Weapon
APB: All points bulletin
ASAP: As soon as possible 
AID: Accident Investigation Detail 
AV: Abandoned vehicle 
B: Rain Expected
BLK: Block
BKG: Booking
BO: Out of Order
BOL: Be On the Lookout
CP: Complaining Party CPD City or County Property Damage
CT: Court
DB: Dead Body
DMV: Department of Motor Vehicles Information requested
E-B: Eastbound
ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival
EXP: Expired
FTA: Failure to Appear
GOA: Gone on Arrival
GTA: Grand Theft Auto
INJ: Injury
I/S: Intersection
J: Juvenile involved
LIC: License
LT/T: Left turn
M/C: Motorcycle
NCIC: National Criminal Information Center
NIA: Non-Injury Accident OBS Observed OD Off Duty OP LIC Operator's License
OT: Over Time
PAB: Policy Administration Building
PI: Personal Injury
POSS: Possession
QT: Secrecy required
RES DIST: Residential District
ROF: Report on File
RP: Reporting Party
SPD: Speed
UTL: Unable to Locate
VEH: Vehicle
VIN: Vehicle Identification Number
WIT: Witness 

Adam: Morning shift 
Baker: Swing shift 
Charlie: Day shift 
Officers Adam: Auxillary 
Charlie: Captain
Denver: Detective
David: Detective
Frank: Felony Investigation
Henry: Homicide
John: Juvenile
Lincoln: Lieutenant
Nora: Narcotics
Paul: Patrol
Sam: Sergeant
X-Ray: Burglary

Ape: Derogatory reference to Capitol law enforcement, specifically riot control ("Capitol Armed Interdiction Police"), but sometimes broadened to refer to any Capitol law officer who is especially rough on civilians. "Going Ape (AIP)" is a term used for a law officer roughing up a civilian.

Big Brother: A Brotherhood representative, pulling rank on officers involved in a case

boss: Term for senior officers from lieutenant to captain, deputy inspector, inspector, and commissioner

bus:  Ambulance

by the boke: Operation in which perps are gassed out, usually using the Capitol-manufactured crowd control gas known as "boke"

Cape: "CAIP" - more polite reference to Capitol Armed Interdiction Police (riot police), but sometimes used as an allusion to rough behavior by a police officer

Central: Central Dispatch, which coordinates Dawn Alert's agents in the field and off it.

DA: Dawn Alert Civilian Protection Service

dee wee: "driving while intoxicated"

DOA: "dead on arrival"; any dead person, murdered or otherwise

DT: street slang for a detective

go down: Get arrested

gun run: Search for a weapon reported sighted in the hands of a "perp"

hit: Tactical assault on a criminal location

the house: The stationhouse, home base. Dawn Alert maintains just its headquarters and sends its agents out in the field, but some larger police agencies have multiple stationhouses to minimize the transit time for cops to travel to their local beats.

hump: A term for the derriere; e.g., "he's gonna bust my hump over this crime," or "that stupid hump dented my car".

job: Service in the agency; e.g., "I've been on the job five years."

juice: Influence, often "good ol' boys" network-style; e.g., a corporate executive has "lots of juice" as far as headquarters is concerned, or veteran cops might have "juice" with their co-workers.

loo: Affectionate slang for "lieutenant"

OC: "organized crime"

open carrier: Police officer or vehicle with an open radio; indicates that conversation should be guarded for the sake of those who may be listening in

perp: Perpetrator, criminal

puzzle palace: Police officer's term for headquarters; usually indicates that their orders are a source of mystery

rat squad: Officers and detectives assigned to the Internal Affairs Bureau

rip: Loss in pay due to a disciplinary infraction such as unauthorized moonlighting

sector: Subdivision within a precinct, which covers several blocks; a sector car is assigned to protect the area

skels: "skeletons" - what most drug users wind up looking like; derogatory term used to describe low-life junkies; also refers to homeless vagrants.

squad: Short for "detective squad", attached to the specific precinct

up, catching: A baseball metaphor is often used to describe the process in which people are assigned cases; e.g., "Duffy caught that murder in the Maze because he was up."

white shirts: Term for lieutenants and above, who wear white uniform shirts; generally, "office types", the "upstairs management" who aren't blue-collar like the average policeman

10-90 F1: Domestic Incident Report (no offense of domestic violence is alleged)

10-90 F2: Domestic Incident Report (unfounded report of domestic violence)

10-90 J1: Domestic Incident Report (no offense of child abuse is alleged)

10-90 J2: Domestic Incident Report (offense of reported child abuse is unfounded)

10-90 N: Unfounded or Unnecessary Alarm

10-90 U: Unable to gain entrance

10-90 X: Unfounded

10-90 Y: Unnecessary

10-90 Z: Gone on arrival

10-91: Non-crime corrected/cleared of charges

10-92: Arrest 

10-92 C: Crime Arrest (felony/misdemeanor, include number arrested)

10-92 F: Family Offense Arrest Made

10-92 J: Child Abuse Arrest Affected

10-92 Q: Other Arrest (specify type)

10-93 C: Complaint Report prepared

10-93 F: Complaint Report/Domestic Incident (for Family Offense)

10-93 J: Complaint Report/Domestic Incident (for Child Abuse)

10-93 Q: Other report prepared (no arrest)

10-94: Handled by previous tour

10-95: Non-crime referred by another agency

10-96: Summons served

10-97 H: Patient removed to hospital

10-97 R: Patient refused medical aid

10-97 E1: EDP admitted to hospital

10-97 E2: EDP released from hospital

10-98: Resuming patrol/available (not acceptable from final unit on scene)

10-99: Other final disposition (must include remarks)

10-99 T4: Vehicle Accident - no tow truck required

10-99 T5: Vehicle Accident - DARP tow required

10-99 T6: Vehicle Accident - other tow serviced

10-99 T7: Vehicle Accident - DARP and other tow serviced

10-99 T8: Vehicle Accident - DARP requested, waited 30 minutes, made 2nd request, resumed patrol

Phonetic Alphabet:
A: Adam        
B: Boy            
C: Charles      
D: David        
E: Edward       
F: Frank         
G: George       
H: Henry         
I: Ida                
J: John            
K: King           
L: Lincoln      
M: Mary          
N: Nora
O: Ocean
P: Paul 
Q: Queen 
R: Robert
S: Sam
T: Tom
U: Union
V: Victor
W: William 
X: X-ray 
Y: Yellow 
Z: Zebra



Here are Seven things that I love about the Mozart
1.        The unibody design – The sleak features, the artsy curves, the aluminium chassis…the ergonomically design keys and their strategic placement…everything in its exterior perfectly matches my hands…

2.         The 8MP camera and Xenon Flash – The camera is very accessible. I can access it even when the phone is locked. I love how I can capture the most special moments in my life DAYTIME AND NIGHTIME

3.        HD video. That’s 720p equivalent to a 1280 X 720 screen resolution. – I am floored by this feature. Why not, it plays clearly and audibly in our home theatre and in an LCD projector.

4.        The Dolby and SRS Enhancement – This is a major one. I am having the ultimate mobile experience with this HD sound pampering from Mozart. The Bass Booster in SRS Enhancement is hair raising. The Dolby Surround gave me the theatre-like High fidelity sound experience especially with my Sci-Fi movies with 3D animation and woofing sound effects.

5.        The Windows Phone OS – They are match made in heaven. Windows Phone OS inside a sleek-stylish, no need for introduction HTC branding. I simply love it. And I am happy to be the first to experience it here in the Philippines.

6.        The dedicated buttons – The back,windows and search button. Very functional. I love how the Bing Search button changes its search mode depending on the feature that I am accessing at the moment, It works as Marketplace search, Phonebook search and Bing Search Engine. And the Windows Search it is my ultimate escape from apps. If I am somehow lost and I want an instant escape from the current window, I press this button and I am back in my start screen. In case I may want to come back, the back button serves its ultimate purpose. Really nice.

8.        The bright 3.7 inch display – I can watch my movies, view my photos (I love the pinch and zoom features too by the way), draft my reports and presentation and do internet surfing in a breeze with this tablet-like, bright with rich and vivid color 3.7 inch display.

Seven things I love about Windows Phone OS
1.        The people hub. it is facebook centric. I love it. It caches the latest and most relevant information of my contacts list. Now my contacts are not just plain names, they have faces and significant information too. So when I go bump with an old friend on the streets, I don’t go asking “ Can I have your number” instead I’ll ask them.. “what’s your facebook account name”  and everybody do have a facebook…even my grandparents do..

2.        The text –centic ,very corporate Interface and smooth and seamless transition. The windows phone interface is pretty consistent with the apps too. I love the transition really. It was very smart and snappy.

3.        The Marketplace – I am an app shopaholic. Whenever I get to have a fast wi-fi connection. I’d browse the marketplace and I won’t fail to purchase an app or two. Actually in a month testing, my phone’s full menu needs six full scrolls before finally reaching the lowermost app and that is from the Accelerometer down to the YouTube app. That is a total of 76 icons in the full menu. Consequently I am loving the Start Screen where I can pin my most frequently used tiles. Isn’t that awesome!

4.        The Zune software and Skydrive integration – I have instant phone sync with Zune whenever I plug my phone in my pc  plus a 25 gig of memory space on the cloud using Skydrive. In effect I have 33 gig space for my phone. How’s that? You should simply LOVE it!

5.        The Office Hub – I am geek. I must love this. I love how I draft my blogs, projects, reports, discussions and just about anything using either OneNote or the Microsoft Office app. I have even converted a document in my OneNote to be my official to-do list and pinned it in the start menu.Needless to say, this is a MUST_HAVE for a STUDENT, A BLOGGER and AN ENGINEER rolled into one.

6.        The tabbed browsing in internet explorer – speaks of multi-tasking. I can access six sites simultaneously. Pretty powerful.

7.        The easy proxy configuration on Wi-Fi – a far-cry from my husband’s android. My office and school’s wi-fi is protected by proxy…so there must be a way IN. I love how I get to benefit from this resources. All because my phone’s proxy configuration is as easy as one-two-three clicks! I am an instant windows phone convert because of this. I know that Windows is very good with this. Providing User Friendly man-machine-interface has been its FORTE throughout the years. This makes WINDOWS INDISPENSABLE!

Seven comments on the Seven Features of Mozart
1.        Phone and Messaging and E-mail Features – I get connected in my circle of friend and acquaintances EASILY AND MIGHTFULLY. The Mozart IS VERY MUCH OUTSTANDING with this. It’s an A+.

2.        Internet Browsing and Maps – Knowledge at my fingertips. Fast and reliable. That’s how Internet Explorer and Maps bring the right information right inside my mobile phone.

3.        Social Networking – With Facebook integration inside my PEOPLE HUB and an instant Facebook upload option for my photos. Indeed it is the ULTIMATE SOCIAL NETWORKING PHONE.

4.        Productivity – With Office, OneNote, Internet Exporer and great productivity apps in the Marketplace. I can be a superwoman on-the-go… I seem to have some sort of super powers being able to accomplish my tasks with the HTC 7 Mozart.

5.        Mutimedia – My HD Sound plus HD video plus HD imaging in Mozart makes me HP…HIGH PROFILE! A techno-revolution seemed to have happened inside this small device. And with the bleeding edge technologies reaching the market today… HIGH FIDELITY is the sure name of the game… and Mozart has this. This is a sure winner phone.

6.        Gaming – Lots of free games, plus the XBOX integration making me feel like I am a gaming connoisseur on-the-fly. My instant escape of the harshness of my toxic schedule. I have never handled a phone with XBOX before.. so I say I simply adore having it!

7.        Imaging – boasting with a woofing 8Mp and Xenon Flash. This is yet the best camera phone ever. No more no less…it was just plain GRAND!

Seven most important features that I think the Mozart should IMPROVE
1.        Cut, Copy and Paste Feature
2.        Bluetooth feature
3.        Flash Support in the Browser
4.        Youtube update option of my videos
5.        Video Calls
6.        Office Multi tasking
7.        USB card slot

Seven apps that are most useful to me
1.        ArcGIS
2.        HandyScan
3.        Tools for WP7
4.        Bible7
5.        Attentive Phone
6.        Flashlight
7.        Twitter App

My conclusion in seven magic words!
HTC Mozart and Windows Phone OS ROCKS!