Change The Way You See Love

While psychologists say that taking selfies is some sort of disorder, I beg to disagree! In fact for me it is a logical way of keeping snapshots of yourself when you are at the peak of your emotions! Like when you’re so much in love! Who take selfies when they feel broken hearted anyways? For me it is a practical way of putting a digital signature of a place or moment that left a significant milestone in my life! It’s like digitally vandalizing “MEL was HERE!” in some places I love and telling the world my heart skipped a bit when I was here!  

Just when a picture paints a thousand words, this is how my every selfie paints a gazillion of LOVE!

On Architecture, Geography and Selfies!

My husband is a 3D designer and I am an Engineer, I know how much effort he puts in his designs much more so the effort in actually physically constructing it!  Built structures and geography have a special place in our heart!

From brick houses to castles preserved from time long before, it gives identity to a certain geography and immortalizes the artist who designed it! It is a masterpiece woven in the fabric of labor of love!

That 673-glass panes of the Louvre Museum that houses the most expensive painting in the world- The Mona Lisa... that succinctly shows what Labor of Love is!

That dome-like structure is marketplace in the morning and a display of awesome artworks on its ceiling by night! I love how its designer played with the ceiling as his own canvas of self-expression. It was a sight to see, so much deserving of a selfie!

That every smile in the selfie we take is a salute to the artist and the preserver of this geography. It is a token of appreciation well deserved by the one who crafted it! A selfie is an expression of love!

Who could have thought that a simple rusty radio transmitter will serve as an iconic place for wedding proposals or prenup shots? This masterpiece of Gustave Eiffel is the most recognizable structure in the world. It has been a subject of controversy drawing criticism from those who did not believe it was feasible! Amidst the controversy, this tower symbolizes the marriage of Engineering and Architecture which brings this tower closer to my heart as I am an Engineer and my husband is into Architecture! That perfect selfie with this Iron Giant may have taken a hundred shots to capture but this would surely go down my generations! 

When people put so much passion and devotion into his chosen craft, a simple painting or building or radio transmitter can radiate tremendous amount of love that can immortalize the maker long after he is gone! Architecture, geographies and selfies, this is love as I see it!

On Bikes, Trees and Selfies!

As we build skyscrapers and improve geographies along with our way of life, someone somehow is crying for mercy and begging for attention i.e. Mother Earth! When I see people making floating forests by the water, I feel the love for Mother Nature abounds. It's like telling the world you may run out of land to plant trees but yeah, Mother Earth is 75% water! We have no excuse for not taking care of Nature!

When I took this selfie of a floating forest by Holland, my smile goes to the benevolent hearts that made this possible. It took so much love to think beyond the box and plant a tree in water! I hope the love spreads elsewhere up to the Pacific where waters and nature abounds!

Now this is Bike-heaven! The owners of these bikes are all the kind souls who care to burn some calories and reduce the carbon footprint of mankind on Mother Earth! When we bike, we hit two birds with one stone! We show our love for our health and love for Nature as well. It’s like extending our lives and the life of someone who gives us oxygen to live. Biking is like engaging in mutual understanding relationship with nature!

Bikes, floating forests and selfies, this is love as I see it!

On my favorite Coup-fies and Group-fies!

Just as how my selfie-stick perfectly captures the love I feel for everything that gives me joy, how can it be more rewarding than a selfie taken together with the one dearest to my heart?

My favorite backdrop is a picture of smiles in the face of my husband and kids!

Our every smile captured by the magic selfie stick is like a time capsule that immortalizes the memories we’ve shared together. A testament of not just of a point in time but of a very long story behind our smiles in our selfies together!

With them is a different kind of selfie that makes my smile wider and makes my eyes spark brighter than ever!

While I take a lot of selfies with the places I love, these people are my favorite backdrop! They make me love my selfies a little more than necessary! They make every click of the selfie stick guiltless as we frame the best memories we care to share together!

Love is not being able to see that water fountain by the Louvre museum but by the genuine smile you see with the kids as you play with the sand and the waves.

Now I couldn't probably change the way I see love if not for my favorite coup-fie and coffe-mate for 20 years and counting!

This goes to you who makes my coup-fies sweeter for 20 years and counting...

"We may have shared the humblest beginning as husband and wife but God has been most gracious to lead us where we are right now. As we watch our kids grow each day, it’s always a great feeling to discover how lucky we are to have them in our lives. God’s timing is always perfect- never too early nor too late. The kids have now become our best friends more than anyone else.

Thank you for growing with me for 20 years, spending 14 of your precious years with me as my best friend with 10 of those as my husband. I feel so old contemplating at the numbers! Numbers may no longer matter as every day for us is anniversary. That every day I wake up next to you and still love the way you look while sleeping. That every day we rush our way to work and drive under terrible traffic but still manage to have a good laugh. That every spontaneous rendezvous. That every day I couldn’t imagine my life without you.

You have supported me throughout my career, ever-changing plans, and my crazy shenanigans that nobody else would put up with. You’re my rock, my secret weapon! Nothing beats our engineer-artist tandem in this world! Together we make each other better. I would not be here, continuing to chase dreams, if it weren’t for you.. The best part about me is you...

Thank you for continuing to sweep me off my feet and making my knees a little weak. Thank you for picking me up when I’ve fallen and making me laugh or laughing out loud after my crazy fall! That is why I love our perfectly imperfect marriage.

You and our kids are my world… Thank you for choosing me to go through this journey with you. We may not be used to celebrating our wedding anniversary but yeah, we've just finished10! Forever to go! I love you and I always look forward to growing old with you."

To more SELFIES and GROUP-FIES and COUP-FIES together my LOVE!

For as long as I have the chance to take a selfie with the places and people I care, I will never get tired.  A selfie is a remembrance of the past;  A scrapbook-worthy piece of art that would weave  the best pages on the timeline of our lives!

Just as how architecture, geography, bikes, trees, selfies and coup-fies changed the way I see love, Huawei P9 can “Change the Way You See Mobile Photography”. As I am self-confessed camwhore when it comes to mobile phone, I love how Huawei P9’s camera is co-engineered with Leica. Leica has a very good reputation when it comes to imaging! I know because being an Engineer, I have used Leica in our Total Stations and Laser Scanners.

What's great about this selfie-stick partner Huawei P9 is that it has dual lenses that produces high quality photos and allow users to take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos among others. Oh this is selfie and mobile photography heaven to all of us! Also just the best way to capture that RARE POKEMON just before it evolve! Huawei P9 is surely a LURE to self-confessed mobile phone coup-fie addict like ME! I just can't wait to take my next selfies, coup-fies and group-fies with Huawei P9!


How Do I Make Worklife Easier

Dear Cassy,

You're growing up so fast!

 I can seem to see my little self in you. As you struggle towards excellence and continue to chase your dreams, I want you to live by this verse to make your work life easier some day!

"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to dodo it with thy might." (Ecclesiastes 9:10)

This has been a mantra that I chose to remind myself each time I feel that my tasks at work or at home becomes mundane. This fuels my passion for learning and in making things a little better that I first found it!

Do your best in everything that your hand finds you to do! If you become a mom, do all your might to be the best mom to your kids. If you become a wife, do all your might to be the best wife to your husband. Whether you become an Engineer like mommy or an Artist like Daddy, be the best Engineer or Artist that you can be. Whatever you choose to work into, do it with all your might and be a champion of your chosen path! That is the legacy that I want to pass on to you and to your small brothers...LIFE IS SHORT, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AND SHARE YOUR PASSION!

As I go through my everyday life as a mom to the three of you and wife to Daddy while working full time in the office during daytime, I was able to catch some inspiring thoughts I got all over my readings, jot it down in my journal and I now want to share to you. Worklife may look hard at first but this is how I make it easier. 

Eat the frog first! When you start your work day, start with the hardest task at hand. Create a list of your top 5 things to do and rank it by priority. Every end of the day, go back to your list and check what you have accomplished. Do the same routine everyday and you'll find yourself more productive and efficient at work. Don't worry about being successful but work towards being significant and success will follow!

Remove all kinds of wastes in your workflow. Avoid time wasters such as too many meetings and frequent phone calls. Work in your quality time zone and do things not because it's URGENT but because it's IMPORTANT! Commit yourself to quality and continuous improvement. 

Study shows that we waste approximately 1.5 hours everyday just looking for small things like ballpens, staplers or paper marker. Be 20% more efficient in your workplace by having an impeccably organized working area and practicing 5S!

Why fit in when you're born to stand out? Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.
Schedule your day and make every effort to meet it. The things that gets scheduled are the things that gets done! Do what you love and do it often. If you don't like something, change it. If you don't like your job, quit! If you don't have enough time, Stop Watching TV!

Choose work that is in harmony with your values. To love is to choose, but to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to go there. Set your goals and achieve it. Do not let SMALL MINDS convince you that your DREAM is too BIG!

So what is the use of earning lots of wealth if you lose your own health! Take 30-minute exercise daily. Drink 8 glasses of water and take your daily dose of Vitamins.  They are good stress relievers. Some may be too acidic but some produces wonders by transforming an acid into ALKALINE solution as it gets absorbed in the stomach. As you may be suffering from frequent acid reflux, oftentimes you just have to go with the one that's tried and tested... yung SUBOK NA! WORKLIFE AY EASY WITH FERN C!

Daddy's favorite Walt Disney once said " A man should never neglect his family for business". Choose your life's  mate carefully. From this one decision will come ninety percent of all your happiness or misery. I have found great bliss knowing that every end of a busy day, I take the long drive home with Daddy and find it quite amusing how we never seem to lose interest on each other's stories for years and counting! Make time for love! Take family vacations whether you can afford them or not. The memories will be
priceless.Get your priorities straight. No one ever said on his death bed, "Gee, if I'd only spent more time at the office."

Don't postpone JOY! At least once a year, watch the sunrise and go places where you've never been into. You don't stop playing because you're getting old. You get old because you stop playing. Smile, it costs nothing and is beyond price! Don't lose the ability to see the beauty in simple things because that is where you can find contentment.

Just like that of our favorite Kung Fu Panda lesson, there is no "secret ingredient" to make worklife easier, you just have to believe!




Military Diet, Alternatives and Meals in between

3-Day Military Diet and 4-day Regular Meals.

Lost 8 kilos in 1 month. Done with some 1/2 Lemon on 2 liters of Water daily.

I have tabulated the Military Diet in orange colored table below for my reference. In the Philippines, cottage cheese is hard to find and tad bit expensive so I tried Greek Yogurt. Also based on collated information from various sites, in blue table are the alternatives to the food items in the military diet. 
 Computing how much it costed me for the regular 3-day military diet, it's roughly 390 Pesos in 3 days. ( Worth my single meal before (^_^)). Kilos of weight lost and $$$ of Savings too! I got even bigger savings and more motivation because I did Military Diet with Perci. (Monitoring our calorie counter is our new Bonding moment!) LOL!
We do Military Diet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. On the 4-day break, that includes the weekend, we sometimes opt to eat rice because we eat together with the kids. 

Military diet is less than 1000 calories in a day. For better results, I have read that one may limit that calorie intake up to 1500 calories only. This is for a small-framed woman with little exercise. More like me except that I'm relatively larger-framed. :) I'll document some more if I have time! Cheers to a #healthier2016AndBeyond! 


My Do More With Less Christmas Experience

Being a mom requires super powers and octopus hands! You can beat a juggler by the circus once you become a mom. While others speak of the “Thank God It’s Friday” cliché, moms think otherwise! Weekend is actually the perfect time to clean the bathroom, go get some grocery and finish that mountain of laundry while teaching the kids and washing dishes on the side. There was practically no time for many vacations or a longer than 10-minute coveted power nap. 


That was my life way before I got some good buy from Electrolux...that Electrolux Automatic Washing Machine is one of the best invention ever and I can’t believe how long had I lived under a rock to finally break my inhibitions and finally purchase one in 2014. Oh! Actually, this is my gift for Honey the hubby! Since I gave birth to Paul, he had been the sweetest  and he volunteered to wash the clothes using our old simple wash and dryer washing machine. I know his struggle is real! Good God is gracious and He let us have this Electrolux Automatic Washing Machine to take the heavy burden of transferring wet clothes from the washer to the dryer!  That was one sigh of relief… now we can do more with the less 48 hours we have during weekends or holidays or any ordinary vacation leave!

Taking it on a Cost-Benefit Analysis perspective,  we have saved n-thousand manhours and n-kiloJoules of energy with this genius invention! So many hundred percent return of investment...and besides quality time for the quantity time we spend with our kids are priceless!( ^_^)

Now for doing more with the time we spend less on washing... we just had the busiest adventure-filled Christmas ever!

Last Christmas 2015 vacation was the sweetest! We have vowed to save much money to be able to pay for the condo that we have bought last November in preparation for Cassy's High School days. The budget is tight but we never want to spoil the long weekends of December 2015. 

We were able to bring the kids to six(6) new places (for them)  but spend less than our usual vacation budget while having super fun that was definitely insurmountable and memorable!

Now, I would like to share my #doMoreWithLess experience this Christmas Vacation... and how I intend to religiously apply my own tips in our next long weekends and vacations ever after...

#doMoreWithLess TIP #8. Plan your trip in advance. Know side trips to save gas and maximize the time. Know toll fees and probable entrance fees.

Last December 26, we went to Dinosaur Island Clark Land, Picnic grounds and Airforce Park at Clark, Pampanga. All at the same day!

The kids are ecstatic and they have had real experience with Jurassic World feel especially the dancing dinosaur performance by the end of Dinosaurs Island trail. Paul was the one who really enjoyed a lot for dinosaurs are closer to his heart because of his favorite Blue the Raptor toy!

#doMoreWithLess TIP #7: Go to affordable locations like parks where there are much cheaper but worthwhile activities on it.

Just right beside Clark Land-Dinosaur Island is the Picnic Grounds. It has a separate entrance fee that costs only 20 pesos per person. From then on, the kids enjoyed climbing some monkey bars and obstacle course, play at the slide and swing and run endlessly on the grass grounds. They have rented a bike for 50 pesos an hour where Paul got envious he wanted to drive his own bike but his short legs just can't reach the pedal! HAhaha!  They had so much fun while I rest on the side and watch them enjoy playing under the sun!

#doMoreWithLess TIP #6: Take advantage of your smartphone GPS during out of town trips.

After enjoying the morning full of activities at Clark Land, Dinosaur Island and Picnic Grounds, we were able to drive by Clark Air Force Park. Since we were unfamiliar of the place, we highly depend on our phone's GPS for directions. At times, network signal may be lost so it's best that you download offline maps with navigation functions. I have the "Navigate" app on my Android and it works perfectly well!

Voila, we spent the entire afternoon by the Air Force park , chillaxin' on the grass, I even had some power nap while the kids play at the free play ground and had some historical tour at the war planes and had some obligatory selfies and groufies on the side...( ^_^)!

No entrance fee for this park while you also burn some calorie so you can #doMoreWithLess!

#doMoreWithLess TIP #5: Take lots of photos and videos to document your adventure.

Ever since we started going out on road trips with the kids, we always make it a point to document our travels. We create 10-minute videos of our every rendezvous. When everything is over and you're way back home, all that's left are the memories and the photos and videos that reminds you how great your day that was! We save it on our external drive and play it along-side our movie marathon breaks.. then suddenly, the memories are alive and we're craving for more of these "atin-ang-mundo-i-dawn-zulueta-mo-ako" moments! hahaha!

#doMoreWithLess TIP #4: Buy Online Deals to save BIG time!

I have learned my lesson from a recent Avilon Zoo trip wherein I paid full for the Entrance Fee. That was like, P3600 down the drain. I resented when I learned that there was an online deal that can be bought half the price. From then on, I was wiser. I make sure, I get some online deal to have big bucks of savings! There are even deal sites that offer more discount if you pay cash on delivery. Since I vow not to get a Credit Card as long as I can, I always opt for cash-on-delivery deals so I get to save even more!

Our recent Mind Museum trip tickets were bought at 50% off.  #doMoreWithLess indeed!

It's complete with outdoor playground, indoor science experiments, exhibits and film showing that the kids really learned so much from. Double purpose too for they enjoyed while learning at the same time! I learned a lot as well because the exhibits cater not just kids but also kids at heart like us!
Truly #doMoreWithLess for us!

#doMoreWithLess TIP #3:  Always bring that picnic blanket whenever you travel with the kids!

Who knows? You might have the perfect side trip if time permits!

It was a holiday when we visited Mind Museum in BGC Taguig so traffic is lighter and we got the chance to drop by my Alma Mater at UP Diliman. We toured them around and finally had a picnic by the Track Oval. We had the perfect view of the sunset while munching over some snacks by Area2. We saved a lot instead of driving through a fast food chain and at the same time letting the kids smell the fresh air of UP and watch a sports practice by the oval which I think David and Paul get to enjoy a lot!

Save on snacks thru picnics while enjoying the breathe of healthy and fresh air outdoors! I never thought David would be so prepared and he's ready with his Badminton rackets and so they had some short smash tournament with Daddy! #doMoreWithLess indeed!

#doMoreWithLess TIP #2: Go by thrift food shops for dinner instead of fine dining on an instant Date!

It was the last Sunday of December and we've just had the last "Simbang Gabi" for the year. It was indeed worth the celebration for we have braved a blessed and fruitful year that was 2015. Same time we're too hungry and had no time for cooking back home. We decided to bring the kids to the Food Park by our place and Voila! instant dinner without the hassle of cooking while saving as well! The food is roughly 150 per head and the place is cozy for another mandatory selfie/groufie! (^_^).

#doMoreWithLess TIP #1: Spend holidays at your HOME SWEET HOME!

This is practically the most affordable #doMoreWithLess tip for a perfect bonding with the family.

We always end the year with honey's birthday on December 31. He's 31 this year and as usual, our Media Noche is his birthday celebration "handa" as well. It's also the first time ever that we're hosting both Christmas and New Year for the Abuel-Reveche family at our humble abode.

My tip for the Media Noche food is that don't buy it along with the Noche Buena grocery. Who knows if gracious people out there can give out Media Noche groceries as Christmas gifts! Hahaha!
This really happened to us. We had most of our Media Noche "handa" from the Christmas groceries given at the office, from friends and from our church (yes, our church gave out groceries to almost everyone! God is so Good!). We spend lesser on New Year than on our Christmas Noche Buena because of this. Truly #doMoreWithLess and #spendLess as well!

There's no other place like home when it comes to the perfect #doMoreWithLess bonding with the family! Nothing beats home-made meals and there's no better way to spend Christmas and every ordinary day than with the family!

Christmas 2015 is so memorable and full of adventures. It was only these days that we start getting to enjoy out of town trips. It's the perfect time when our youngest Paul is not that "baby" enough and we can already drag him in long road trips! This Christmas we surely #doMoreWithLess while having fun and not letting the budget suffer afterwards!

At the end of the day, Christmas is just a day or say one week of the 52-week calendar where we have to really practice this #doMoreWithLess mantra.

Fun and Frugality can meet if we intend it to be. Anyway, quality time with the kids need not be expensive nor extravagant.. this just have to be sincere, simple but really sweet! 'Til our next #doMoreWithLess adventure! (^_^) 

This blog post is in support to the #DoMoreWithLess advocacy led by Electrolux Philippines.


Philippine Passport Application for the Kids

Lately I have been loving how we get to spend wonderful times with our kids during our out of town trips. It was more of a spontaneous road trip adventure rather than a fully-planned travel. One time, we woke up and decided to go to Avilon Zoo at Rodriguez, Rizal. All we had was our phone with GPS and our ATM cards. 

Another time, Cassy and David's field trip at school got some Failed Trip and out of frustration, we just decided to have some Tagaytay Take Two trip where we revisited Picnic Grove and Mushroom Burger and the Puzzle Mansion. It was another ATM and GPS only road-trip that we're on the books of our lovely rendezvous with my dear kids. 

Due to our recent rendezvous with the kids, we decided to finally get them a passport. We won't know when our next wanderlust would lead us but we would definitely want to share longer hours of bonding with the kids during travels so we are looking into..Hong Kong Disneyland or Legoland Malaysia or Universal Studios Singapore perhaps. 

It was quite serendipitous that my schedule was not chaotic these days that I had ample time taking care of the requirements and for the actual Passport Application as well. I have saved a lot in terms of processing plus more and more learnings on the way. Sharing herewith are my experiences and handy tips for passport application:
  1. Get appointment online. Take note of all the requirements and have your documents photocopied before going inside DFA. We got ours scheduled on Megamall. Photocopy inside is expensive and if you're not in luck, like us, the xerox machine is under maintenance so I have to go out and look for a Photocopy center. Gladly there are two Photocopy centers just nearby so I get to go back quite fastly. 
  2. You need to have different sets of  photocopied requirements per child. For mine, since I got three kids, I need three photocopies of my passport, ID and marriage certificate.
  3. There's a Saturday schedule at DFA-NCR East, that is SM Megamall but it is automatically upgraded to Express. Regular application fee is P950.00 and express fee is P 1200.00 each. You add P150 pesos per passport if you want it delivered to your preferred address.
  4. You'll be submitting the original NSO copy of the kid's birth certificate so be sure to have it photocopied for future reference. 
  5. I personally got the kids' birth certificate at NSO East Avenue so I saved a lot in processing. Regular rate is just P140.00  per child. You also need to get an NSO authenticated copy of your marriage certificate. Also, if it's not your first time to get an NSO copy of your or your kid's birth certificate, be sure to bring it and note on the BReN on the lower left corner of the document. This is almost beside the barcode on the bottom left of the document. This BReN would make your life easier as there is a dedicated lane for those who already have this BReN. I got my 3 kids' birth certificate in less than 30 mins same day processing. Happy mom on the time and cost savings :) By the way, I got mine on a November so it's not peak season as compared to pre-enrollment months so I guess it would take a bit longer than that of my 30-minute experience.
  6. If you're travelling with your kids, you won't need an Affidavit of Support and Consent to Travel. I have researched on this a lot before actually going there. I am a bit adamant that if I don't get to bring the duly notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent to Travel, we would have to go to square one again. Anyways, I have initially checked with the DFA website which states that this requirement is only for minors not travelling with their parents. The document review officer didn't ask for it as well when we went on our appointment date. Fortunately, we have successfully gone through the entire process without having to submit this Affidavit of Support and Consent to Travel. For those who would need there are downloadable templates online so no need to worry. Fill up the details and have it notarized and you're ok. :)
There you go, I'll add up when I remember some more. For now, I hope to finally lay my hands on the kids' passport and save it for our future adventures outside our Neverland. 



My career being a manager and technical head is really time-hog and attention heavy. I have been really determined to take this step further as I accepted the offer to lead our team starting this year. Deciding to keep up to this challenge is a big deal as I am also a mom of three with no house help especially on weekends. It was one big circus as I beat my deadline for a presentation while having to finish a school project at the same time. My evernote and daily to do's is a mix of home chores, work stuff, church to do and personal + lovelife matters. It was like halo-halo mixed with Leche Flan in my mind :)

So I was asked:

“What do you do 2x a week to keep you feeling clean and sexy?”

For me, more than the physical looks, being sexy is keeping a balance of the different aspects of our lives. May it be family, individual, spiritual or social aspect.

So this work-week day monotony becomes a sudden feast and mundane-task free because there are happy days known as Saturdays and Sundays! Those two days are like weekly birthday and anniversary leaves to us as these are days that we recharge and unwind. These are days that we take a break from our usual lives as we paint memories that would forever paint  the pages of our rainbow-colored Scrapbook of Adventure < insert smiley as I type >...

1. Twice a week, we take the kids out for a weekend adventure...

No matter how busy the week that was, we always make a point to shake it all off and build our own version of Neverland with the kids! We swim, eat out, take a joy ride, play inside the supermarket, ride a caritela, take breakfast in the park or even a simple "biglaang" midnight snacking for some hot "lugaw " in the road. These not only burn fuels and fats that let me achieve my 10,000 steps a dat  but also would surely mark every milestone on the kids memories and fill the pages of A decade of our happily married life as well! 

2. Twice a week, I take a well deserved  ME time...

Last year and this year fickle funny fate found me and I have been having a bang with my career. I have received 5 awards and recognition both local and international. Our project map won the Philippine ESRI Conference Map in Shangri-La, Asia Geospatial Excellence Award 2014 and 2015 in Indonesia and Malaysia, and won the Risk Management Excellence Award in our company. Ive been to four countries in two years and on the side, I have just recently received the Presidential Pride due to Performance Award. These were  my greatest feats in my working life as it continuously prove how God has been keeping a good balance of my priorities in life.

To keep me abreast my daily beast-mode list of To-Dos, twice a week, I do lemon water cleansing, I dine in cafe and have some Pellegrino instead of caffeine (reminds me of Devil Wears Prada boss!), do some exercise, have some foot spa and even some Swedish Massage, sauna and jacuzi for a well deserved ME time!

So just like these twice a week breaks that is surely busy and tiring, I make sure that I keep myself fresh and clean at the end of the day! My OB recommended to use this Betadine Feminine Wash after I gave birth to Paul, 2 years ago, and from then on, I have been a self-confessed convert. I have felt the freshness and confidence using this Betadine Feminine Wash because it is reckoned from the famous Betadine Antiseptic for treating wounds. Best for RED days indeed! 

- Buy Betadine Feminine Wash 100mL and get 20% off on Flawless All Natural Ultimate White Facial and Cell Booster Infusion Mask. Just present your receipt and box at any Flawless branch as proof of purchase.
- Buy Betadine Feminine Wash 100mL and get 10% off on all Posh Nails' services (excluding basic manicure and pedicure services).Just present your receipt and box at any Posh Nails branch as proof of purchase.

3. Lastly... Twice a week, I go out on date night with Boyfriend #1:
We watch movies, go on concert dates, go shopping together, go road tripping, watch animes together, make kid's project together and go on rendezvous once every random workday !

This boyfriend number 1 is my real life hero. Life may be tough and busy but he makes it surper easy. If not for him, I may not be where I am.

So forbid the cheesiness and we're celebrating our first decade together soon...  this goes to my Boyfriend #1...
Dear Boyfriend #1,
I saw you this morning and you're still as stunning. Still overwhelmed by the thought that each morning I wake up next to my all-time crush. And that surreal feelings are never gonna change FYI.
These days we may no longer be particular of monthsaries like we used to. We don't go out on dates as often and chat at work a bit less than the way we used to have some few years back. Our romance has now taken a different toll by way of waking up early to send the kids to school, spending bonding talks during a long drive to home, eating on a burger stand together for dinner or having fast food for breakfast and staying on the wee hours at night while drafting for reports and projects. Sleep has been more of a luxury to us than strolling on the mall during weekends. But I must admit I would still stay awake ‘til 2AM for that large hadron collider trash talk!

We tend to watch more animes these days than before, perhaps it speaks of the euphoria that we just want to cling on the younger us. At times I miss the way we used to date and the way we used to play but when I see you next to me each morning I wake up, I get more thankful, not just for your “fake” biceps or pilit-na-may-abs-look or bumenta nang pick-up lines, but for God must have been so generous to give me not just a loving husband, but the best dad to my kids and the most reliable friend whom I have shared faithful 141 months with. It is when we count the days and weeks and month of togetherness that we know we're still farther from FOREVER... but yeah, we're a decade down... NTH decades TO GO... 'TIL IT'S FOREVER MY HONEY ! I love you.

My one mantra that keeps me doing the things I ought to do is this favorite quote from one of my favorite books - "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. 

“Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.” -Stephen Covey 
We are what we reapeatedly do! So if we want to be better, we ought to repeatedly practice the things that would lead us to our ultimate goal.


I was looking for a Perfect Home until I found this...

For an ordinary couple taking a usual employee 8-hour workday, 5-day work-week, having a home you can call your own is but a major achievement in life. We started out quite early in our family life and as I may say, our humble beginnings are worth the ultimate throwback. It is one for the books and a story that can pass an audition for the next :MMK episode. I can't believe we've gone larger than our lives when we dared took the challenge of getting our OWN home. Days and nights of computation and capacity planning until we finally decided to go look for the best place to build our own Neverland. It was only until December 2012, that we finally had our ultimate move-in and step at the doorsteps of our new Nest. It took much guts to get that glory.

I can still remember when we were just starting out in looking and asking around for better options and location of our new home. We tried the internet, we asked friends and do visits on open houses... All for the quest for a perfect Home. That was almost 5 years ago... fishing for a new place has a bit more tedious and not-so-hassle-free than it is today. Today, searching for a #PerfectHome can be a few clicks away...

I may have found our Neverland now but surely the quest for Perfect Home still lives on...

We have always been opened to the fact that this may not be the one last place we will build our happy family ever after. A few years from now, the kids are getting to higher school and eventually college. Our location is an hour drive away from work. We're dreaming that the kids would enter Philippine Science HS and eventually graduate in UP Diliman like me. That was a dream... with the highest hope of being true of course!

Good thing I found out that there is a place in the web that serves this purpose of taking me to my dream land at the comfort of our my own desktop. My next open house visit is just a few clicks away... right at my fingertips!

#PerfectHome  #Property24  #Property24PH

 Property24.com.ph is the fastest growing property portal in the Philippines.  They provide an effective online platform for leading Real Estate Developers, Agencies and Brokers that allows them to showcase their property listings to a wider audience of qualified prospective Buyers.

As early as now, we're already considering buying a property that would fit the needs of a working family with perfect proximity to our own work place and the kid's school. Having a trusty and affordable condo within a few minutes from work and our dream schools for the kids are but a fix option in our to buy list.
This one I wish to spend the workdays with and then spend the weekends and holidays within our original family house.

Also, when given a rare chances of long weekends, we go out of town and catch some fresh air with the kids. With some of our rendezvous, we have loved the cozy feel of Tagaytay. We had a planned day trip last January but heavy traffic back to Manila made us decide to stay overnight at a hotel. Back then, I was thinking that Tagaytay is a very relaxing haven for out of town trips. Perfect getaway just to unwind with the busy Metro and location is still just a few kilometers away from Manila. At some point I even thought of buying a property within the vicinity. I am again dreaming that I would like to get something that is a bit expensive for a vacation house but that would surely be worth it... the weather, the view of Taal Lake, the escape from the busy streets of Metro Manila and the perfect vacation home of our next generations...

I have chosen a listing from #Property24 that resembles that of this castle by the mountain Alps look.. reminds me of my favorite kiddie series Heidi with their simple life in the mountain with Lolo Alps.. (^_^)

Oh well, since I am in the mood of thinking for Perfect Home locations, it came to my mind that we're planning a long vacation break at another cozy place, that is Baguio. It was perfect since my younger sister now studies at UP Baguio. Perfect that we can go visit her place and her school and also spend some strolling days in Burnham, Mines View and La Presa. Good that we can now look for affordable places to stay like this one. At two bedrooms, this one is surely back for the bucks. ( Oh, I remember my 11k per night stay at Singapore last 2013). This one, at 2500 per day... is surely for the win! This listing instantly struck me as it reminds me of my room when I was in Hong Kong.. a see through bathroom and a cozy place for perfect relaxation after a whole day of shopping around the streets... but this time, not on the streets of Mongkok, HK but on the walks to remember at Session Road at Baguio City... 

Now as my mind drifts to farther places,this makes me fast forward the future.. some few decades from today...I was thinking of really choosing for a place to retire. Something farther from the busy streets of Manila, less pollution, more nature tripping and if ever, No threat of Earthquake! Hahahah! Forbid me of the paranoia as I am an earth scientist/engineer and I have been used to juggling all these information on the threatening Big One and all the other earthquakes within the seismic belt of fire in the Philippines. You know what, if you want an earthquake-free location in the Philippines... choose Palawan! Palawan belongs to a different tectonic plate ... i.e. China (shhh! don't tell China.. (^_^) )So there you go, Palawan, for me, is probably the best place to retire for an earthquake-paranoid like me. 

Practically this one fits my minimum requirement... I want a large lot to build my simple Bahay Kubo with lots of green grass and tall trees by the backyard where we get to plant our healthy veggies to eat everyday.. Oh! That simple and hassle-free provincial life... spells out a Perfect Home for me and my kids as well..

However, if you might want a bit more dreaming, the Perfect retirement home for me is somewhere near the shore... where land meets water and where air is the best cure for asthma... 

I have always loved the fresh breeze by the beach. Perfect for a swing with a sip of fresh coconut juice by the sea shore while I watch the sun sets by the horizon. This is where Perfect Home happens not inside the four corners of our Bahay Kubo but outside the fresh sea breezes of El Nido, Palawan...  

Wherever our feet takes us.. wherever we choose to build our other Neverlands... it would surely be another Perfect Home where we will spend our Happy Family ever after...